Easiest Passive Income with GPT Store & Viral Videos ($5,000 / Mo)

listen to me very carefully because if you've ever wanted to jetset around the world in business or first class or maybe you just want to see your bank account grow from the comfort of your own home then this is for you because today I want to show you not only how chat GPT can now make outstanding videos but also how you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month passively with them and know that's not from YouTube paying you that will probably be the cherry on top look we probably all have been wondering when will Chad GPT be able to create videos I mean it does everything else well the wait is over because with open ai's recently launched GPT Marketplace the doors to this new realm have been pushed wide open and today I'm going to show you exactly how you can turn simple prompts into stunning travel videos with the help of Chad GPT and nid Ai and then also how to monetize them smartly but before we dive into the mechanics let's discuss a little bit why this feature is a groundbreaking opportunity in the world of digital content creation so first of all let's dive a bit deeper into the booming potential of travel content Creation with Chad GPT the online travel Market as per technavio's report is not just growing is growing significantly faster than many other Industries and they have an expected growth of $833 billion by 2025 and a yearly growth of 133% so what does this mean for creators like you well here's where the numbers get really interesting there's data from Google Trends that shows that searches for travel guides and travel tips have seen consistent upwork trajectory indicating that there's a sustained interest in travel related content and even more so there is a survey from think with Google that shows that 60% of global Travelers use search engines for inspiration when they uh plan trips when they book accommodation or hotels so obviously they rely on this type of content to make decisions imagine the demand now let's dive a little bit deeper into the secrets behind some wildly successful travel channels that are not even that big and let's see what makes them that successful what makes them take first let's look at wonderless Travel videos for instance because they have not only gathered millions of views but also they've steadily grown their subscriber base and they're currently at 128,000 I believe and they have very engaging content and really high quality production that I believe sets them apart and the C part is that you can achieve very similar quality content with the approach that I'm about to show you in this video then another really interesting channel is Scenic Hunter which again is not that big but I believe demonstrates a very similar success pattern because they've grown from just a few hundred to I believe 32,000 subscribers right now which is obviously a proof of the power of beautifully mesmerizing travel content and more than that social blade says that they are probably making about $5,000 a month I mean these channels are obviously leveraging a consistent demand for travel experiences and information and with Chad gpt's new Marketplace and in video's GPT you have the tools to join these ranks because in video's AI together with Chad GPT will help you basically do everything from coming up with the video idea uh how to base that on data how to create engaging scripts all the way to managing the editing and doing the voice over for you which I believe it completely democratizes High high quality video production so let me show you how to do that so I have my computer here I'm going to share my screen and show you step by step so what you want to do is go to chat. open.com and if you don't have a subscription for GPT 4 access then you do need to get that in order to have access to all the gpts it's $20 per month I genuinely suggest you get it because you have so much more functionality from chat GPT if you go and subscribe for that and know this this video is not sponsored by Chad GPT so go ahead and go to open ai's website and then you have to go on the side and click on explore gpts then in the search public gpts all you need to do is go and type in video click on video AI by nid and then you've got your own private chat with invid through chat GPT so let's ask in video through chat GPT to help us create a travel video that shows the 10 most beautiful beaches in Greece for [Music] example so already video AI by N Video is telling us that it can go ahead and create the video directly just by us giving it the topic or we can specify if we wanted to address a certain target audience a certain tone or style of the video or any other key points that we wanted to emphasize so let's say that um my video to be uh 5 minutes long and I will use it on YouTube as a regular video so it knows that it's not a short um I want have to Showcase very welln feates as well as two or three that most people have not seen or heard of I want the video to use aerial views of the beach and the script to be very touching for those looking to travel to greas please use a soft voice in an American accent preferably now in videos starting to work on the video and let's see how long it [Music] takes now it's asking me to confirm if I'm okay for them to go ahead and connect to nid ai's website and I'm going to say confirm now it's talking to the original inv video AI website and that's where it is creating our video Okay click on the link takes me to n video I'm going to need to log in most likely so as you log in they will send you a code so you can validate your email Emil and make sure that you search also in your spam folder because sometimes those validation emails get filtered out of your primary inbox and you might find it there in case you're not finding it so now nid is preparing our video it already created its own prompt based on our conversation with Chad GPT okay so it took about a minute and the video is now ready with everything with visuals with the voice over the script was done as well and I want to check it out and see how it is have you ever dreamed of visiting the most beautiful beaches in the world today we embark on a journey to the heart of the Mediterranean to the land of myth and Legend Greece here the sun kisses the Sea and the Azure Waters dance under Clear Blue Skies we explore 10 of the most breathtaking beaches each unique in its charm and story first okay so first note that I want to make is do not worry about the watermark because once we export that is all going to go away and also I get asked about this a lot do not worry about copyright issues because nid is creating the video for you and it's giving you all the rights to the video so for the visuals and for the music there's no reason to worry you will not get a copyright strike if you post this on YouTube so now let's think what if I realize that I actually don't like the accent so I'm going to write here make the voice over in a British accent instead and I'm g

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