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6 Viral Pieces Of Money Advice You Should Ignore

In this episode, Chelsea dissects various pieces of money advice that have gone viral on TikTok, Reddit, or other platforms, and how they range from unhelpful to downright dangerous.

Short squeeze:,pressure%20on%20the%20stock's%20price,and%20the%20price%20would%20fall

Lack of disclaimers on stock advice:

TikToks referenced:


#stitch with @420loveontour #avoidingtaxes #taxes #scorp

♬ original sound – JuliaHurleyRealtor


Reply to @xle0nxx #STUDENTLOANS #studentdebt #studentloan #studentloandebt #studentloansbelike #retirementfund #retirementsavings #retirementplan #fyp

♬ original sound – Curtis Ray

IRS on business expenses:

S corporations:

Fidelity on debt:

Living off debt:

Credit card interest:

Being your own boss:

Self employment stress:

FIRE subreddit:

FIRE during COVID:

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