How I Make $100k/Month+ Passively and Get 1,000+ Followers Per Day On Social Media

all right guys so everyone that came here thank you if you've flown out here for this talk I really appreciate it that's really awesome uh kind of clip get clickbaity with the title of 100 Grand a month passively as well as a thousand followers a day uh but when I tell you this I don't actually want to kind of brag because I'm not really anything special I think even the people around me are so much more special than me and I just learned so much from them and kind of what I want to be here for every single one of you guys is just kind of like in a testament if I was able to go out and do this then literally anybody here can do that does that make sense and to show you just like how not perfect it was I mean I'm obviously here because I want to go ahead and grow I want to go ahead and get more things out of life I want to go ahead and live like this epic adventure but obviously like around me like where I was at like I was based in Bali for four years there's no one that seems like as hungry right like I I know there's a lot of you guys here that are craving that one thing to find a crew to find people like you to find people where I don't know your wives your future wives can be friends your kids your future kids could be friends because you literally look out there and everyone just seems crazy or dead inside or or not even doing the things that you want to do but you yet you have to go ahead and you know listen to the same talk that you don't want to listen to you want to have to have the conversations you don't want to have and I literally felt that as I made more money so even though like you see the 100 Grand a month passively even though you see you know a thousand followers every single day like there was a point in my life literally just last year before I started just giving these guys as much money as possible to go ahead and you know up level where everything around my life was just messed up you know my relationships were bad frames were bad I didn't understand boundaries I didn't know how to say no right and when the whole world kind of collapsed I thought it was a great idea to move like the Russian girl that I was dating in to my home I was like this would be great we're just gonna you know I'm gonna make money and she's gonna cook me like food and this is gonna be great and we're gonna like there's gonna be fairy tales and Blossoms and and it wasn't like that right because if you guys understand that and you you start making money you think you'll solve everything look what I thought but then you realize when when you have the money it doesn't solve anything like if you're not the man when you look in the mirror it doesn't matter how much money you have and I realize that because as I made more money I was like why do I feel so much anxiety like why do I feel like I'm not you know good enough to go ahead and get the thing that it is that I want to date the women that I wanted to go ahead and have the friends that I want I was looking at my friend group and they were like all vegans and I was like what's going on right so I want to go ahead and answer a lot of the questions because a lot of you guys asked previously and you put it in the group and I want to go ahead and cater in a way on how I figured it out because I think the best way to go ahead and teach are the stories that you go ahead and learn and again this is this is all just 10 years in the making and if I could just save you guys 10 years of time and a lot of pain not just like with money but relationships and and all the aspects and then hopefully you guys would have gotten value with this uh so I think the first concept that you really got to understand right why why not just I'm here but why everyone else around here that are succeeding in life either money-wise or Fitness wise or whatever is there's a concept in their brain where they actually understand pain to the point where they want to run away from it right because if you really think about it the reason why most of you guys are here are just one of few things right maybe you got your ass beat maybe you got your athlete in life maybe you got your SB financially maybe you got your heart broken and you got angry you got sad maybe at first but then you eventually got angry and then you went to do something with that energy right and quite frankly if you don't have the results that you want it doesn't matter what business model you're in it doesn't matter if your relationships are good or not it's if you have accepted a level of standards in your life where you're just okay with it right it's because you're just not like in pain enough because only things that actually motivate people is running away from Pain and running towards pleasure and if you are looking at your bank account right now and it literally looks like the exact same number no matter how much money you make like I know guys oh I make 50 Grand a month six grand a month and they tell me how much they have in their bank and it's been the same thing over and over again they're just complacent right they're not in the pain it doesn't matter like what results you have right now if you aren't not in a deep amount of pain right now you're going to get stuck right if you're around loser friends you're going to get stuck and for me I just knew that I was always having this deep-seated pain to run away from and if you don't have any of that pain right like one of the biggest things that like got me was literally just thinking about my death right because one thing that people like it just blows to my mind people are just walking through life and they're just you know living life as if they're never going to die they're like I'll do that tomorrow I'll do that tomorrow they're not thinking right like do you understand one of the worst things that I have in my life is just understanding that one day I'll wake up and I'll feel nothingness for eternity right and people don't live with that intensity they think that oh you know I'll make money later and later and later and they blink their eyes and they're 50 what they're 60. they look in the mirror they're like who's this depressed piece of poo that I don't really respect why am I in a relationship that I don't like is because they don't understand that you know humans are very habitual creatures right like every single day we want to do what's normal what's natural what feels good so we don't like thinking we just want to go like in this process where you want to just blink and life just goes by right it's because you don't realize just how short life is and I knew that earlier on I mean I I like like I've been constantly just every money that I gave I just give it to people that are smarter than me when I first met this guy and the guy in the back I was like these guys have the results that I want I'm literally going to give them as much money as possible it's because there was a point where I literally felt what it was like to die

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