For introverts who wanted to start a Youtube channel yesterday 🎥 8 tips from an introvert who did it

I was known to be the quiet girl basically my entire life if I'm an introvert and I started a YouTube channel and it's going well you can totally do it too oh by the way this video is not just for people who want to start a YouTube channel it's also for people who want to show up more on social media basically when you're running any kind of business most of the time you kind of do need a there's like a social media component so this is also for everybody here who is starting a business and they want to really put themselves out there and they're an introvert and maybe they're scared but I still want to do it actually I think a lot of the times you saying you are an introvert that is just an excuse that is not the real reason why you are not starting a YouTube channel or you're not showing up on social media if you dig a little bit deeper you will come to realize that the reason you are hesitant about starting a YouTube channel it's not actually that you're an introvert it might actually be that you think people will judge you or they might not find your content valuable or you think like your previous acquaintances will look at your videos and not like you or they'll be like what is Dina doing like she's starting a YouTube channel or maybe you think that people will think you're cringy or boring and I want to let you know like even for extroverts talking in front of the camera is not a natural thing like if you go look at an extrovert's YouTube channel and go back and look at their first video you'll see that it's kind of most of the time it's gonna be like a bit unnatural I definitely had to get used to it when I first started my channel you can go watch my first video oh my God it's super duper cringy but it takes time and practice and now I'm like pretty comfortable in front of the camera I'm like used to it and if you really think about it for introverts starting a YouTube channel is actually like a really great thing because you don't need to be around people you are most of the time gonna be in your own room filming by yourself so you're still alone just alone with your camera you don't need to respond to people you don't need to have conversations with people you don't other people are not looking at you you can plan the video you can trim out parts that are awkward so like isn't that the introvert's dream like you're alone doing this thing did you know that you can be quiet but still engaging it's something called quiet confidence and this is something that I first heard about when I use the headspace app when I was learning how to meditate and they would always talk about having a quiet confidence like you don't need a you don't need to say anything you're just there and you have this quiet confidence and your energy is like you still have energy but it's like this Quiet Energy and I've been trying to practice that because for like the longest time in my life I was super duper self-conscious and not confident at all right now I am I would say I'm like so much better like I am confident in general as person but confidence for me was a huge struggle growing up so when I started meditating it was about three or three years ago three or four years ago like I was confident but I could still improve my confidence so when I learned about having this concept of quiet confidence it really helped me understand that in order for you to be confident you don't have to be super duper loud or so energetic because confidence isn't about the volume of your voice or how much you are moving your body or something it's about the energy that you give off and this energy that you are a competent person there's also a really good book that I read years and years ago it's called quiet by Susan Kane and it's really really good book for introverts on understanding like where you can shine and how you can basically operate in this world the next thing I want you to know is that it is totally okay to stumble on your words it's totally normal and I want to show you like usually when I film I am not saying the my the whole thing like all at once right like obviously there are trims and in between the trims I'm like looking at my notes and I'm thinking and let me tell you a quick tip when you are thinking or when you are looking at your notes freeze your hands and freeze your face because when you trim you want to be in the same position that you were like at the beak at the end of the trim and at the beginning of the next trim so that's why usually when I'm thinking that I'm so that's so that's why usually when I'm thinking I'm going to pause in between and just like freeze my hands and my face positioning like this literally like this see okay and I would like usually and I would usually cut these parts out but I wanted to show you like me freezing oh also if you're nervous about speaking in front of the camera the majority of you watching this and if you want to start a YouTube channel or you want to show it more on social media I know that the majority of you do not have any speech problems notice how I freeze my hands right here I'm gonna continue okay so I actually so I actually have a friend and he has a bit of a stutter and for his whole life speaking was difficult but he actually started a YouTube channel eight months ago his name is Hudson Rennie he makes videos on topics a little bit similar to mine but more about how to make money with writing on medium and on news break and there's also some personal development topics if if so if he can start a YouTube channel and he has so if he can start a YouTube channel and he has a stutter so can you honestly it's just like all excuses we all have some problem or whatever or we're all self-conscious of something like for me I think I was if you watch my videos before you know that I have been really self-conscious about my appearance like my entire life like my face like the like I don't like my nose for a really long time I didn't like my single eyelids so that's why I never really wanted to start a YouTube channel but like here I am starting a YouTube channel I truly believe that I have something to share with the world and I'm not gonna let my insecurities or the things that I am self-conscious about hold me back from doing that and helping people and knowing that there are a lot of people who if they watch my content or if they hear what I have to say their lies will really be improved okay my next tip for you is to get good audio when you start your YouTube channel so you don't need to shout if you are starting out with your phone like a really easy thing to do is just get a lav mic from Amazon I'll link some below and right now I am using a lav mic and there's a lot of different audio setups like on my camera it is a rode video micro this is my backup audio just in case my lav mic doesn't work but right now my lav mic the quality from the lab mic is better than the quality from the rode video micro because the rode video micro is

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