6 Little Known AI Side Hustles That Can Make a Lot of Money (2024)

who else feels overwhelmed with the pace of change in AI well you are not alone it is moving so fast that it literally feels impossible to keep up but the truth is that this is our moment so today I want to share with you six AI side hustles that are going to put you ahead of the game and the best part is that you do not need to be a tech Guru or Wizard or however you want to call it you can start these without having pretty much any Tech skills if you are willing to learn a little bit okay because I believe this is no time to watch from the sidelines it is the time to take control and be ahead of the game so you can have the future that you've dreamt of all right so number one this one is something I've been thinking about starting myself and that's because businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance their online presence but often they get stuck they need content that resonates With Their audience a strategy that aligns with the needs of Their audience and also analytics that inform the decisions that they make and because of that many times these tasks become overwhelming and that is why I think you could consider starting a AI social media agency let me explain with AI tools at your fingertips you can craft personalized content schedule posts with precision and analyze engagements to refine the strategy that you have for that particular brand obviously this is not about posting pictures or anything else it's about creating engagement and connections and building audiences to develop the brands that you work with and the reason why I believe this is such a great opportunity is because a recent study shows that businesses are willing to invest heavily in social media Management in order for them to stay relevant and competitive and here's a great example that I hope will give you a better understanding of of what I have in mind there's a company called brand boost AI they're a startup that leveraged AI to 4X quadruple engagement for a series of small businesses within a couple months by using AI to understand audience preferences they were able to create tailored content that hit the mark every time leading to a significant increase in both engagement and Ro their success story was featured in Tech crunch some time ago and I believe it is a great example of the potential of this opportunity number two it has to do with voice over production because it has become such an essential part of content creation spanning across industries from gaming to corporate training okay so the idea is that you don't need to have a recording studio you don't actually need expensive equipment to break into this field because thanks to AI you can create professional great voiceovers literally in no time within your reach and literally at your fingertips because you have ai tools that are able to do that for you so you could offer your services to create uh captivating voiceovers for video games for example or help make characters come to life or produce engaging narrations for e-learning courses for audio books there is so much opportunity here the demand is skyrocketing there is a recent report that highlighted that El earning Market alone is expected to hit $325 billion by 2025 so voice over obviously plays an important part in that and I think there is great opportunity there and an example that we found to really give you a better idea of what I mean is a company called vocal Edge AI again they're a startup that completely revolutionized the audiobook production with AI generated voiceovers they showcased their work in Forbes I believe and they managed to reduce production costs by 70% while maintaining great quality um and really nice expressiveness if that's a word I don't know so that they made it easy and nice and enjoyable for the listeners I believe this opportunity is so so so incredible because voice overs are needed in so many areas entertainment but also education so whether you're think about transforming education content or you're thinking about enhancing entertainment experiences there is so much more you can do if you think about starting an AI side hustle related to voiceovers number three SEO and content optimization these have been always for the last 20 years I guess um the backbone of any company who wanted any online visibility however the game is changing very very fast here because of AI and I believe it presents some pretty unparalleled opportunities when it comes to side hustles let me explain with AI driven SEO you can do so much more than just optimize content you can completely transform how websites are climbing up uh rankings when it comes to various search engines whether it's Google or YouTube or Pinterest so here's what I mean AI can now analyze patterns it can predict Trends and it can offer insights that traditional methods were never able to do so for example a study has shown that AI driven content recommendations think Netflix or Amazon can boost a website's conversion rates by up to 30% it is completely gamechanging and you can be at the Forefront of that if you know what you're doing so an example for you here is a company called optimize they also had a success story featured in TechCrunch and with what they did was they integrated AI into their SEO strategies and it helped a small e-commerce platform site company double their organic traffic in under 6 months so if you're looking to dive into this AI sight hustle I believe the opportunity is unbelievable you can think about helping bloggers and coaches rank their passion projects you can help um e-commerce websites rank high in search so they can increase their sales you can help any influencer or content creator get better traction and ultimately better sponsorships number four this one is something that I am personally interested and by the way if you're interested in getting started with this one reach out to me because we might end up working together this one has to do with personalizing content because everybody's sick of generic content let's be honest and I believe with personalized content companies can really stand out out especially when it comes to keeping your audiences engaged so what I'm thinking here is that you could harness the power of AI to create personalized newsletters that speak directly to the interest of a company's readers because with a eye that is totally possible we can look into engagement data we can look into opening rates and personalize content that is part of newsletters a success story that we recently found with my team is called curate AI they are an emerging startup that revolutionized this newsletter game for small businesses so basically what they did was they used AI to analyze subscriber behavior and they've managed to use that insight to increase open rates by I think 40% and double the clickthrough rates for their clients within a few months and their secret based on what we learned was Tailoring each piece of content to match th

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