CASH GIVEAWAYS: I AM GOING LIVE To Celebrate 1 Million Subscribers – Watch For Details

it's so great to have you back thank you for your support I'm grateful and today I have a special announcement because it looks like I'll be approaching a million subscribers in short order and while I'm not big on celebrating subscriptions and things like that on my channel my patreon club members in our last coaching session they encouraged me to recognize the Milestone and to celebrate it and you know what as a part of my family which is the Rockstar family on patreon I'm going to follow suit and I was humbled by their recommendations because they said they wanted to give testimonials as to how what I've shared with them is allowing them to earn money but I want to include the greater Rockstar family here on YouTube in this celebration so here's what we're going to do when I get to a million subscribers the first thing is I'm going to go live and I have not gone live for a while I'm actually thinking about doing it every quarter but whenever I get to that Milestone I'm going to go live and in this live I'm going to do two things I'm going to do trivia questions where I'm going to ask you about things that I would have shared on my channel here especially for those who watch the videos I want you to be the ones to benefit the most and these trivia questions when you get them right on this live that I'm going to host you will earn cash and this cash will be paid either via Amazon gift card or via Paypal we'll give you the option to choose and I haven't decided on the amount yet but I know it's going to be anywhere from 10 to as much as $100 for the right trivia question depending on the level of difficulty and again it's going to be based on things I share throughout my videos on my channel for every question that I ask you you as the rock stars on the live in celebrating that Milestone will be able to ask me a question and it could be for me to explain something that you're doing and not having Success With or just a general question about who I am because I don't tend to do a lot of that like a lot of other creators so this will be an opportunity for you to do so and for us to engage in that conversation we're also going to have spot cash prices to recognize this Milestone and right now we're going through our Grant application for a new TR and remember if you have already applied for the Rockstar Grant and for those who are new to the channel that have no idea what it is I'll put the link to a video that explains how to apply in the description of this video but if you have already applied to the Rockstar Grant you don't need to apply again because every time we're about to give out grants we go back to the original list if you have gotten a grant however you are taken off and many of you out there by now would have received grants we're going to also start publicizing the recipients because we realize that people want enjoy those videos but most importantly you know what I'm doing with regards to this grant so we are right now as I was saying sifting through the applications and shortlisting candidates and my hope is that we'll have the whole process wrapped up by then and we'll be able to announce some additional Grant recipients in that same live when I celebrate achieving a million subscribers and again you can watch the video to learn more about the Rockstar Grand but it's basically my way of giving back a lot of what I'm earning here on YouTube to persons who want to start these side hustles that I'm suggesting or these businesses that I'm talking about or for persons who are furthering their education and I'm not talking about the Master's level your first degree or going back and acquiring a skill that you can monetize we also aim to help persons who are experiencing difficulties but it can't be I'm having a hard time I need some money it must be I'm having a hard time I would like help but this is how I'm going to make sure I don't continue to have this hard time whether it's the side hustle you want to start the business you want to start it has to be backed up with something that's going to change your situation because the objective of this channel is to change lives by changing mindset and handing out money to people who have no plans does not do that yes we can help to improve the situation at hand but there has to be a longer term plan to make sure you're able to sustain and improve your life now stay tuned to the Community page here on YouTube where I'm going to post when the live is going to happen and all the details related to the live and I'll probably mention it in another video or two but all the updates will be posted here on the Community page the end of this video was unexpectedly abrupt and sudden wouldn't you agree rockstars as we would say in Jamaica it kind of dry I know my cloned Avatar wouldn't say that right anyway I didn't even say goodbye or walk good as I typically would so we have got to fix that but I didn't want to go through the hassle of setting up the camera again to record additional content upon realizing that the ending was so abrupt during editing so I've opted Ed to use my AI generated cloned Avatar to wrap up so this is not the real Odetta but a cloned version of me and even my voice is cloned which is why my accent is so fancy today if you're intrigued by the process of creating your own AI clone Avatar stay tuned I'll be uploading a tutorial on this channel in the next few days to guide you through creating videos the automated or lazy way just like I'm doing now be sure to watch out for that moving on I'm eagerly anticipating our live session it's an opportunity to celebrate together with you my rock stars who have made all of this achievable your support means the world to me and I want to take a moment to express my gratitude we'll have a fantastic time playing games learning more about each other and just having fun a heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who decided to subscribe and join the Rockstar family this journey wouldn't have been possible without you looking forward to seeing you at the live event until then walk [Music] good

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