Hair Business Ideas For WOMEN (+ you don’t have to do or sell hair 🤫)

number seven this is one that's highly needed in the marketplace and if you can be the one to fill this Gap you would make big bucks hey girl welcome back to the channel today we're talking about black hair money and you heard that right I said black hair money and you're probably thinking Vanessa are you about to tell me to start selling wigs or bundles baby girl no I have seven business ideas for you today and some of these ideas are even giving me goosebumps like the fact that they exist and people are getting to the big bags I mean regular people like you and I getting to the biggest bags with these businesses I just said to myself you and all the women in this community have to know so I sat down and compiled seven High pinging business ideas for black women to make money that's related to our hair and if idea number one doesn't sound like your Vibe idea number five will that's how good these are but before I get into it I know some of you want country specific content because this is a global platform so let me know down in the comment section what your country is just put your flag down in the comment section so that I can know okay this can work in Your Country and this might not work in your country so drop your flag down in the comment section and let's get into it girl the first business idea is a wash day set box for kids now if you have black children children boys or girls and you have to wash their hair you know how hard it is you know about the tears you know about the Tantrums you know how much parents struggle right now some people have seen this problem and they flipped it on its head to be an opportunity in fact one girl stands out to me right now her name is Joy weight she's a young woman in her 20s and she started a small business called joyful be and her business generated over $200,000 in its first year and girl it's literally Lally a wash day box look at this in my first year business I made over $200,000 okay so here are the receipts cuz I don't have time for the haters number two number two is also in the Box category but it's the last and final box thing we're going to talk about and it is to have a subscription box for hair care products I just went natural this year and um it's been a journey it's been a journey girl if you have any tips for me drop them down below but if you have natural hair or you know people with natural hair you know we're constantly looking for products that work for us I'm learning about 4C 4D 3D like is too much and we need product there are women out there like you like me who've been smart enough to build small businesses around this need but before I give you an example of someone who did this let me give you the Tey real quick the key is to build anticipation before you launch the subscription box so what you're going to have to do is grow your audience a little bit you can start an Instagram page and post pictures and videos about hair and attract people who care about that content and then have them sign up to a wait list that way Brands can send you their samples and then you can put your subscription boxes together one black woman who executed this brilliantly is Miley teal she's the CEO of curlbox and a few other amazing businesses and I'm just blown away by the fact that she saw a need in the marketplace and she met that need and I see no reason why you can't make your own version of a subscription box that serves black women number three this is actually the easiest one on the list and when I paid for this one a few months ago I was pinching myself I'm going to talk about this one in any video where I talk to black women about business ideas because why did I pay $100 for one hour of This Woman's time granted she was so valuable and because of her help I've been able to grow my hair out quicker than I would have on my own but listen she's sitting in her house or her home office somewhere booking clients she said on a good day she gets about nine clients and makes about $900 being a natural hair consultant I talked about this in my other video about small business ideas if you haven't seen it I'm going to link it right after this video but basically she has no products no inventory she doesn't have to leave her house and she's able to make almost $1,000 a day I mean girl if that's not a genius black woman move I don't know what is number four girl if you live in a Caribbean country or in an African country or any developing country where labor is not too expensive you need to jump on this get in here girl you could start a braiding agency I had my hair braided in Lagos Nigeria for less than $50 and let me tell you the owner of this company isn't the person who braided my hair I know a lot of us think of these things like oh I'm going to learn how to braid and then I'm going to sit down for hours and braid people's hair or you might think I can't do that so I can't be in the hair business girl that's not how business Works what you need to do is find people who can and your job is simply to create a brand attract customers and then find all those customers into your agency then find people who can actually braid hair and send those people to your customers so the agency model that works for advertising for human resources also works for hair so gross if you've been thinking of starting a hair hair business but you're like I don't know how to make hair myself what you need to do is start a hair braing Agency number five this is my absolute favorite one on this list but before we get into it if you haven't liked this video yet and you like content like this please go ahead and hit the like button one it's free and it helps this video go out to more women like us number five is to pitch yourself to corporate buyers when I found the world of corporate contract I don't want to say I abandoned you and left this channel for a while but I was like these checks look nice this work feels fulfilling I think I'm going to do more of that and you can too what do I mean by corporate contracts girl let me put you on since 2020 happened and companies started caring about black people a lot of companies started creating departments called diversity and inclusion some of those departments exist within marketing teams and some of those departments exist within Human Resources teams now here's where you and your knowledge of black hair come in you can position yourself and your personal brand as a black Wellness consultant for the corporate space and show up a lot on LinkedIn and one of the things that makes black women feel awkward in the workplace is hair a lot of us are not able to show up as our full authentic selves we have to sometimes wear wigs people ask us questions about our braids and because of that a lot of black women feel stressed at work using mental energy that should be expensed on their work thinking about that coworker who just touched her hair without consent now because companies are beginning to take th

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