2024 ETSY TRENDS 📈 (the 10 products that will be FLYING off the shelves)

if you've been selling products online for any length of time you know how crucial it is to pay attention to current and upcoming Trends and use that information to inform your product decisions because let's face it new trends pop up all the time and the most successful shops are the ones that capitalize on that by offering products to meet market demand this is the smartest and quickest way to turn your listings into best sellers and start making major sales it can be so much work though to research for hours and hours and try to figure out what things have gone out of style and what are on the rise which is why I want to come alongside and help I've done a bit of the work for you and compiled a list of products and styles that are guaranteed to be making sales in 2024 to give you a head start on offering products that are going to be flying off the shelves this year let's dive in all right product number one that is sure to sell in 2024 is engraved jewelry all kinds of engraved products are predicted to Skyrocket this next year but specifically engraved jewelry we're talking jewelry like necklaces bracelets and earrings and bonus points if the Engraving can be customized or personalized by the buyer the term personalized jewelry has an average of 71,1 190 searches on Etsy every month and going along with our gifting theme is Trend number two which are giftable mugs we all know that Etsy Shoppers love to come to Etsy for gifting items and to find unique products to treat themselves with or to give to someone else mugs have for a long time been and will continue to be one of the top sellers when it comes to giftable products the top search term on Etsy having to do with mugs is personalized mug which is no surprise considering that Etsy Shoppers love to personalize and customize things but some others that are also up there are custom mug mushroom mug Pottery mug and Mom mug now before we move on to Trend number three I want to let you know about my free SC success master class which teaches through my five pillar Etsy success formula it's the proven system that I've used and coached hundreds of others to use in starting and growing a profitable Etsy shop that brings in true Revenue in the class I teach through my five PS which are the five steps that are going to truly move the needle for your business level it up bring in customers and help you see those consistent sales that you've been wanting so after you watch this video definitely click the link in the description box below to hop over and watch that hourlong free master class or just go to Etsy masterclass.com okay our next product to focus on for this coming year is trendy clothing and apparel here we're specifically talking about shirts and sweatshirts which are the two most popular types of apparel that are searched and purchased on Etsy when we're talking about shirts specifically there are some Search terms that have been really rising to the top and will continue to increase in popularity some being anime shirt coffee shirt mushroom shirt and cat shirt the term cat shirt currently has a search volume of 6,593 per month on Etsy now I do want to note here you probably already started to see a mushroom theme throughout these few that we've already mentioned mushrooms have been super popular lately and are predicted to continue to rise through next year so no matter your product type it would definitely be smart to think about incorporating the outdoors and specifically mushrooms now talking about sweatshirts specifically the top Search terms on Etsy for this subcategory are dad's sweatshirt which currently has an average of 11 16,18 searches on Etsy per month Mama sweatshirt nurse sweatshirt and Christian sweatshirt again a side note here that personalized is always better so of course shirts sweatshirts and all different product types that you can offer customization or person personalization to your buyer are going to be more optimized to make sales moving on to Trend number four which are crochet items now we've kind of got two subcategories here number one being digital crochet patterns and the other being actual physical tangible crocheted products a lot of people who are interested in sewing and crocheting will come on to Etsy to purchase digital patterns that they can download instantly which explains why the search term crochet patterns is very high with an average monthly search volume of $ 33,800 3 other top Search terms in this category include crochet bag crochet blanket crochet kit crochet sweatshirt and interestingly the term ergonomic crochet when I was digging a little bit deeper into this specific search term I realized there may be an actual Gap in the market here as the monthly search volume and competition number is not that far apart which is pretty hard to find these days when you're looking at Search terms on Etsy this means that it's got relatively high and consistent search volume so people are looking forward on the platform consistently but there's not that much competition offering this type of product so if you're in this world of crochet you might want to consider offering something that goes along with that search term like an ergonomic crochet hook or grip okay product number five is no surprise as it's already been trending this year but it's predicted to continue to grow even through next year and this is wall art the term wall art on Etsy has an average monthly search volume of 11,080 we can get even more specific with a popular search term digital wall art digital wall art is obviously continuing to grow in popularity and there are so many different types and styles that you can create if you're wanting to offer products in this Niche some trendy styles for this category include retro Landscapes Floral locations like cities and countries motivational or Christian phrases abstract and mid-century modern now you may be wondering how I find out these estimated search volume numbers for these different keyword phrases and there are different ety specific research tools out there that you can use but I want to quickly show you one of my favorites and how I use it and that is sales Samurai so for instance on sales Samurai I've come to their keyword Search tool and I've typed in the keyword leather keychain sales Samurai then pulls up all of this great information and data for me on this term leather keychain so it'll show me the estimated amount of times that keyword phrase is searched on Etsy which is really great here it's over 196,000 it'll also show me the CTR which is the clickthrough rate this is the amount of times someone actually clicks through on a listing that's using that keyword phrase versus it just being shown to someone it shows me the amount of competition to give me an idea of how many other people on the Etsy platform are offering something with this keyword phrase it'll give me related keyword phrases under my Etsy most trending and Google most trending so

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