Earn (UP TO $55) Dollars By Sharing Your Internet On Your Phone & Laptop| #shareandearn

what you seeing on your screen right now is how much I have made just by using the website I'm going to be sharing with you in this video as you can see this is my email this is how much I have made today and if I open up the website you can see my entire dashboard and this is how much I have made in total just for sharing my internet so on this website all you have to do is to share your internet and get paid to do so now when I say share your internet I do not mean you are sharing your data if you look at this it says get paid to be the view tour of the web in plain English what this basically mean is that you just have to connect to your device whether it is your phone or your computer you want to link it to the website and make money by browsing the fun part is you don't need to go onto any website to do anything or view any ads you just browse like you usually do check online when you have to and get paid to do that and this sounds like a lot right but don't worry I'll share with you the stepbystep process on how to set up and start making real money on this website but before we go into that let me run you through the withdrawal process first so you can know if this is something you are interested in or not personally I think this is such a great way to ear money online without having to stress too much about it especially since I'm already using my phone and laptop to browse the internet but please I want you to also remember that like I always say in most of my videos this website is not going to make you a lot of money in a short period of time and this is obviously not going to help you become rich miraculously just see it as something that can solve your shortterm money issues however it still makes sense to me because I really don't have to do anything other than to make sure it is connected to my phone and my laptop at all times another thing you need to note is that this website works worldwide and if you're in countries like the UK the US Canada Argentina even South Africa and other countries you can see on the screen right now then you can even take advantage of their content delivery option that could make you up to $55 in a month which is a plus for you and can help you cash out in no time okay so straight up to the withdrawal process before we dive deep as you can see you need to make up to $20 before you can withdraw your money on this website and currently I've only been able to make 25% of my money which is about $519 so until I get to that threshold I won't be able to withdraw my money so until I'm able to get to 100% which is $20 I won't be able to withdraw the money now if you think this is still a good one for you or basically if you still want to go ahead with this website not minding that you need to get up to $20 before you can withdraw your money then it is also fine and all you have to do like I said is to get paid for sharing your internet if you use the link in my description box they will also give you $5 at first something like that yeah so here is the website and it says passive income effortlessly you can make money by simply sharing your internet when you click on get started it's going to take you to this page right here you want to create your account fill in your email address and your password and since I'm using a Macbook it's going to ask me to download on my computer but you can also download this on your Android Android iPhone windows and Linux after downloading to your laptop and setting up your account properly you can then go ahead to your laptop and type in on which is the name of the website you're going to log in and leave it to run in the background and you can always track the progress to see how much you have made every day by gathering data and sharing your internet so back to my dashboard here is how much I have made in the past couple of months which is quite little compared to to how much I should make regularly but because I only connected it to my laptop and I use my phone way more to browse okay so that is why I've not made a lot of money using my laptop but anyway here is also my transaction history and here you can see how much I have made every day since I've been using this platform you can also make money by performing daily challenges and here you can see they are going to give to me $10 which is 10,000 points if I gather 15 MB today and I've only been able to gather 12 MB and this challenge would end in about 9 hours which I think is a lot of time you can also go ahead to explore other options available on this website depending on the country you live in but as a Nigerian the only way you can make money on this application or on this website depending on where you're using it on you can use it on your phone or your laptop is to basically let it run in the background browse through the internet and make money while at it so basically that's all I have to share with you about this website I believe I've been detailed in my explanation this is the second website I'm going to be sharing with you and it's called slice so if you type in slice onto your browser slice ad it's going to pop up and then you can just click on it it will take you to this page right here basically what you have to do to this one is to add it to your Chrome currently it only works on Chrome so if you use your laptop or phone if you brows on your laptop ofone this is going to work really really well for you like I said earlier on I do not browse that ofone with my laptop I majorly use my phone to set it up you want to click on login and then you're going to input your email address here your password here and then you're going to set it up properly right okay so this is my own slides ad account as you can see it's currently um added to my Chrome it's an extension added to my Chrome account so it says here that this page automatically stays open as we are actively cooking up slices here this is the previous one I talked about on again look at how much I've made and this is how much I've hand today because I've not even been using it for I've not been using it at all today right I can open up my dashboard and just say let me say slice dashboard my dashboard is going to open up right here so this is my own account right here I'm just entering my email and my password and I also need to go through this verification um every time you do this you'll have to go through the verification guess who forgot a password me okay yep this is my slice account this is my dashboard and this is just how much I've made I've only made 0.12 Which is less than $1 and that's because I don't use it often imagine I've not even used it this month at all the last time I used this was in SE September and this is basically my transaction history not a lot but then you can still make money using this one if you want to kind of like get more adds just come on after adding it to your um Chrome browser just come on here this place right here it's going to it's going

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