12 EASY FREELANCE SIDE HUSTLE Ideas for 2024 💸 make $2k+ per month with these side business ideas

in the last 5 years I've tried a whole lot of different side hustle ideas and even though yes I am a full-time business owner I like to Tinker around with different kinds of things and I also have friends who like to Tinker around with different things so this video will be dedicated to different side hustle ideas but specifically freelance side hustle ideas these are in no particular order but I am going to start off with the easiest one which is teaching or tutoring this is the easiest thing to start freelancing if you already have some skill and okay you cannot be thinking Dena I don't have any skills you have all lived you know however many years of your life and I'm sure that there is some kind of skill that you know for example if you're watching this video in English right now and you are a native English speaker English is something that you can start tutoring or teaching for me when I started my first side business which was a calligraphy business one of the first things I did was to teach calligraphy the next one is social media marketing or branding if you are a youngish person watching this video I'm sure that the majority of you know how to use social media to some extent so something easy to do is to find small businesses that need help with their social media or maybe they just don't have time to manage their social media and you can help them do that scheduling Instagram posts writing out posts or helping them think of social media like strategy I would say that if you are a regular social media user and maybe if you do a little bit of research and learning you can really offer this as a freelance service on The Branding side you might need to know some graphic design but that is also something you can offer in addition to social media marketing the next one is coaching or Consulting for 2 years in the pandemic I coached over 50 calligraphers and creatives on how to start a business I would say it was really really difficult to get it started but once I got it started it got a lot better and I had so much fun working with all my clients and honestly like I just I it was so rewarding now if you're wondering how exactly you get coaching or Consulting clients a lot of the times you need to have some kind of initial conversation with them and this is known as usually a consultation call or Clarity call or a discovery call for the customer for you it's basically a sales call because you're trying to figure out if what the customer wants and what you can offer is a good fit and then if it is then you would sell them your coaching or Consulting service for the last 3 months I've been trying out a new platform called ory which is for Freelancers to schedule meetings and to make bookings and yes it can collect payments so let's say you're setting up a consultation call with a new client so you can send over your workie link and they're going to schedule a meeting with you and this is for free because the meeting is free now once you get the client and they're trying to schedule a paid call then you can send another booking link through worke and they can also pay through that you might think that this sounds a bit like calendly the scheduling tool but the reason why I like like worky is because you can basically create your own website portfolio it's going to be my. work.net your name and this saves time if you're in a pinch and you need to build a portfolio super fast and send it to potential clients on the free starter plan there is a 5% transaction fee for any paid bookings you get so it's great for starting a business if you're not sure of your income there is a $ 9990 plus plan where there is a 2.5 transaction fee but there's a lot more that you can do with scheduling and meetings and are some more templates to choose from and there's also worky Pro that goes for $29 a month with 0% fees and full support of SEO you can collect payments with PayPal stripe or setup custom payments and it also does invoicing as well one really really cool thing that you can do with worki is use worky AI so you can generate meeting agendas and plans and you can basically save time getting prepared for all these meetings so you can try out workie it's free to start and you can upgrade to any of the paid plans with 75% off on me using my coupon code Dena 75 the next freelance side hustle idea I have for you is to become a video editor or a podcast editor the Creator economy is really getting big and there are more and more people who want to save time with video editing podcast editing I myself have hired three video editors in the past so it's something that is booming and there's going to be actually a lot more demand for this kind of service in the coming years and I feel like video editing and podcast editing is really easy to learn the next one is becoming a virtual assistant and this goes hand inand with the Creator economy as well because there are so many more business owners that are starting up they're becoming successful and they're going to need more help I've been working with my own VA for 2 years and I honestly have to say it has been one of the best experience I've had and I've saved so much time and generally it's just been so nice to have somebody there to support me on different kinds of tasks the next freelance side hustle I have for you is graphic design now there are a lot of different different kinds of graphic design softwares out there you probably know like you know Adobe suite uh there's canva as well so I would say if you have a good eyw design and if you are pretty proficient on the computer graphic design is a skill that you can learn pretty easily and then you can sell your services to small businesses who don't know how to do graphic design the next one I would say is a little bit harder to learn but I would say it's still easy to learn and that is website design and this doesn't mean you have to code there are so many kinds of website Builders out there that you can learn and a lot of small businesses want to create a website they just don't know how and there are so many out there like hostinger Wix Squarespace show it so many different kinds of website Builders and you don't need to know code for them the next one and I would say this is like a general category of things is to write stuff and in this category this includes copywriting proof reading ghost writing resume writing freelance writing just basically any kind of writing you can do on your computer if you don't know where to start with these there are sites like Fiverr upwork and I've used both of these sites to hire people to do short-term projects but I would say if you can use a networking strategy to get some long-term clients that's the best it might take a little bit longer but I do think that if you find a client or clients that really fit with what you can offer they're going to want to hire you for the long term because you already understand their brand Voice or what they're l

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