How He Became a Globally Known Business Executive and Attorney

there's a lot of people that talk about doing they say they can do things I'm not a Sayer I'm not a talker I'm a doer if I can't overcome the gym or I can't make the sacrifice to get up at 5:00 in the morning then how am I going to do all the other stuff you might have a bad day at a business but the point is let me learn that lesson and let me keep going you got to get hired by somebody that's willing to pay you $50 an hour before they can pay you $100 an hour everybody I know who's really getting it they putting 8 to 16 hours in every day I worked at one of the largest firms in the country and so in my first two years I would like sleep on the floor in my [Music] office it has to work where it has to work welcome to circle of greatness I'm your host Nehemiah Davis and as I always say I'm going to keep bringing some of the biggest and some of the best names in the entrepreneur and in the business world and today I got somebody super special CEO of melt like behind some of the biggest names in entertainment not only is this man a business man he's also one of the biggest business attorneys there is in the world my guy Brandon Williams what's up man appreciate it man thanks for having me bro thanks for coming on it's a special moment I always like these and especially talking to your audience and talking to you man it's a I'm really looking forward to the conversation appreciate you being here man so we've met through Marcus really uh Marcus always always Mar I I used to hear Marcus talk about how his daughter and your daughter hung out and all hung out and they say we got to meet each other like the parents need to meet each other 100% cuz Cameron and emry love each other right like best friends totally organic and she would come home she like Cameron Cameron Cameron's like I ask my wife who is Cameron and you know then she met turquoise and then so be it and then I said well who's her husband yeah and funny enough Marcus may or may not know the story I ran into Marcus and they were going we were going to London I was going there for a project and you know it ain't many of us sitting in first class going from Atlanta to London right you know what I mean so you know you kind of look around you like who is that and I saw him get off the plane didn't know he was and then just randomly on Instagram you know how sometimes you're just in the same area so I'm in London he in London he Post in London I see his Instagram I'm like wow yeah and then come to find out our daughters just end up being like the best friends so it's like as I always say good people find good people man that's a fact that's good and and it's it's always great when it ain't forced it's just organic it just happen like I was saying I was at uh you were out of town I met your wife and your beautiful family at Market's house for Thanksgiving right and it was just dope you know it like that and honestly man the one thing that's a beautiful thing is so my daughter our daughters are in a French program on school and so they learning French right now they're learning French right now 6 years old kindergarteners um but what's made it so amazing a couple years ago emry says Daddy I really want to get Cameron a gift for Christmas you know I'm okay so you know go to Target and um michan calls turquoise and says hey Emy wants to bring Cameron a gift um and she says okay cool you can drop it off at our house I was like okay well where are they yeah and she says yeah we're in Paris for the holidays yeah and again if I just think about it like so emry then said I want to go to Paris right right these are 5year olds four and 5y olds and then we end up going to Paris for the summer took Emy took my mother but if you just think about it little children like move that motivated that and so that's why we put them in the environments we put them man because that's for real why we went to Europe right was because Emy wanted to go because Cameron turquoise and Marcus were there but think about that like how powerful that is that 5-year-olds are driving conversations like that wow let me ask you this uh you probably didn't grow up like that no I mean I grew up in a great household like my parents are professionals but we were just middle class you know what I mean but but it a it's not it's not coming home Dad I want to go to Paris and next month you in Paris didn't even know what Paris was I mean I didn't know what Europe was I mean obviously I read about it but you know we our Spring Breaks were you just went out and play basketball right that's you go football in the street right you left all you want to do is go outside at 10:00 a.m. and come back at 6:00 y um so I had a great upbringing you know my parents were always supportive of like education and sports and all of that but you know we didn't have like discretionary income to go to Europe or go to Africa or go to the Middle East how how how important is that now that you just like I I feel so good like I just look at my kids running our yard and I'm like wow you got a yard like it's that may be small to someone else but where I come from drug infested neighborhood uh like my yard was going around the corner to the basketball courts playing ball drug infested neighborhood watching themel dope like that was my my yard so I'm like my kids can I'm from West Philly you they can't run outside almost anywhere in West Philly even freely yeah today in in 2024 like you're not going out in your yard especially not your front yard just running around so I'm like I feel so good that I worked hard and just stayed the course to see them be able to do something as simple as play I was talking to someone recently and I was telling them I said look now for the rest of once you have your first child it's Legacy for them right like I've I got a great life I've had a great life I'm doing the things that I want to do right but now it's to make sure that they have amazing experien right like again my daughter like the stuff that she sees she goes to the Four Seasons for like breakfast right like she's like Dad I want to go to the Four Seasons and again it's just a further extension like my parents were great my parents were awesome but like we didn't have necessarily the discretionary income to do the things that I'm able to do but they laid the foundation right and they gave me so many things that then I could like go from here to hear and then what the the hope is is that our children right like they're going to start here and they're going to take it to another level right that's the goal like you know what I mean giving them these opportunities learning French at four or five years old right and they're going to speak it and they're going to be like oh well my friends are you know worldly right like I didn't go to school with anybody besides a black person until I went to law school wow from like every single school I went to it's all black wow right every and you know again great educat

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