Could This Brand New Social Platform Make Early Users Rich in 2023?

anyone who's been in the online game for a while remembers when Tick Tock first launched a few years back for the first year it was laughably easy for anyone to get followers and make fast money on the platform what as is always the case with these platforms the mass has figured it out the platform became much harder to gamify so in this video I'm going to show you what's next keep on watching and I'll show you a brand new social platform that's even easier to make money with than Tick Tock was and it's only been around for a few days as of this launch even better this platform already has hundreds of millions of users but a tiny number of people that are actually making content it's also built to monetize meaning that you're not going to have to create a big system with landing pages and email opt-ins and affiliate links and emails none of that you make a post you make money that's something we can all get behind right so stick around and I'm going to show you the platform I'll show you the exact strategy that I'm going to be using to make good money with this platform in 2023. alright so I've hyped it up enough let's dive in and talk about this platform now the name of the platform is called Inspire and I know you're sitting there saying how have I never heard of this if there's hundreds of millions of users let me tell you inspire is actually being created by Amazon now even better than that they're not creating a separate app to launch Inspire Inspire is actually being launched directly inside of the Amazon app which means that it's going to kick off with hundreds of millions of users from the get-go alright so we're just going to Dive Right In and show you how this all works you can see this is the opening page of the Amazon app and at the bottom there you can see there's five tabs now up until just a few days ago there was only four tabs on there and then this light bulb showed up just I think four days ago from the time that I'm filming this that light bulb was inspired now the real funny thing is for a lot of people this light bulb actually is not showing up tons of people aren't having it show up it's not an iPhone or an Android thing it's just certain accounts and the other thing is for me it keeps showing up and then disappearing in fact when I went to film this video it had disappeared and I had to wait a few hours for it to reappear so don't worry if it's not there when you go to hop in that seems to be the way it is for the first few weeks as they launch this alright so let's click in there and see what it is that we're looking at right here all right we can see right here this is a picture okay this is a video and if you're watching this thinking this looks familiar it should because it's very very similar to tick tock Instagram reels YouTube shorts Pinterest video all those little video platforms that are blowing up right now this is Amazon's there are some really important differences though that I think we should talk about the first is when I click plus right here you can see I can post a video or I can post a photo so that's a little different from some of these other platforms this means that you don't have to be showing your face you can have somebody else taking pictures and editing them and things like that it makes it a lot more scalable and outsourceable if we do that photo option it also has idea lists and all that is is a list of different products that can show up and I'll show you an example of those in a minute and then you can actually go live which you can do in all of these other platforms as well now here's the big difference and the thing that kind of really is psyching me out and where marketers are hopefully having all kinds of lights and bells going on in their head it's shoppable okay so we've in the past with some of these shorts platforms we've had create video we've had to send them somewhere we've had to capture an email we've had to nurture them we've had to do all that fun stuff but this is built directly in Amazon it's directly shoppable if there's a product in fact I think there has to be a product inside of what you're posting then all you have to do is you can see at the bottom here is Tag it and that product will show up right there on the bottom this particular idea list is what it is right holiday gifts for kids has products at the bottom and I can scroll through and say oh I love that ball right and I click or I love that watch and you click onto that watch and it pulls right up and I can buy the watch with one single clip we see all these other platforms where they say you know best 10 gifts for your husband for Christmas right and then they've got to send you to an Amazon list and then you've got to open the Amazon app and there's a good chance somewhere in there perhaps you'll lose the cookie or something it just isn't nearly as seamless and this could not be more seamless right and if you're looking at this picture right here this could have been made by anybody right you don't even have to be have yourself and your face involved in this ah there's just so much potential I hope you can see how excited I am about this I hope that catches on because there's crazy amounts of potential over the next few years with this platform all right let's talk about what we know so far and how you can get started with this we'll go through a step-by-step process just keep on watching uh you can see at the top there this is an account called learning by the pound and then you see next to it it says earns commission from what I gather anyone can post on this anyone can post these videos but you've got to get specially approved if you want to earn a commission okay and so if you see if I keep scrolling here we'll eventually run into somebody that has not earned a commission you can see right here Joy at bay that's somebody who's posting stuff but they're not earning commissions on that basically to earn commissions you have to get approved for the Amazon influencer program which I've done previous videos on and we're actually going to put out the next video in this channel one week from now so make sure you subscribe is going to be on how to get approved and how to build an audience to get approved for the Amazon influencer program but essentially you've got to have some kind of account where you have a following and I've seen people with a following as low as 250 people get accepted into this program you have to have an Engaged following you have to make quality content things like that and if you can get approved for this then you're going to make money now don't worry because I think that there's a big change that's happening right now on Amazon and even if you're one of those subscribers that follows me that has not been approved for the Amazon influencer program I think that's going to change the way they approve people to get approved for this earning commission option is about to change and I'll explain that a little furth

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