15,000 Subscribers Q&A❤️️ youtube income, fav books, my vision for youtube & more!

a couple days ago I hit 10 000 subscribers and by the time you watch this video I think it might actually be 20 000 subscribers because right now I'm at 13 000 subscribers so I asked you all like what questions you want me to answer and I have printed all of them out and hopefully this video doesn't get too too long but I'm gonna basically share what it's like finally reaching 10 000 subscribers and then I'm gonna answer all of your questions so for me hitting 10 000 subscribers it's not just like about a number it's actually like my dream come true so it's not about the subscribers it's because with 10 000 subscribers and like this just happened all the growth happened in the past month from like December 28th that's when like the first month on Etsy video blew up and since then I've grown from 4 000 subscribers to now 13 000 subscribers for me it's like I've always wanted to have this lifestyle where I make passive income come and I can share my journey and connect with people and like travel the world and be a digital Nomad so this has been my dream since I was like 20 or 21 years old I actually really wanted to be a travel blogger so I could like share my journey and travel the world but yeah the vlogging didn't happen but I feel like YouTube is kind of the same thing as blogging it's still content it's just like another form so this is something I have always wanted to do this is like the first month where I've made like actual substantial passive income and by the time that you are watching this right now I will be in Vietnam being a digital Nomad I think for maybe two or three months I will insert some pictures of me in Vietnam so yeah it honestly makes me so happy that all my two years of doing YouTube it's like finally it's like finally happened that finally happening because I struggled for so long with YouTube and if you follow me on Instagram Dina oh my God I can't even say my own Instagram handle Dina D Liu I've shared that last year around this time I journaled about doing YouTube and I think at that time I was probably around 1 000 or 2 000 subscribers like feeling so low about YouTube but I knew that this is like what is meant for me like I am meant to do this I meant to share my journey with the whole world yeah I've been wanting to do this since I was 21 years old and now I'm 28 years old so anyways thank you so much and I will get into the questions okay so the first question is so three people asked this but it's basically like when you you feel low or when you feel down or when you don't get the results that you want like what do you do so for me I feel like this all the time especially after I quit my job three and a half years ago there were so many times where I felt just really bad about myself and I would have so much self-doubt like no confidence always comparing myself to other people and just feeling like I'm not good enough so I wrote this uh maybe it was like one or two years ago but basically this is like my vision yes my vision I always get confused between vision and Mission so my vision is I Envision a world where everyone confidently pursues their dreams when people pursue their dreams they are happy and they make the world a better place so for me it's like whenever I feel down I just I look at this and I remember why I'm doing this in the first place like I want to share my journey and I want to like I myself want to achieve my dream which is to make passive income and to be a digital Nomad when I achieve this dream I can Inspire other people to achieve their dreams and to know that it's like so possible because when people achieve their dreams you're just happy right you've achieved your dream you're happy and it just makes the whole world a better place because when you're happy then you're the people around you are happy and then you have so much energy and then you like just take different actions and it just makes the whole world a better place so that's kind of like a big picture level but on a more practical level like what I do is like if I feel really really bad you can't really work when you feel that if I feel really bad and I don't have anything like super duper urgent I'll kind of just like take the day like like a chill day and rest Journal do the things that I like maybe like hang out with friends or I don't know just something to feel better yeah it's totally fine too that I'm a big fan of like resting and make sure making sure that you are taking care of yourself but then once you've done that like really get into the mindset of yes you can do this and of course it's going to be hard like if it weren't hard then everybody would be doing this right next question is what are your goals for 2023 both personally and career wise and with YouTube and like do you want to do collaborations and stuff so I shared about my goals in another video actually but I can just summarize it so I have like three big goals so I want to travel for four months this year as a digital Nomad which I'm doing in Vietnam right now but right now I'm in Vancouver filming but I will be in Vietnam when you see this video second one is to make eight thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars per month and then the third one is to get a mortgage but I actually think I might get a mortgage next year because my last year's income was really low so I don't know if I can get a mortgage need to wait for me to do my taxes this year then I can get a mortgage next year so we'll see about that and then in terms of YouTube I want to get my silver play button so that's 100 000 subscribers I think okay I'm just putting it out there but I think by March 31st I can hit 100 000 subscribers before it just seemed like such such a big number and like so far away but a couple weeks ago I was just trying to imagine like how many people is a 100 000 subscribers and for a really long time I would do the Vancouver Sun Run every single year it's like a 10 km like race around not a race it's just like a run around downtown Vancouver and so one of those races has 50 000 people and everyone is basically just lined up on West Georgia Street in Vancouver downtown for like five blocks so I have been in a group of 500 000 people and I know what it looks like and it's actually not that many people it can just everyone fits within five blocks and we're all like running together so I just imagine 100 000 people is like two West Georgia streets so it's like 10 blocks of West Georgia Street and I do think I want to do some brand deals this year um I don't know if when but we'll see what are your three favorite fiction and non-fiction books I actually don't really read fiction books so it's been like I don't know since I was maybe 15 years old I just I don't read fiction books let me know if you have any good fiction books you recommend because I will read them I just I like non-fiction books so I'll give you my three recommendations for non-fiction books the first one is when I read

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