4 CANVA TEMPLATES HACKS to make sales NOW 💰 (SKYROCKET your Etsy digital products income)

canva templates I'm sure if you're a digital product seller then you're probably well aware of the amazing opportunity to earn passive income that selling canva templates presents if you're not familiar canva is a free and super easy to use web-based design platform that you can actually go on and create your own original design as a template and then sell to someone who would then go on and edit it and make it their own changing the fonts and the colors to make it exactly what they want to use for their own personal or business purpose selling editable canva templates is an awesome way to earn passive income selling digital products essentially you do the work once up front to create the template and then list it to sell on repeat so it's making sales over and over again and you're only having to do the work once so you're not actually having to do active work to continue bringing in each payday this way you're earning passive income in your sleep while you're on vacation you're only doing the work once upfront this is why I love the idea of selling canva templates as a digital product to sell on Etsy or on whatever platform your e-commerce shop is on so in today's video I'm spilling the beans on my top four tips or hacks if you will for creating canva templates that are going to be flying off the shelves and racking up those two things in your shop coming up foreign [Applause] s welcome back to the channel so glad you're here today if this is our first time meeting and this is your first time finding this channel I'm Kate I'm a wife mom Etsy seller and business coach and I'm here to help you start and scale your online shop so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love today we're talking about all things digital products and specifically canva templates so like I mentioned before in this video I'm going to be sharing my top four tips for creating editable canva templates that you can then sell in your shop over and over again to make passive profit it may sound pretty easy and straightforward to sell canva templates and in a way it is but you do have to have some smart strategy and know what you're doing going into it to make sure that you're creating templates that actually are going to be in demand and in a style that people are going to want to purchase there are also some features and tools inside canva that you may not know about that would be really helpful for you as a designer as a seller creating these templates to level up your templates and make them absolutely irresistible this is actually video One in a two-part Series so today is all about these four design tips and then the second video in the series is coming out next week and that'll be a few additional tips that I'll give you on the actual listing itself and how to really level up and make your listing top quality and some elements you need to make sure to include in your shop when you're listing these templates to sell to best optimize them to break through the competition and be the one that your ideal customer says yes I have to have these templates so make sure to watch this video all the way through and then check back next week for that second video in this canva template series okay so we're about to hop on the computer and I'm going to walk you through each of these four tips in canva but first I want to let you know if you are a digital product seller or if you're wanting to become a digital product seller I have a free resource for you that I know is going to be super helpful for you especially because of how confusing this world of digital products can be and learning the technical side of things like resolution sizing aspect ratio file types it can be really overwhelming so I've put together a really simple and easy to follow beginner's guide to selling digital products that addresses all of those common Tech questions to get you started off on the right foot so if you'd like to download that guide it's totally free to you I'll have that digital product starter guide Linked In the description box below so you can grab that right after you watch this video okay a couple things I want to mention before we dive in number one is that to work on canva you will have to have a canva account now you can totally use the free version of canvo I do have a link below in case you'd like to try canva Pro for 30 days for free you can click that and get a free 30-day trial to canva Pro but everything I'm going to be showing you in today's tutorial can definitely be done with the free version of canva now there are a lot of different types of canva templates you can sell but for today's tutorial we're going to be making an Instagram bundle so this is a social media bundle that people might use for their Instagram account so maybe posts or stories but I'm going to be showing you some different types of Instagram post templates that you could make as a bundle to sell okay so here we are when we come to canva.com you'll see your home page and we're going to come up here to create a design and you can enter in what size you want your design to be now if we're working on an Instagram template it's really easy because it already has these preset sizes for you you can choose Instagram story post whatever you want so for this example we're going to be working with a square Instagram post so we're going to create our canvas as a square and the first tip I want to talk about is using shapes so shapes are really popular in eye-catching in graphic design so one thing you can do right off the bat when you're creating your Instagram template graphic is you can choose a background color now I would suggest that you think of a color scheme that you might want to stick with maybe three or four different colors for your whole bundle so that everything is really cohesive and aesthetically pleasing and same thing for fonts so when you're choosing fonts for your text you don't want a million different fonts going on you want maybe just three fonts to focus on throughout your bundle of templates so we've got our background color here we might come over to elements and look for just a simple square shape so we might choose a square and then we can put a different color into this square of course a color that's matching our color theme here and we can do whatever we want with this Square so we might just size it up and over to create the look we want now what I want to show you specifically is if we come to elements I want you to scroll down to where it says frames this is one of my favorite sections on canva because they have all of these different shaped photo frames so what a frame is is a shape that you can actually drag onto your canvas and then you can put a photo in here and whatever photo or graphic you drag into your frame will be fitted to that shape so for instance if we wanted this circle right here then we could come back to elements and look for a photograph that we want to fit that Circle so let's

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