Earn US$10,000 Per Month – Create AI Animated Story Videos: Step-By-Step & Beginner Friendly

this video got over 2.2 million views in only 2 months on a brand new YouTube channel that has similar videos it's the first video that was posted on the channel which now has 10 videos but with over 2 million views from one video and 55,000 subscribers later after only 2 months the channel likely is monetized imagine getting monetized on YouTube YouTube with just one video now let me show you a snippet of this video that I'm going to teach you how to create a long time ago in the village of AI there was a princess named ago who was the first daughter of King cheda unlike her three younger sisters ego was unmarried because of her body size she was not getting any sutus because she was extremely fat rock stars that video was pretty good and even as an adult I would watch it although it's animated so today in this beginner friendly tutorial I will show you in five simple steps how to use AI to create similar faceless videos that use a voice over and of course these videos can be posted on a faceless YouTube channel and these channels will have the potential to to make that $5,000 that this channel made in its first month and with consistency it will get pretty close to $10,000 in short order per month welcome back Rockstars it's so great to have you and I don't take for granted the fact that you clicked play when you saw my video pop up thank you now let's jump right into this beginner friendly tutorial let's start with step one and this is where we're going to craft unique stories and the AI tool of choice will be chat GPT and of course you can use the free version and the prompt that you can use in chat GPT to get such a story is this give me attention grabbing scandalous true adult love story titles from history for YouTube videos and you can modify this as you see fit if you don't want it to be adult you can put kids you can remove the scandalous and you can decide if you want to do fictional or non-fictional stories for your videos as usual rockstars with this prompt chat GPT is going to give us great results as you can see here on screen forbidden crowns the secret love affair of Queen Victoria's a now you can also modify the prompt to say American stories European stories African stories Jamaican stories or Caribbean stories if you want something that's more niched and focused as an example if you wanted a similar story to the one that I shared in the video earlier you can use this prompt give me attention grabbing African village scandalous story title ideas for my YouTube videos and rock stars as you can see here on screen chat GPT delivers several options that you can choose from now if you're not satisfied with the results that you're getting from chat GPT go ahead and say give me more options and you'll get additional listings for potential video titles the next step is to select the title from the list that you got from chat GPT or you can use a title that you have in mind or even a similar story as the one that was shared in the actual video I showed you earlier that got over 2 million views just put a spin on it and don't copy the person's video exactly now one of my favorite stories from history is about the bowling sisters and there's even a movie called the other bowling girl that's based on the same historical happenings and listen rock stars it's a must-watch movie if you're into history and I love this part of History so much that I mention it a lot in my book no regrets just lessons because there were many life lessons that I learned from this particular time in history so I'm going to create a story in this tutorial about the bowling sisters and how they completely transformed history so our next prompt is going to be write me an animated story for this 10 minute long YouTube video title and then you're going to put your title here whatever it is in my case I'm going to write the bowling sisters enry viith and the birth of Queen Elizabeth I I'm also going to add to this prompt for chat GPT ensure that the narrative style is friendly and engaging and give me the AI prompts to generate the 16×9 images for each scene for my animated video because we don't want to have to figure out what should be in this scene when we're creating that video we just want to copy and paste the easy way now rock stars to make life easy for you I'm going to put this prompt in the description of this video so that you can simply copy it modify it with your title and then paste it into chat GPT to get similar results now importantly you can use this method like I alluded to earlier to create kids stories as well by modifying The Prompt and I will show you a kids story that I created with this same method later on in the video so make sure you stay tuned now rock stars with this prompt as you can see here chat GPT it gave us a narrative it also gave us the image prompts to create the entire story now step two is where we're going to create visually appealing images for our story and the tool of choice that we're going to use is the K AI image generator now just go ahead and click the link in the description of this video and it's going to be the link at the top of the description to get started with K you can enter promo code Odetta YT to get a 25% discount on your first month of the K monthly Pro Plan and this is applicable to new users just go ahead and create a k account if you don't have one and when you land on the kle homepage you're going to select new project as I'm doing here because we're creating a YouTube video for the size we're going to need 16 by9 aspect ratio which is video compatible so basically it's the size of the screen of the typical YouTube video select unit and choose inches and this is where you're going to make the width 16 and the height 9 choose landscape orientation as I'm doing here and you will get a blank template which is where you're going to place your images now select K AI from the menu and now we're going to copy the image prompts that we got from chat GPT and this is of course for each scene and you're going to paste it here in the prompt description window on kle AI so our first prompt from chat GPT it says a bustling scene of 16th centry London with the fam River Merchant ships and the Tower of London in the background the architecture is distinctly Tor and rock stars it continues so when we copy this prompt and paste it in the K AI prompt generator we're also going to select 16 by 9 from the aspect ratio and you're going to select photograph for image style now let's generate our first image and just like that in 3 2 1 k is going to generate the perfect AI image based on the prompt description look at this rock stars isn't this incredible I could not have asked for a better representation of this particular image prompt now download the image to your photos as I'm doing here from K and all we're going to do is repeat this process for all the different image prompts that we got from chat GPT so let's do another one for the fun of it

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