Complete Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners (2024)

this is a complete step-by-step affiliate marketing tutorial where you will learn exactly how to find the right offer how to pick the right affiliate marketing Niche how to get traffic even if you don't have any social media followers and you don't have a website and you don't want to spend money on paid ads and of course how to actually make your first $1,000 as fast as possible we will cover everything from the pure basics of affiliate marketing all the way to more advanced affiliate marketing stuff in case you are already familiar with this business and in case we haven't met before my name is Dave Nick and I've been making money online for the past 9 years with affiliate marketing being the first business that actually got me to my first $1,000 per day in profit but now let's begin with what actually affiliate marketing is and how it actually works affiliate marketing is basically just being paid a percentage of all the sales you get to someone else's product so imagine for example you're a big fan of some video game and you want to tell your friends about that game now let's say the game company decides to give you a special link that you can share with your friends if your friends use that link to buy buy the game the company will give you a small reward like a percentage of that game's price and that's basically how affiliate marketing works you as the affiliate promote someone else's product your service using a unique link they give you and when people buy through your link you earn a commission or a piece of that sale and here's an even more simple breakdown number one you find an offer to promote number two you copy your special link three share it and four make money when people sign up this is the easiest way to start to make money online as a beginner because you don't need your own website you don't need to create your own product you don't have to deliver anything or deal with customer support all you got to do is send people to your affiliate link but now we're entering a new era of affiliate marketing and what worked before doesn't necessarily work today so even if you have some basic understanding of affiliate marketing you still must watch this entire video because if you can't invest your time to learn for free how to potentially build a $10,000 a month affiliate marketing online business then someone else will and they will take their rewards while you will be left behind so you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a fueled marketing courses or waste thousands of dollars on paid ads it can all be done for completely free but you must do it correctly and you must work hard to set it up now there's literally thousands of different affiliate networks that you can choose from some of the most popular affiliate networks are ClickBank where you can find a bunch of different offers so it's like a One-Stop shop for different affiliate links you can just select the category and then can choose different offers there's also an alternative option for the European Union and that's digistore but I honestly don't like using this platform because most of their offers right now are kind of scammy like if you go to the business and investment section over here and you go to the like most popular offers that are selling over here you can see that they're not really valuable and it seem kind of shady if you open up the sales page for these offers they kind of look very questionable and like the conversion rate on this is pretty pretty low so I would avoid that platform even though it's very popular there's a lot of people in this space talking about digit store I would genuinely avoid this platform most of the offers are absolute scams now there's also the online business Academy platform and you can find high quality and high ticket offers in the online business Niche but it's only for the online business Niche and you can join the affiliate program for free if you scroll at the bottom you click on the affiliate program right over here now besides that you can also just use this list that I've created for you I'm going to leave a link to it for completely free in the description box down below if you want to use it but it's essentially a list of best reoccurring affiliate programs and then it's going to show you the category this is for web hosting then if you want to promote let's say email marketing software it's going to show you what would be the best ones and you can just take a look at the conversions for at the reoccurring commissions for these offers and then decide which one you want to promote so the highlighted ones in green are just names of the actual software programs and you're just going to search for the program take a look at it and if you like it you can just sign up for their affiliate program for completely free here's an example one this is Sam Rush affiliate program which I also listed in this document over here which again you can access for completely free but anyways you can just go to one of the East let's say sam rush and you can see it pays you $200 for every new subscription sale plus $10 for every new trial and one cent for the new sign up so when someone just sign ups you make one cent and then $10 if they sign up for a free trial and then another $200 if they actually pay for this software and you can keep on earning reoccurring commissions you basically just click on join now and you create an account for whatever software that you choose from the list here or from the ClickBank Network that I previously talked about now we have four types of affiliate offers one-time offers which pay you a set commission per piece you sell for example you sell a lamp from Amazon and you get paid 10% commission then we also have a reoccurring Commission which means you would refer someone once and you would keep getting paid every time they pay for the product or service and this works the best with software companies like I previously shared in that Google Document so if someone keeps paying to use the software on a monthly basis you can keep earning affiliate commissions on autopilot even though you had to sell them only once then we also have a digital and physical offers I personally prefer to promote digital offers because that you means way higher commissions no inventory limit and mostly reoccurring commissions so I can make passive income so for the same effort you can get paid a lot more than from a physical product but those are four types of offers one time recurring digital and physical now I want to share five different ways to get clicks on your affiliate links five free traffic sources that you can use to make money with affiliate marketing without having your own social media followers without showing your face in the camera without building a website and of course without spending money on paid ads now for this particular example I'm going to be using this software this offer which is viq software which pays me reocc

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