Fast Content Creation Strategy (Proven Framework)

Here's a fast content creation strategy using my proven framework. Also see how I got 30,000 visitors a day:

Today I’m taking a deep dive into fast content creation. So if you want to get more website traffic, and higher conversions, this content creation strategy is for you.

You will learn how to uncover the type of content your audience REALLY wants. Then you will learn how to structure your content, so it delivers the most value to your audience. This type of content can attract lots of high quality backlinks, and tends to get shared across social media.

You will also learn how to optimize your content, for search engine traffic.

Plus towards the end of this tutorial, I will reveal my favorite artificial intelligence tools that make the entire process quick and easy, so you can have a 2,000 word article written and published in less than an hour.

Ok, so, what is content? In this instance, content can be; articles, videos, or podcasts. In this tutorial I’m going to focus on creating articles, but it’s the same process for video content and for podcasts.

Now, the 4 steps to making this work are:
Gather data
Organize that data so it makes sense
Create content from that data
And finally optimize your content

Type of article
How to
Open letter

Article length
Google your keywords
Look at competitors – use hemingway app
Look at their backlinks

Content research – collect ideas / information (frase)
Facebook groups – ask questions (video)
Reddit discussion threads – upvoted answers are the best
Pinterest – find high value tips

Creating your content
– Purpose
– Table of contents (plugin)
– Subsections title
– Image (pixabay etc)
– Description / facts
– Close
Write the body first, and the intro second, the outro last.

Answer the main question quickly.

Meta description
Alt tags
Internal links
External links

Use AI tools:

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