How I grew 16,000 subscribers in 2 months 🎉 my revenue & analytics revealed 📹 TIPS FOR NEW YOUTUBERS

in the last two months I went from 4 000 subscribers to now 20 000 subscribers after my 99th YouTube video blew up and honestly it's been so amazing to see this kind of growth on my channel because I've been working on my YouTube channel for more than two years and for the first two years my growth has been so slow I know a lot of you who have started to follow me recently are interested in starting a YouTube channel so I thought I would make a video on how this whole blowing up process has been and also some tips for growing your own channel I will also be sharing my screen so you can see all my analytics and my revenue from AdSense so first how did this happen two months ago on December 23rd I posted this video and I had no idea that it would basically be the video that changes everything for my Channel about a week after uploading I suddenly saw like a spike and I was like oh my God this is actually happening and I actually talk a lot more about like the initial stages of blowing up in my other video so you can check out that video after you watch this video but basically after that video blew up all my videos after that one did well too and basically my whole Channel just started growing when I posted this video I had 4 000 something subscribers and on January I think first or second I reached 5 000 subscribers and I was so happy and then it took me about one more month to get to 10 000 subscribers now a month later I am at 20 000 subscribers so let's actually look at my analytics now because it's super duper interesting so these are my analytics for the last 28 days but before I go into this I actually want to show you something really really cool this is my subscriber growth from when I posted my first video which was October 1st 2020 so you can see that the growth has been like just really really really really steady like basically a straight line so before I blew up it was about 4 000 and you can see this line it's like this straight line and then now this line going way higher and I think it's just so cool to look at this because what if I I gave up at this point or what if I gave up at this point what if I gave up here what if I stopped making videos here then this would have never happened and I know a lot of you are throwing a YouTube channel or you want to start a YouTube channel and you're feeling really discouraged so I just want to show you this because if you keep going this will definitely happen for you I truly believe we're the average YouTuber it might take two to four years for this thing to happen there are a lot of people I've seen who like this thing happens after six months or one year but I think for the average person doing YouTube it might take years and for me it took more than two years so I started in October and then more than two years later in December that's when it finally happened and everything is just so amazing now let's take a look at 365 days every day I was basically growing like two to eight subscribers for the longest time and then on December 28th that's when it all happened so if we look at last 90 days you can see that it it really goes up and down and also in the last month I haven't been posting shorts just because I've been traveling in Vietnam finally living my dream of being a digital Nomad which I talk more in my other video from last week but basically I have been posting a long form YouTube video every single week and when I started blowing up I posted more shorts so I would try to post like at least two or three shorts per week and then I would also do a community post I think for a community post you have to have 500 subscribers something like that to do community text posts and I actually see a lot of Engagement in my community post so that's why I like doing them and I feel like it's just like a different kind of content that I can share it's like written out and I feel like I can really articulate my thoughts well in a community post compared to a video where I feel like I'm just chatting with you guys so you can see that it goes up and I peaked at February 1st so in one day I grew 800 700 subscribers and if you take a look at the views and the watch time and the revenue it basically follows the same pattern as the subscriber growth the more watch hours I have the more subscribers The more views I have the more Revenue I guess the revenue goes up and down a bit more so it's quite interesting this bike is from the first month on Etsy video that's the initial video that blew up and then everything was pretty good it was pretty consistent and what happened here how come this there was so much growth around getting a February around this time I actually had two videos that were performing super super good and those two videos were my second month on Etsy video and the video about the blowing up on YouTube if you look at the views that I get every 48 hours right now it's about 18 000. these days it's been around like 18 000 to 22 000 every 48 hours but at this highest point right here I think it was like 35 send views every 48 hours so it was a lot like I basically had those two videos doing super well and like really growing my channel the feeling was it was like amazing but also really scary like in one day I gained 800 subscribers just imagining 800 people it's just so cool but it is a bit nerve-wracking so after this happened things started going down and it's because my videos were just getting lower views in general I don't know why I think YouTube Just it goes up and down and YouTube Just does its thing so anyways it went down and down and down I think this is pretty much like my Baseline every day I know I'll get at least 100 150 200 subscribers and you can see that right after this peak I stopped posting YouTube shorts and I actually did want to post YouTube shorts but I just didn't didn't have time because I was um like planning for my southeast Asia trip and like actually going to Southeast Asia and now I've been here for about three weeks so I haven't been posting shorts so I'm not sure if this dip was because I wasn't posting shorts or maybe YouTube was just doing its thing or maybe it's just like that I'm not sure if Shorts have anything to do with it but maybe shorts do have something to do with it because I just haven't been posting shorts at all so maybe YouTube thinks that I I'm not that active anymore but anyways that might be a cause of the dip so now I am actually planning to do more YouTube shorts and we'll see if this picks up the channel or not okay and if you're curious about Revenue because I know a lot of you curious I'll show you what it was for the last year so I got monetized a year and seven months after posting my first video I reached 1 000 subscribers in nine months after posting my first video and I couldn't reach the 4 000 watch hours until one year and seven months later fast and this is where I was like peaking it took like one day to grow 1 000 subscribers basically but now

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