17 Most in-demand jobs for the next 10 year (and jobs that have no future)

you should totally be nighty i.t is the best job ever the most in demand job in 2030 tick tocker 100 hey guys welcome to silicon valley girl today we're going to talk about top 17 jobs of the future we're going to start with job number 17 and go all the way to job number one and at the end of the video i'm also going to talk about jobs that have no future for this video i'm going to use the numbers provided by u.s bureau of labor statistics and some additional data from insider and other publications so if you are thinking about being relevant in 10 years so make sure you watch this video up to the very end to learn about the fastest growing occupations and to learn about the jobs that might not be too relevant by 2030. in this video you'll also get insights about how fast demand for some jobs is growing and you will also learn what kind of education you need to become one of those specialists that are in high demand let's get right into it in order to create this video we took the jobs and ranked them by how fast the demand for them is going to grow in the next 10 years i'm going to start with three professions that are relatively new so we don't have enough data for them to make any forecasts but if you're interested in those niches please pay attention to these professions number 17 is a lawyer who specializes on internet basically what happens if i quote this or can i use this material in this video or somebody mentioned me in the article can i sue them this is what these professionals do number 16 managers of individual health care programs now let me explain a little here sometimes you go to a doctor and say hi i have a headache and they would just prescribe you whatever they prescribe for headaches and you go back home the holistic approach is when a doctor actually takes your blood and finds out that you know there are some vitamins that you need to take and also gives you advice regarding your lifestyle maybe you should exercise more maybe you should change your diet so this holistic approach is becoming more and more in demand it allows us to become healthier humans and also allows us to save money number 15 esg specialists now esg is environmental social and corporate governance basically these people monitor what's the company's impact on the environment how can it damage the environment and they take actions for example in 2020 google said that it's going to hire 20 000 specialists like that in the next five years pricewaterhouse said it's going to create 100 000 jobs for esg specialists definitely something to look into data journalist data journalists make around 58 000 a year apart from having journalistic skills you need to be able to work with excel spreadsheets and apps that help you visualize big data i also found a free course on google that you can take it's called data journalism data journalists work with big data and present it in a way that is easy to understand for regular people so the example is they take a lot of data about how people invest and create graphs and tables that are easy to understand for everyone these people work at banks they work at media companies they work with governments and pricewaterhouse says that businesses that work with data journalists generate 10 percent more profit year over year qa testing so a qa tester is someone who looks at the website and pretends to be a user and starts clicking different buttons and when some button doesn't work or something unpredictable happens he creates a report a bug report that he sends over to the developer's team and they fix this bug i've recently seen a lot of online courses that teach you this job and you can learn it in several months it is predicted that demand for qa testers is going to grow by 22 in 2030 compared to 2020 and in year 2020 there were 2 million vacancies from companies looking for qa testers so i would say if you're dreaming of it this would be the easiest first step in jit because it's easy to learn and it's also a quite high paying job on average people make 110 000 a year here in the us working as a qa tester of course ideally it's great to have some i.t background but you can have bachelors in something completely different like arts or economics and then take a course which lasts several months and become a qa tester quick ad right here this video is brought to you by render forest if you've ever watched my videos and thought how does marina create these animations like how do they work does she do that herself the answer is no there is actually a tool called render forest that i highly recommend render forest is all-in-one branding platform with a small investment you will have access to valuable resources and tools that will help you boost your online presence high quality videos with animations logos graphics and more in one place even if you don't have design experience you will be able to create professional looking content within minutes usually you need a lot of specific skills to create animation or motion titles and most of the times you will just look for a professional who would charge you a lot of money with render force you can create eye-catching animations for your website with their marketing tools you can not only create broadcast quality videos but also iconic logos and professional websites because you watch this video you get 20 off any package that you choose the promo link with a discount code is included in the description below thank you so much guys and highly recommend a render forest market analytics now people who do this job research the market for example if i'm researching the auto market what kinds of cars are people buying what's the percentage of people owning an electric vehicle versus a gas vehicle how many people are leasing what's the trend are people gonna lease more cars or maybe people are going to buy more cars this is what market analytics do you need professional education bachelors in economics or marketing or business these specialists make around 69 000 a year and it's predicted that demand for them is going to grow by 22 in the next 10 years number 11 cooks and chefs the demand for this common job is expected to increase by 26 in 10 years and we're not talking just about chefs we're talking about the whole industry because there are many people in the kitchen there are people there are assistance to chefs for example and when we take the whole market right now we have 2 million jobs in the u.s on average if you're an assistant to a chef you make around 28 000 a year cyber security specialist now a cyber security specialist analyzes a platform or a website and looks into potential leaks from which your website could be accessed data could be stolen systems could be ruined etc of course you need professional education you need at least a bachelor's degree in computer science the demand for these professionals is going to grow by 33 percent by 2030. and they make around 100 2 000 a year number nine home hea

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