9th Month on Etsy Selling Digital Products 👩‍💻 closed 2nd shop, outsourcing, should I reveal my shop

as you can see July was not bad it was not as good as June but I would say it was still okay I went from 43 listings in June to 54 in July so I added 11 more with the help of two people which I will talk later on about how that is going I had 820 visits and my conversion was 2.6 so it it went down but it's so so it's not the greatest I sold 21 things and made 316 my ad spend I pretty much kept it the same as June so the results were pretty similar I spent thirty dollars my revenue from ad spend was 25 so similar to June my ad conversion which is the number of orders divided by clicks which is two orders over 108 that was 1.85 so not very very good but right now I think my Niche is just like the sub niches that I'm in they are pretty small so I'm trying figure out my ad strategy not doing too well but we'll see so my net profit was 226 and I received 240 in the bank sorry I'm a bit hoarse today and it's because this is the second video I'm recording today my voice is not that great to have today okay I will talk about the Outsourcing part later but I want to give you some general updates on my Etsy so a lot of you know that I created a second shop Lulu creative house and I made two YouTube videos that were tutorial videos unfortunately I shut down that shop so yes you can have more than one Etsy shop and you will have to open a new like email or just like use another email address for it because one Etsy account can only be tied to one email address but you also have to you need to it says if you choose to run multiple shops on Etsy you must list all the shops you run in the public profile section of each account which as you know my first Etsy shop which I am not sharing publicly on YouTube I basically didn't want to list my first Etsy shop on the Lulu creative house Etsy shop I basically had three options I could either just keep doing what I'm doing work on the Lulu creative house and don't disclose that I have another shop I could close my Lulu creative house or I could reveal my first Etsy shop and disclose both Etsy shops in their public profile so what I decided to do and also I think I don't have time to work on the Lulu creative house Etsy shop I think the main reason why I opened that was to show you how to open an Etsy shop but with my current Etsy Shop like the first one with this YouTube channel I also have this other business idea that is like not Etsy related and so with all of these I don't think I have time to focus all my attention on the second Etsy Shop the Lulu creative one so I basically closed it if you want to see what that one was about just basically go and watch my two tutorial videos If you curious how many sales I made on the Lulu creative house shop it was three sales the first shop was from a subscriber the other two sales I have no idea they could have been from subscribers or they could have been from somewhere else I have no idea but I made three sales and I closed the shop and Etsy will still send me the money so I think it was about 25 or something okay on the topic of revealing shops what I think would be really really fun and this is something I kind of want to do is I think at the one year mark so right now I we are on what month are we we're on the 10th month right oh sorry we're on the ninth month so I think at the 12th month Mark I do want to reveal my Etsy shop I think that would be really really exciting because then I could we could talk so much more about so many different things like I can show you why I did this thing in my shop why I did that thing in in my shop and just use it as a big case study of how you can start a shop selling digital products obviously I do have some reservations like I know there will be people who copy and I hadn't even revealed my shop but I did find one copycat who basically copied the whole concept of my design and even used the exact same 13 tags that I did so like it's obviously it was like a copy paste so if I haven't even revealed my Etsy shop and somebody is copying my stuff like I just can't imagine if I do reveal my Etsy Shop like obviously I love you all like my subscribers and I know that the majority of you have like the best intentions and you're all amazing people but like I know there will be some people who will definitely copy my ideas so that is my one big reservation about revealing my Etsy shop so yeah let me know what you think should I reveal my Etsy Shop should I not what should I do about the people who will for sure copy my stuff like I don't want to keep thinking that if I reveal my shop people are gonna copy I don't want to have that negative energy but if I'm being very realistic I think there will be people who copy should I review my job should I not I kind of want to and I think even if I do reveal my shop and there are people who copy obviously it is annoying but I think that me revealing my shop might have a net positive overall in the world so I'm okay with revealing my shop and obviously I don't want people to copy but I know people will so I think there's going to be a net positive if I reveal my shop so yeah let me let me know what you think so this is the second month that I have outsourced some Etsy tasks and I spent about 120 USD so right now I have two people helping me out I have Dez and I have Jehan and in the last month the focus has mainly been to create new templates in other sub niches in My overall bigger Niche so jaehan is actually helping me with the new designs and then Dez is helping me more with the marketing listing photos stuff like that so I would give some guidance to Jahan and then she would come up with a new design and put in all the elements and stuff and then I would edit the final one and then finalize everything and either jhan or Des can make the marketing listing photos the access PDF and the video and then I'm always the one who uploads to Etsy if you didn't watch my eighth month on Etsy video yet I did talk about the Outsourcing stuff in a lot more detail the update I want to give this month is that it's going really good I'm very happy with the Outsourcing and obviously I'm making less money overall with my Etsy because now I have this Outsourcing fee but I think overall it is really good for my shop because I can focus on expanding my shop now so my goal with working with Jay Hernandez is every single month to have two new designs in two sub niches and then for each one to have like multiple variations and I think my goal for a number of listings is to post at least 10 listings per month at least five in the sub Niche and then five in another sub Niche another thing thing I'm working on recently is actually for the listings from a long long time ago I'm trying to update the listing photos because when I started out my listing photos were not as good as the ones that I created recently and the sub Niche that I was making products for at the very beginning these couple of months there's more competition so I feel like my listin

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