Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2024 (Step by Step)

in this video revealing a step-by-step tutorial for affiliate marketing what it is and how complete beginners earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience more at that after the intro [Music] hey guys how's it going mike fasil here welcome this video before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop which is the fastest and easiest way to make money online we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days check it out in the link below so before i literally started this youtube channel before i started even like taking my like shirt off in front of like waterfalls and taking like epic pictures on my instagram and even like for example writing a book on side hustles there was a point in my life where literally i spent most of my time struggling in like an occupation that i did not like like obviously i'm asian my parents were super asian they're like mike you have to become a doctor dentist lawyer nurse that's the only way for you to actually bring like pride to our family so of course my background wasn't in online business or affiliate marketing or any of that right my background was literally in biology and chemistry right uh but one of the reasons why like you know for example affiliate marketing turned me on so much to the idea of online business is because it allowed someone like me someone with no experience no time no background knowledge whatsoever to literally partner with existing proven products and existing proven sellers that would literally do all the hard work the shipping the handling the product creation the product design the management they'll literally do all that but i get like 50 to 75 of the profit with like virtually no risk to me the moment i realized that i literally dove deep literally into affiliate marketing and you could see when i started doing it and finding a mentor that kind of like mr miyagi me and showed me the ropes i literally became successful just from finding out what not to do what to do and i literally started living my life and as you can see from the success of it from just like one affiliate platform back in 2018 we literally went from zero to eight thousand dollars in 30 days and like i said my entire life changed i was like oh my god you're telling me i don't need to do x y and z i don't need a lot of time i don't need a lot of money i don't need a lot of experience because of the fact that someone else has done all the hard work and all i got to do is partner with them and i could promote them and they could literally like give me most of the money my entire mind like just exploded and when i share you know the story to people saying yes you can do it too even if you have no background experience whatsoever the first thing that they ask is like well how did you learn about it right so the first thing that i did when i found a mentor right i literally found him like in the epic jungles in bali where i literally interview a bunch of other people that are also here in bali like this 11 year old girl that turned on 30 million dollars or this guy that makes a million profit right i remember literally traveling to thailand and bali meeting this mentors that made so much in affiliate marketing i just asked him well where do i get started how do i go ahead and do this and the first step that they did and they told me is if you want to make money in affiliate marketing you got to find out who is making the most money in affiliate marketing and model what they're doing because that's all they did they're like okay the these people are the top let me just not reinvent the wheel let me just do what they're doing does that make sense like when i when i was literally back in like my cubicle and learning about biology and chemistry i thought i had to like invent something or create the next facebook or or create something that was new when i was in a creative person right when little did i know that i just needed to see who were the top people and just model them right so that's when i found out that like there was this one girl right here this girl literally lives in an rv right literally lives in an rv doesn't have a big team because of affiliate marketing just literally it's her her husband and her two dogs living in a motor home she makes a hundred grand a month right she literally makes a hundred grand a month and you could see that half of which comes from affiliate marketing and half of that literally comes from one product one product and one piece of content that's one right they made a lot of money and then you have or for example someone like dollar sprout dollar sprout made no money in affiliate marketing for a year but then even like for example a year later they made 29 cents but finally because they were patient you can see how like affiliate marketing because you don't have your own product it compounds they literally pull in 167 000 a month now right the big granddaddy of them all is literally nerd wallet they've been doing this for over a decade and they do with like reviews like for example best credit cards of a certain month or a specific you know product and a review and the pros and cons and they literally pull in a hundred million dollars plus a year and that was several years ago so that that's like all of those things back then and then you literally have people for example in our community that uh you could see made a bunch of money and they're not like you know people that have a team or big businesses they're just normal ordinary people that started five or eight weeks ago and because they followed the exact same things that i'm sharing with you today they went from zero to 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks and we record all of their stories in my podcast in the links below right so the moment i asked them i was like okay well who are the people that are making the most money i started seeing them i started asking myself well okay how are they you know what products are they selling and promoting right because if you really think about it it's literally that simple who are the people that make the most amount of money and what products are they promoting and how are they promoting it right so you can see exactly okay let's pull this up so literally uh making sense of sense she made most of her money where did she get the people from from pinterest all these things that you see right here and all these things right here she gets most of her traffic and eyeballs her 300 000 monthly readers from pinterest and you could tell just from the way all of this is designed so number one she gets it from print pinterest and how does she make money she literally tells you she makes money from bluehost and from this blog article right this one article when people go to it they literally go to this company known as bluehost when they go ahead and sign up and start a blog through her link she gets paid for it right so that's one way she liter

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