CREATIVE INSTAGRAM STORY IDEAS | Hacks using the NEW Instagram Fonts!!

we all love a good Instagram hack and as you know Instagram recently released their newest font options now these new fonts may or may not have already rolled out to your account but when they do I have some good story hacks for you wow I'm rhyming and that's so cheesy what's up everyone it's Modern Millie welcome back to my channel where I post videos every Wednesday teaching you the latest strategies and Trends on social media to help you grow your brand so make sure to give a little love tap on that subscribe button if you love a good Instagram back let's get into this video's shout outs thank you so much for all of your love you guys are absolutely killing it if you want to get a shout out in my future videos screenshot yourself watching this video and tag me on Instagram stories or leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel as always time Stamps will be in the comments below because I value your time and you already know why you're here so let's get into it we're going to be going over the nine fonts that Instagram now has and going over a few ways that you could kind of manipulate and hack those fonts to create something super unique in your stories this video you're going to get a little up close and personal with my phone we're going to start with the basics of upleveling your stories and then get more advanced as the video progresses so come on in get a little closer and uh let's have some fun with stories going into Instagram I am actually on my second account because my account doesn't have the new text options which is really fun if I just upload a photo from my gallery let's go over all of the new font options these are the font options that we talked about we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and N now within each of these font options you have ways that you could play around with them in this top Corner pressing the a there you could add a label or background color to the text so with this one you can flip the colors so no background black background white background you can change the background options here let's go back this one adds that label gives the label a little bit more of a tint to it No Label this one it just enhances the neon brightness of the text a little bit I don't know if you could tell but it does a little bit this one again changes those labels this one adds that Echo effect this one adds a cool there it's easier to see a cool brush stroke behind the text this one has a really cool editorial feel to it this one has the rounded labels and this one has the square label now what a lot of people don't know is that you can actually choose the color of the text and the color of the label separately for example if I want to have this label background white but I wanted to change the text to a red or a pink what I would do is I would highlight the text text go into the colors and then choose the color of my text so I'm going to click and hold to pick a more unique color here without having the text highlighted any color that you choose it will change the color of the label or the background so if I wanted a tan background select with white letters that's what I would do and this goes for any of the font options any of these options that's how you would change the background and then the text now I wasn't going to go into this in this video but I have seen a lot of people do this and I might as well just show you how while we're here and that's having the rainbow effect on your text or on your letters basically it takes two fingers one finger is holding the highlight of the text and the other finger is going to change the colors I'm going to hold the Highlight at the same time as I'm dragging the colors pick a color move pick a pick a color move so now you see I made the um rainbow text there now another thing that you can do is if I wanted to kind of have an overlay on top of this picture that I selected I could go to the drawing option and choose the highlighter brush which is the one in the middle choose a color for my overlay click and hold and it creates kind of like an a soft overlay over that picture to get creative you can use the Eraser tool and and do something like that or maybe if you just wanted to erase the flower make it a little smaller and then a little smaller boom there you go that's a way that you could play with having your photos kind of peek through or if you just want a solid color as your background you click this option choose your color click and hold and it gives you that solid background now let's talk about adding photos multiple photos to your story and a creative way that you could do this so originally everybody thought they were hacking the system by going like this copying the photo and then it would show up as a sticker in the corner and you can add the sticker that was a way that everybody thought they were kind of like hacking the system but there's actually an easier way to do that that's within Instagram and what you want to do is go up here to these stickers and when you scroll down there's a gallery option so this is the gallery button it's going to open your camera roll and you could add video or photo on top of what you're already doing so if I wanted to do this one I could layer it here and then there's a few ways that you could add little tape effects to your photos so what you could do is you could utilize the labels going like this I'm going to choose black and then I'm going to highlight the text and choose black again um it looks like tape that you're like taping on all these photos to make them stick on your story and this is great if you want a tape effect that is a a solid color but something that I've been really enjoying lately is going into the sticker options and going to gifts and looking up washi tape this is a bunch of fun tape options that you can add to your stories and it just creates a fun little element to your photos now you may have seen in the previous story you saw all of those moving letters and that is actually super easy to get you go into GIF and you search collage and the these are all of the collage letters if you don't see the letter that you want you could go collage and then look up the individual letter and it'll appear so with this one I am going to just spell out the word collage because that's what I made in this photo now let's get a little creative with sharing things to our stories this is something that you may have seen called hanging letters and this is how you create those create the letters one at a time with whatever background that you want so I like this uh circled label okay now that I have my letters all squared away I'm going to make underlines just like this and I'm going to do this in uh this font right here because it's a little bit thicker and I'm just going to make sure it's straight up and down and then drop it boom and actually let me select all copy and I'll just keep doing this paste and there we have it we have those hanging letters if I wante

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