Chat GPT + Excel = $1,419 Per Day MIND BLOWING (Must See)

create me a simple formula in Excel for a rental calculator this is gonna make me Rich all right so lately on the internet everyone's been talking about how chat GPT is going to give you a Lamborghini full of cash and apparently all you got to do is click a couple buttons but we all know that that's not actually true in fact what we need to be doing is using programs like chat GPT to assist us in creating things that people want to use online this is going to help us actually put money in our pocket let me show you exactly what I mean and make sure you pay attention to this entire video so you don't miss anything because that one thing you skip could be what takes you from making nothing to actually turning this into a viable business that puts money in your pocket for years to come so first of all let's get a lay of the land we could see here that there's lots of people making tons of money with Excel yeah that old Microsoft program that pretty much looks like this it's actually very simple however according to CNBC this person up here is making two million dollars a year teaching Excel online and you can see she's only working like four hours a day here's another one making over a hundred thousand in passive income wait a minute in one day with Microsoft Excel all right now I know what you might be thinking Marcus do I have to be some Excel expert like these people and go out there and teach Excel No in fact what I'm about to show you doesn't need a website you don't need a bunch of money to start and you certainly don't need tons of skills that's why we're using chat GPT so that we don't have to have a bunch of skills now in the beginning you will have noticed that I asked chatgpt to ask me for a simple formula that I can use in Excel that'll calculate the return on investment of a rental property and of course the reason I asked is because there's over 39 000 people a month searching for rental Roi calculator but wait a minute Marcus how am I gonna make money with a rental Roi calculator well I'm glad you asked this part is super important what we're going to do is we're going to take an Roi calculator for rentals and we're going to think about why someone would want that well Marcus maybe they got themselves rental property and they want to know how much money they is going to make excellent you got it so what we're going to do is we're going to take the rental Roi calculator and we're going to figure out other things that people that have rental properties are going to buy and use to help them manage their rental business this could be stuff simple like property managers which you can see here is paying like nine dollars a click does that mean that people click on ads on my website and someone gonna pay me nine dollars what this means is that if you search something in Google like property management company you're going to see advertisements up here what this is telling us is on average how much these people are paying for each click to their website and also use other terms like rental property or how to get help with a rental property or how to manage a rental property or how to make the most money or how to invest in all different things like that and since the keyword rental Roi is very low competition and since we know that this Market tie eyes into Investments because that's ultimately what these people want we now know that we can take a market that we can get into pretty easily that has no competition is super low cost and you could probably even get traffic for free actually you can keep watching and I'll show you how and then all we got to do is keep the end game in mind which is basically how we're going to make money because once we know how we're going to make money off these people then all we got to do is create something for them that's helpful that they're going to want to check out and this my friends is quite possibly how chat GPT can help you get a Lamborghini full of cash so what we're gonna do is let chat GPT create Excel files for us that we can give away to people in our Market that are going to point to the stuff that makes us money so first what I need to do is focus on what people need and what they're searching for this is actually extremely simple do not over complicate it we're going to find different things like maybe an Roi calculator or house price estimate or maybe even a little calculator that helps them find out how much they're earning on Facebook ads or even something simple like a budget spreadsheet and as you can see people are looking this stuff up like crazy then what we're gonna do is go over to chat GPT and say make me a sample budget spreadsheet for Excel then chat GPT is going to do all the hard work for you it's going to go out there and find the different formulas it's going to tell you what you need it's going to tell you where to put what in what box and within a matter of minutes you could have an Excel spreadsheet that is helpful to a massive amount of people that ties into a super expensive Market that you can use to make money and as we can see here chat GPT did all the work for us and just so you know that this stuff actually works right here is an example of an Excel spreadsheet that I created so that people could find out what they're going to end up with after they sell their house so someone can go in here and say hey what do I expect to get 450 000 dollars maybe I'll get 475 or maybe I'll get five hundred thousand then you put in how much your loan payoff is 300 000 you put in your unpaid property taxes ah that guy needs to get caught up on his taxes then HOA dues realtor fees this one is calculated as a percentage so we'll put 0.25 then the buyer realtor fees let's say you sold it yourself so you don't have any of those and your closing costs which are usually about one percent and boom this is going to go through and calculate what you are going to get in your pocket after you sell your house you're selling your house and you think this would be a helpful tool let me know in the comments below because lots of people love this kind of stuff and since it's super easy and doesn't cost anything to make you can use these to make a fortune and you can see here that chat GPT helps with excel in crazy ways it'll actually create a formula for calendars for budgets all different kinds of things in fact here's an example I did that actually goes through and creates a formula for an extra payment on a mortgage and check it out there's actually over 23 000 people a month searching for an extra payment mortgage calculator now there's one thing that I want you to pay close attention to that I'm going to share with you tour towards the end of this video that's going to give you a leg up on the other people doing this because you might be saying well there Marquis isn't everyone creating these calculators and it's so competitive that I really can't do much of anything and the secret there is in adding something extra

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