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Come Close cuz this is an industry secret there's a platform called hey girl welcome back to the channel today we're talking about how to make money while you sleep and you heard that right because some of us are passenger princesses but we still want to build our bank accounts and that's where passive income comes in now today's video is a really juicy one because I don't have five passive income ideas not just 10 I have 14 passive income ideas for you today and I'm excited about all 14 of them but number 10 girl that's the one you want to tell your home girls about that's the one you want to tell your friends tell them all to come watch this video all of the money we've left on the table in 2023 in 2022 and 2021 we're not doing that going forward right right sis so make sure you watch this video all the way to the very end to get the most value out of it number one look at this pair of socks look at this blanket what do they have in common artwork some girlies in this community are good with art when the babies go to bed you spend time creating art in your bedroom and just keeping that art in a box or in your closet where nobody can see it baby some other girlies are getting to the bag through platforms like Society 6 okay Society 6 is a platform that allows people sell their artwork to be used on on mugs socks fabrics and even paintings and girl you just have to upload your stuff and sit back on your couch sipp in your tea while you get those direct deposits into your bank account number two in a previous video I talked about subscription boxes because it's a great business model there's still so much room for growth there but I understand that some of us are not trying to do all of the things that are involved in running a full-fledged business we are trying to have things on the side just to supplement the income from our 95 jobs I get it and so I went and did some research to find a passive income version of this and baby I did I found it there's a platform called create joy and they do all of the work for you it's literally a Marketplace so you don't have to look for customers who want to buy your subscription boxes you can make a get well soon subscription box for people in hospitals you can make a subscription box for new moms for hair whatever it is that's your business but you can get the bag passively by using a platform like CR Joy number three where are my girlies that are good with words okay girl if you're the person in the group chat who writes everyone's speeches greeting cards you help your girlfriends write those texts to say the right things to the right person don't waste your talents you can monetize that you can literally help companies put words in their greeting cards through a platform like greeting card Universe Thank Me Later number four if your handwriting is good and you think nothing of it girl people are willing to pay for that too I love the internet I love it I love it so much people are willing to pay for your handwriting it could actually be licensed and sold on a platform like creative Marketplace and you're wondering why Vanessa why would anyone pay for my handwriting even though it's so pretty because people want signature funds for their personal brands for their websites and one thing about it the people around you might not think your thing is special but if you think your thing is special enough then put it up on a website like creative Marketplace and start getting into the bag number five have you seen the views on videos like this and like this there are people who struggle to concentrate to go to sleep to stay at peace and one thing that really really helps is pre-recorded affirmation and relaxation content now if this is your strong point and something you already know how to do but you're not sure how to monetize it what you can do is create the content and put it on a platform like teachable so that people who are searching for that kind of content and who want to pay for that kind of content can pay you number six now if you're someone who likes pretty spaces like I do then you already know that the girls really really like fashion related sketch works now here's what you can do if you're not Picasso and you know that your art isn't really art but you can sketch pretty well girl there are platforms like printful and printify where you can sell your sketches and get to the bag number seven now before before Jeff basos did us a solid and gave us Amazon GDP it used to be so hard to make money as an author or a writer but now you can create multiple short stories and generate multiple income streams from just one platform Amazon Amazon KDP to be specific there's a lot that goes into being successful with Amazon KDP though so if you want me to make a whole video explaining how it works and how to make money from it from anywhere in the world and girl let me know down in the comments section and we can work on a video about that number eight when I tell you I love Amazon I'm not even kidding and that's why they're two Amazon related passive income points here I love journals but in the Amazon world they're called Low content books so basically it's a book that you design the cover but inside of the book there's nothing but lines some pages are even empty pages and if you're able to understand how SEO works this is a gold mine for you cuz all you have to do is set it and forget it number nine now if you're good at something if you have some kind of expertise maybe something that you know because of what you do for work you can create an ebook or some other kind of downloadable template and sell it on gumroad and girl if this is something you want to do if you've been thinking of launching your ebook but you just haven't gotten around to doing it I already made you a full video about it girl and it's going to be linked right here so you can watch that one after you watch this one okay okay and number 10 this is the one literally anyone can do from anywhere in the world but before we talk about number 10 if you've liked this video so far please don't forget to hit the like button it's free and it helps this video go out to more women like us if You' spent even 10 minutes on the internet then you know canva if you know canva let me know in the comment section because I like to believe that I know the people who watch this channel so let me know if I'm correct do you know canva okay if you know canva and you can use canva you can make passive income and you're like girl what yes one thing about it I consider myself a proud fake graphic designer and if you're a fake graphic designer like me girl there's money to be made people are actually out here paying real dollars to buy canva templates on Etsy but there's an art and a science to it and one thing I never want to do is tell you that something is possible but not show you how to do it and that's why I spend some time looking for a specific class that teaches us exactly how to

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