How I Make $20,000 Per 10 Minute YouTube Automation Video (2024 Tutorial)

so this 10-minute video made about $37,000 from our Revenue this 9 minutes long video made $26,000 this video made $88,000 from Mod Revenue so far this video made about $27,000 from Mod Revenue so in this stepbystep tutorial I want to show you how I actually make over $20,000 for YouTube automation video even when I'm not actually showing my face on camera now I do want to be 100% honest from the start not all videos make over $220,000 there's definitely some that have not only not made $20,000 but you have sometimes lost money but there definitely is quite a lot of them that made anywhere from $10,000 to $220,000 and here's a full step-by-step breakdown so essentially in order to actually do YouTube Automation and make money on YouTube without shamming your face the first and most important step is choosing the right Niche because choosing the right Niche will make sure that all the effort that you put in is worth it if you choose the wrong Niche you may not only waste time but you may also waste a lot of money here's an example Channel over here that is posting celebrity gossip videos and the owner of this channel has never really shown their face these are completely faceless videos yet according to view stats they make about $8 to $22,000 per month just from our Revenue alone here's another example n this is like scary stories Niche and the creator of this channel has also never really recorded any videos themselves yet as you can see they sometimes get tens of thousands of views on these faceless videos and this channel over here is posting car videos and they have also never really recorded anything with a camera it's a faceless YouTube automation Channel generating thousands of dollars in add revenue from these 10 to 15 minutes long faceless videos now I wrote this entire article blog post on medium and I've shared it for completely free where I share 16 YouTube automation Niche ideas for this year these are mostly High CPM Niche ideas so you can check it out for completely free in the description box down below or just go to medium find me there and you can find this article I've shared like different examples and ideas so you can find find the right neede for yourself that's going to be the first step now the second step in order for these videos to actually generate out Revenue in order for you to get paid for the views that you are getting your channel needs to be approved into YouTube's partner program and YouTube's partner program requirements are to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time and for some people it usually takes 6 to 12 months to meet these requirements you would be posting content every day without earning a dollar for 6 to 12 months but you can also just get instantly monetized at dfy monetization or the first link in the description box down below so that you can make money from day one that way you don't have to wait for 6 to 12 months but you can start posting and monetizing content from day one step number three is to find well performing videos in the niche that you're trying to dive into and especially when you're starting out you really don't want to reinvent the wheel you just want to go with something that's proven to work in that industry so you can just open up as many faceless channels in the exact same Niche that you're trying to grow and then just take a look at which videos have performed the well for those people in that industry so if I open up let's say this Channel and I'm in the celebrity Niche I can see that they usually get about 30,000 views per video but this one 8 days ago got 500,000 views so that's kind of like a unicorn video It's A 1 out of 10 video so I would really want to dive into it I want to see what topic they've covered and I will try to replicate in my myself and I will make it better longer I will switch the title and thumbnail a little bit but I will use the same topic and that way you will ensure that your videos you're posting have a potential in that Niche what you can also do is you can go to vid IQ and with vid IQ we basically have like daily ideas so they give you daily video ideas you have keywords section if you want to research different keywords if you're trying to rank and search this might be very useful like I recently found out about the Tik Tok creativity program and I've tested that keyword here and I saw like there's a search volume of 800,000 and the competition is very low so I started making videos on this topic and all the videos were performing very very well and I made thousands of dollars because of it step number four is to make longer videos so that you can put more ads the reason those videos that I showed made $220,000 or more even though they're just 10 minutes long is because we have a lot of metroll ads that essentially means when your videos are over 8 minutes long you can put more ads and you can increase your Revenue without any extra work so for example you can open up your video analytics you can go to the monetization tab here and you can click on review placement and you can start adding these mineral ads so for example if I draw this here and then I click on ADD break it's going to add another ad into the video you obviously don't want to spam like every 10 seconds but if you insert these ads every one or two minutes then you can maximize your results and you can maximize your Revenue so by adding more ads if you had a video that's less than 8 minutes long you only had one ad but if you make a 10 minutes long video you can put five ads in it and obviously five acts your add Revenue now when it comes to faceless YouTube videos there are effectively five different content elements and those are video ideas script writing voiceover video editing and thumbnail now we've already covered the video idea and how to find viral video ideas and the fact that you should be making longer videos but when it comes to script writing I personally like to hire actual script writers I know there's options like chpt and you can try it out in the beginning like if you go to treasure P4 for example you can even install these plugins if you have Wikipedia plugin and also the Vox script plug-in you can easily rewrite scripts and make some high quality ones with these plugins but they're just not going to be as good as if the actual human wrote those scripts themselves and in the beginning if you don't even want to spend money you can write those scripts yourself it will take time but it might be useful and that way you're kind of just running a faceless YouTube channel it's not automated yet but later down the line you can automate it by hiring a script writer on platform like Fiverr or upwork and the content element number three is a voiceover narration through the video now I personally just use 11 labs for this I used to hire actual voiceover artists which cost me anywhere from $ 1.5 to $2,000 a month per my channel but then I just started using 11 Labs because

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