7 Ways to Make $3,000/Week on Pinterest (2024)

these are seven different ways that complete beginners are making over $3,000 a week on Pinterest but keep in mind that this will not make you a millionaire you will not become rich after watching this video but it is something worth trying and I will not sell you a Pinterest course at the end of it instead we will go from the hardest to the easiest seven ways to make money on Pinterest even if you're a complete beginner my name is Dave Nick and the first one on our list is going to be affiliate marketing which is something that I personally use to make quite a lot of money online for example with this particular platform I did about half a million dollars in sales and I've only used Freight traffic so what people have been doing is they would start a Pinterest account where they would for example talk about Amazon gadgets and for example this account over here with these particular posts has acquired over 14,000 followers and this account over here where they post about different dress ideas and travel accessories has gained over 700 followers and is now getting over 600,000 monthly views which may not seem like a lot but remember you're relying on affiliate commissions so even if 1% of these people buy something from you that can end up being quite decent amount of money so you can go to a platform such as Kitco kit. and you can just click on the plus icon over here and you can create a new kit from scratch and what that means is that you can create an entire store let's say for example I want to create a store with different products that I use to record videos so if someone wants to buy studio equipment they can just do it from my personal store and you might be thinking like Dave but I don't have these products you don't have to because this is affiliate marketing so if you want to add this entire set for example I use this I can just click on add to kit and it's going to be added to my store which just one press of a button but there is one single problem and I will show you that in a second and how to actually do it correctly so if I click on view kit this is how my kit looks like so people can buy these products directly on Amazon as you can see or on these different platforms and I will earn a commission now in order to earn a commission you have to go to your profile you have to click on view profile and once there or actually edit profile in this case click on monetize then scroll a little bit down and this is the most important part actually is you want to connect your affiliate account so if you want to connect your Amazon account and you have to go to your Amazon Associates account and just add your tracking ID over here and click save changes so that way it's going to track affiliate commissions from your account and it's going to credit the commissions to you and to find good products well you can pretty much just go to Amazon and you can literally just go to the top deals or things that are ranking number one or that are showing up number one on Amazon right now and just collect those products because they're probably trending right now and if they're in your Niche then you can just find them through Kitco you literally search for that product add it to your store and you can copy the link to your kid code and you can start sharing these designs such as this one over here where you link people to multiple products instead of one needless to to say but to create these pins you just click create you add a design over here and on the right hand side you can also add add a link and you can just publish the second way that people are making money on Pinterest and especially complete beginners this one is slightly easier than the previous one and again we will just go from easier to easier from this point if you click on payment proof you can see that people are being paid like $60 $50 $2 $3 again and again on complete autopilot and in fact this is a platform that pays you not when you sell something but when people download files for free so it's called up Dodge forever and if you click on upload files first of all you want to log in but you essentially get paid when someone downloads your files you can click on upload files over here you can start uploading you might be saying Dave but I don't really have any quality files to share with people so they want to download so that I can actually get paid again and again and that's completely fine because I got you covered you see in our free community online business friends I suppose you're already there it's on school it's school.com obf once you're ins signed you want to go to the tools over here it's completely free by the way so you want to go to the tools and here I've actually bought a lot of different down for you assets and digital products that you can download for free so here we have for instance free guides or free assets and then you can just select which one you prefer let's say you really like this canva course they all come with PL rights so you are allowed to use it you can just download it with one press of a button and once you have this into your device you can just go back to this platform this is like a full course that actually makes sense and people would actually sell this cuz I spent money on this I bought it and you get it for free and you can now give it away to other people for free as well and you then just kind of drag and drop that here you click Start upload and then one of those assets there's literally tens of thousands and millions of there's the last asss that you can find inside of that free community you just upload some that you think are useful and then you get your download link so there this is a download link and you would really just have to look at what is the file that you're are sharing in this case I'm promoting this like canma crash course if someone wants to learn how to get started with canma and how to actually create great projects with canma well now I can just go to canma and I can create a pin so I can go here and I can search for Pinterest templates and canma says like free graphic design tool that allows you to actually create this and do really nice spins for completely let's say for instance I'm going to go with this one and I'm just going to type in I'm going to create like a design for this and I'm going to say free canva course and then I can also change this design over here if I don't really like it and I can pretty much just say again free Cana course or something like that or just like go free course or like whatever you can change it it's it's really like fully customizable and then I can just say click the link to download for free this could be for example a design this just an example of course you can spend more time actually creating something better and higher quality but I'm just showing you how simple it is to actually use this platform to create Pinterest bins because essentially with this I can now just go back to Pinterest and if

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