9 Japanese Philosophies to Become Self-Disciplined and Stop Procrastinating

have you ever struggled with procrastination or finding the motivation to get things done feeling like you're not living up to your own expectations I won't lie I struggle with procrastination a lot and it's a challenge especially when I have important deadlines or tasks that I'm not really excited about I've had those nights before exams or hours before project deadline and they're stressful it sometimes makes me wonder am I really doing my best but when I'm stuck in the cycle I remember my family history my ancestors were bushy the warrior class of Japan during the other period growing up my grandparents taught me about the importance of self-discipline perservance and compassion through the teachings of Bushido the way of the warrior before we get into the heart of Bushido let's clear up some confusion these days the term Samurai and Bushi are often used interchangeably but they're not the same the bushy were the warrior class of Japan a broad category of encompassing all Warriors but among these Warriors there were the steel class the samurai they were a specific cloth within the bhuji serving feudal Lords bounded by the code of Bushido which translated as the way of warrior it's a moral and ethical Compass guiding the samurai in feudal Japan now you've probably heard of the Samurai before they've taken the World by storming countless movies TV shows animes and stories what made them so different than other Warriors is their mindset which is based on a unique philosophies and discipline they live according to a moral guideline principle called Bushido maintaining self-discipline and preservance so without understanding in place let's now delve into the principles of Bushido the code that guided the Samurai and continues to guide me today the first principle of Bushido is geek which stands for brightness or Justice for the samurai ghee was all about making decisions that were right and just even when those decisions were not the most convenient or the easiest to make it's a lesson in prioritizing fairness morality and just Justice over personal desires or societal pressures in our day-to-day life applying ghee means making decisions that align with our True Values even when those decisions are tough it's about choosing to tackle that challenging task now instead of putting it off later it's about sticking to our commitments and responsibilities rather than choosing the path of least resistance when I'm faced with a challenging task and I feel the urge to procrastinate I personally think about the principle of key I remind myself about the importance of making the right decision even it's not the easiest I think about my responsibilities and my commitments and how tackling the task had on the lines with those instead of opting for an easy route and pushing the topic aside I choose to face it this reflection of the summarize principle of ghee serves as a powerful reminder to me and often provides the motivation I need to overcome my inclination to procrastinate and pay action instead in a way it's just not about completing tasks at hand but about practicing self-discipline and living up to my own expectations when it comes to the principle of you or courage it's not about fearlessly charging into the battlefield as the samurai did it's also about having the moral courage to step outside of our comfort zones and face the tasks that we find difficult or challenging I've often noticed I put off things because they seem too challenging or lie outside of my comfort zone and these tasks might range from difficult conversations demanding tasks that work even writing an engaging piece of content but it's true expanding our comfort zone slowly that we grow we transform things that were once uncomfortable in the areas of comfort and expertise this is a word essence of you truly lies if you're looking to get out of your comfort zone and try something new one of the most important skills to have right now is writing whether you're creating content for social media or developing ideas for new Industries writing is essential but let me be honest writing can be tough especially when you're just starting out that's why I rely on grammarly go to help bring out my full potential as a content creator I know firsthand how important it is to hook your audience with a great ideas and compelling content but sometimes coming up with that perfect hook can be a challenge that's where grammarly go can help you out not only can It help you with content creation but it can also help with everyday tasks like writing emails Sandra Palm and you will instantly get a well-written email draft and with the ability to adjust formality tone and lent with just few clicks you can ensure your writing is clear and mistake free but content creation isn't the only thing you do as a Creator a lot of the work you do involves running your channel and taking care of administrative tasks that's why I love that grammarly go allows me to reply emails quickly and efficiently with the reply feature it summarizes the email and suggests way to respond so you can get through your inbox quicker and focus on what really matters and the best part of it is that grammarly go is free to use and try out as a free user you get 100 prompts per month to try out grammarly go so if you're ready to take your writing to the next level and get out of your comfort zone sign up now at grammarly.com and get 20 off grammarly premium take your grammarly go for sponsoring the proportion of this video if you have ever noticed the phrase on my channel Banner Kaizen the philosophy of continuous Improvement you've had a glimpse of how much the principle of Kaizen influences my life in fact it's one of my life mottos Kaizen amplifies that we should constantly strive for betterment not just in our skills but also in cultivating disciplined focus and resilience in the age of Samurai Warriors would devote themselves to ceaseless training and growth spanning not just their martial skills but also cultural disciplines like arts and literature they viewed Mastery not as an end goal but a lifelong jury so how do I embody this into my daily routine I've come up with something I call the kaizing hour every day I dedicate an hour to self-improvement as a full-time YouTuber I'm constantly trying to enhance my content right so this could be haunting my script writing improving my filming techniques or experimenting with better titles and thumbnails taking other creators courses to learn more about creating videos but it doesn't stop at work I also apply Kaizen to my personal life I regularly hit the gym practice meditation read books on various topics and consciously step out of my comfort zone to try new things if you want to embrace Kaizen I suggest picking an area in your life that you wish to improve dedicate a specific amount of time each day to this it could be as little as like 15 minutes the trick is consistency showing up every day and even when prog

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