How much I made on YouTube after 1 year of being monetized 💸 analytics review & youtube growth tips

so I was monetized last year in May and on May 24th that is when I made my first 1.74 cents with YouTube and so I put 365 days at the time of recording it is July 30th but I wanted to show you my one year of being monetized results for me to get monetized it took me 75 videos and one year and seven months and since then it has been one year and two months and so my entire YouTube Journey has been around 2.5 years and I have to say this journey has not been easy so before my channel really blew up I was making like one dollar two dollar three dollars a day but after blowing up I would say right now my average is around 40 50 60 a day at the beginning of this year it was a lot higher this was when my channel was like getting a lot and a lot of views but now it has like gone down to like a stable like Baseline so I will explain later what exactly happened in this like blow up phase but first I want to go over like RPM CPM like other their analytical stuff so let's look at RPM and CPM first oh yeah and then here you can also see the breakdown of what I earned every single month so my average RPM for this entire year was around almost ten dollars RPM is revenue per mil it is how much money you've earned per 1000 video views this is like how much money I'm actually getting CPM is cost per 1000 Impressions this is how much the advertisers like companies are spending to put ads on my YouTube videos and the ad revenue on YouTube is I think it is 55 and 45 so I get 55 of what what companies pay so this is like my average RPM but the CPM and RPM really depend on the video oh I did find my average CPM it is 23.63 the side hustles video has a really high CPM it's like 30 dollars my first month on etsy's 24 dollars than third month on Etsy 23 23 I mean these are all 20 somethings one had a Higher One Thirty One dollars what it's like blowing up for the first time on YouTube a lower CPM 15 this is really interesting oh I think this is the highest CPM so far where and how to sell greeting cards and then yeah my cpms are usually like 15 to 30 dollars oh actually this one has the highest how to invoice clients okay the more self-development ones are like ten dollars CPM the lowest one here six easiest ways to make money with calligraphy I mean that is a businessy video but maybe because the quality of the video is so bad that's why the CPM is low I don't know and then if we're looking at how much I made from videos versus shorts from videos I made 11 000 which is pretty much all of the AdSense that I've made and from shorts nine dollars that is so sad shorts revenue is just so bad like you should not be relying on shorts uh if you want to make money on YouTube unless you're getting like millions and millions and millions of views but still like shorts Revenue compared to like long form video revenue is like you just cannot compare the two for those of you who are interested in starting a YouTube channel I have this free Google Docs start your YouTube checklist and video outline template 14 000 600 so that is like my entire lifetime of being monetized it's around 14 000. okay I want to address this part first like why did it go lower so I actually think like when channels actually I'm not sure if this is like entirely true but this just what I think happened to my channel my channel obviously did really really well at the beginning of this year and then it did like well until like March ish and then it started going down now I didn't really change anything like I kept on posting consistently one video a week I wasn't really posting shorts at that time uh you can actually see here like I started posting a lot more shorts because I wanted to get this back up but posting shorts didn't really do anything to my revenue or like subscribe fiber growth so what I think actually happened is like this blow up phase of mine just kind of quieted down like it just settled down and this is like my new Baseline when this kind of happened I was kind of bummed about it but I think this is totally normal and also I'm not trying to make all of my income from YouTube ads I have multiple income streams I truly believe my channel will get bigger this year again so I'm not too worried about this quiet period of time in my Revenue so now I want to talk about what exactly happened here when I was like starting to blow up and I also want to give you some tips for how you can grow your channel and how you can potentially blow up as well and I guess when I say blow up I'm using like these air quotes because I didn't go like super super viral but it was enough for like my channel to really get bigger in a significant way so I always use the term blow up so when I started my YouTube channel I was posting mainly videos about how to make money with calligraphy it is super duper Niche I had no experience with making videos was editing or anything so my videos were honestly like just so bad at the beginning so I understand why my videos never took off and at the beginning I didn't want to be a super big YouTuber when I started my YouTube channel it was more just to supplement my Vlog that I had on my calligraphy website after a year of working on my YouTube I thought okay I don't want to just talk about calligraphy I actually want to expand more into General business stuff and so I did make more General business videos and then it wasn't until like a year later in like 2022 so last year uh mid-year I really decided to be committed to YouTube I had like a whole midlife crisis in my business because I was doing mostly the calligraphy stuff at the time and I knew that I didn't want to do calligraphy forever I basically made this huge pivot in my business and I said I'm not doing the calligraphy stuff anymore I'm not going to run my coaching business anymore I just want to make content because that has been my dream I've always wanted to be a blogger and I already have had this YouTube channel for two years I'm just going to use my YouTube channel as my blog and use it to share my experiences and document my journey and everything so it was last year that I was like okay I'm gonna focus on YouTube 100 so this leads into my first tip which is know that you are meant to do this I think anyone can start a YouTube channel but I think the people who really are successful are the ones who know that they're meant to do this they are meant to share something with the world I really think when I had this shift in my mindset that like oh I'm gonna do this like I'm meant to do this that is when I started to put like a different kind of energy into my videos and I think this was a big factor in why my YouTube started to grow my next tip for you is to be yourself in your videos If you go watch my first couple of videos I was just so unnatural and not like myself I was trying to be somebody I was not I feel like it took me two years to get comfortable with talking in front of the camera when I decided to go all in on YouTube last year I w

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