one of the biggest questions i get asked all the time from etsy sellers is how do i actually start making consistent daily sales that seems to be the struggle when you first open your shop it's getting visible and getting enough eyeballs on your listings to actually start making consistent sales for consistent revenue that can be a real income source for you so today i'm answering how to increase your etsy shop sales and we're gonna start right now [Music] [Applause] welcome back to the channel friends so glad you're here if this is our first time meeting i'm kate i'm a wife mama to three precious kiddos etsy seller and business coach and i have this channel to help you start and skill your own online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love today we're talking all about increasing etsy sales so if you're excited give a little love tap on that subscribe button and let's get started i'm super excited to dive into these three tactics today but first i want to let you know about a free class i have available for you it's an etsy success training class it's a free 60 minute training that i'll have linked in the description box below but you can go to that training if you're serious about starting and growing a successful etsy shop that actually brings in real revenue for a full-time income then this training is going to be super valuable to you so to sign up for the training you can go to etsymasterclass.com and learn my signature method which are my five pillars for etsy success and the five pillars that took my shop to the top one percent of etsy sellers okay so let's go ahead and dive into step number one that is going to help you take your shop to consistent daily etsy sales step number one is to offer a product that is both trending and has a unique selling point now the two of these together may kind of seem like they're not possible to exist together they're opposites right trending means everyone's doing it it's super popular on the platform right now but a unique selling point means that you have a product that has something that's different about it and unique about it from the other sellers it almost seems like it would be impossible to have a product that incorporates both but trust me friend there is a way to come up with a product that has both trending elements and a unique selling point and the combination of the two is what really creates best seller potential so what i mean is this you're gonna first do a search on etsy within your niche try to go ahead and identify some themes or styles within your product type that are currently trending so for instance if i was in the woods sign niche and i sold wood signs on etsy i might go on etsy and do a simple search for fall wood sign side note here it's always great to think about upcoming seasons and holidays to get more specific with your product type so if i do a search on etsy for fall would sign i'm going to take note on the first and second pages of the search results because those are the listings that are selling consistently and doing really well that's why they're on the first and second page i'm going to look for different trending elements that i'm seeing repeated over and over again in these best-selling listings could be color scheme could be font could be certain patterns or materials but as i'm looking through these fall wood sign listings on the first page of the search results i'm noticing several of these circular signs that have cute little fall sayings on them a lot of these circular signs are best sellers and popular now so i'm going to take note of that and maybe i would want to offer something in a similar shape but then step number two to this process is also looking at those same listings and asking myself what are these listings and these products that are best sellers missing that i can incorporate that i know is trending and i could make that my unique selling point so i could differentiate my own circular fall sign from the ones that are already selling so continuing with our example here as i'm looking at these circular fall signs i'm noticing there's not really any with that popular emerald green color that is so trendy right now and i'm also noticing that there's a lot of ribbon used but i don't see any of that really trendy velvet material that's super popular right now as well so what if i were to offer a fall circular wood sign that incorporates some emerald green velvet ribbon that would separate it from a lot of these other types of colors and ribbons that i'm seeing currently that would give me a product that is research based because i've researched and i know that the circular shape is popular for fall wood signs but would also give me an element of that product that's gonna set me apart because i don't see anyone else offering that specific style element okay time for step number two but first if you're getting value out of this video would you give it a like and consider subscribing to the channel we release new videos for entrepreneurs every single week all right step number two to make daily etsy sales is use smart seo this is continuing with our theme of being researched and databased not just guessing and throwing shots in the dark right we want to really do our due diligence to research products research trends and research seo which is search engine optimization so search engine optimization or seo may sound like a really intimidating topic and people can make it very complicated but it really does not have to be when you're selling on etsy specifically all you really need to know and think about with seo is that you're plugging in highly searched keyword phrases those are phrases that people are already searching for on the platform into strategic places within your listing when you create your listing there are five areas of your listing that affect seo directly on etsy that would be your title your tags your description your categories and your attributes you'll get more familiar with those sections as you get used to creating your listings on etsy the categories and attributes section are just drop down options so you can't manually input any words or phrases into those sections so for seo purposes specifically when we're talking about keywords we're thinking mainly of your title of your listing the tags section which gives you 13 tags that you can add words or phrases to to tell etsy this listing is for this type of product and then also your description which is open you can type anything you want in your product description and so you're going to be plugging in those same keywords within your description as well the key here is to do research to find highly searched keyword phrases within your niche that actually accurately describe your product and then you're going to plug those keywords and phrases into those three sections of your listing your title your tags and your description as much as possible matching as closely as po

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