10 Best Business Ideas to Start from Home in 2024

if you're thinking to start a lifechanging thing where you are Your Own Boss then keep watching this video Until the End and I will share a bunch of business ideas that I tried myself and a few ideas that my friends are doing and are making a lot of money with it let's start with the business idea number one content repurposing agency which you can do using AI tools most of the creators are business owners and are wearing multiple hats and trying to de diversify their traffic and income sources all the time that is myself included and you know what I only have 24 hours in a day and at a certain point every YouTuber Tik tocker influencer on other social media platforms makes enough money to start Outsourcing some tasks and the easiest thing to Outsource is content repurposing today you can use AI tools that cost you something like from $ 20 to $50 a month and you can purpose content across multiple platforms there are already so many tools that can help you with this like clip AI Munch repurpose doio Opus clips pictory and many others I'll actually give you a few links in the description below if you're interested in trying them these AI tools will help you automatically generate clips from your long videos crop them to a vertical format autogenerate captions and in most cases you can also automatically publish or scan schedule your content across multiple social media right from these repurposing tools you can check how much Freelancers charge for Content repurposing on sites like Fiverr or appwork and I used to pay $20 for one short repurposed from my video now if you were doing this work you could charge your clients $20 per short while on your end it would probably cost you about the same $20 a month to automatically generate hundreds of short videos and here is a pro tip for you try reaching out to content creators on platforms like YouTube maybe bloggers podcasters but not those with massive followings because they often have their inboxes flooded try to find creators who are not yet the biggest in their Niche but growing at a fast pace and another small tip when you email or message them don't just tell creators about your service show them repurpose a piece of their content and present Ed as an example of what you can offer the next business idea is sponsorship broker for creators as a content creator myself I can tell you that it's a very timec consuming and often even a stressful process to negotiate deals with potential sponsors as a creative person you often have no idea how to price sponsorships where to start most of the brands will try to drop their costs two or three times from your asking price you might also lack the skills of a negotiator and might feel uncomfortable to say no when it makes no sense for your business to accept certain offers so many creators would be happy to pay 10 to 20% of each deal to just avoid the negotiation process and emailing back and forth with potential sponsors as a sponsorship broker your job would be to connect creators with suitable sponsors you could offer offer your services to small and medium-sized creators helping them find consistent sponsorship deals for your effort you will take a commission from the sponsorship amount and a quick online search can give you a list of potential sponsors to approach now business idea number three is email copyrighting Services look at this story on Business Insider this young man managed to make a little short of a million dollars in annual revenue while working 5 hours a day and spending the rest of the day helping his wife take care of their two young Sons he shared in the article that he has clients now in 30 different countries you can also check out his YouTube channel called email copywriter of course this is an example of an extremely successful business and he was building it from 2017 but it can be even easier to start it these days with the help of a lot of a tools Emil remains a powerful platform for businesses and for creators you will need to proactively reach out to potential clients with samples and ideas tailored to Their audience Chris from our story on Business Insider he shared that he found his first clients in various Facebook groups of small business owners he also started even without having his own website so he used to publish some of his articles sharing his his expertise in email copyrighting on medium.com with quality work you might earn thousands of dollars monthly even as a beginner for most of these business ideas you will need a professional email ID one of the biggest mistakes beginners make is sending professional mails from their personal Gmail address when you're launching your business or already starting to grow a business email address is a must have to make sure that you look professional and your emails don't end up in spam you can make this process super easy with Neo which has kindly sponsored this section of the video Neo is an email and growth suit designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs Neo gives you a free domain name that lets you create a completely custom email address without having to buy and configure a domain yourself Neo has all the features you need to grow your business like email marketing appointment scheduling and Email tracking which tells you when an email that you've sent has been opened and with Neo you can launch your own website in seconds with the Neo onepage site try using Neo for free using the link in the description below now let's talk about the next business idea which is affiliate marketing this business model doesn't require any upfront invest ment and it's easy to start even if you don't have a website check out for example my affiliate income in the dashboard of just one affiliate Network that I work with all you need to do as an affiliate marketer is promote other people's products and you earn a commission for every sale made through your unique affiliate link there is no need to worry about creating your own product or handling customer service and fulfillment plus you can start an a affiliate marketing business in virtually any Niche that you're passionate about with a little effort in promoting your chosen products you could be earning money in no time you can add your affiliate links on most of the social media platforms on both Instagram and Tik Tok you can maximize your chances to get more commissions by using a Linkin bio tool there are tools like link tree and you can place multiple links on a link tree page and it has a completely free plan on Pinterest you can actually add affiliate links directly in the destination URL field to any of your pins and then users will go from a pin straight to the affiliate product page I actually have a very popular video on my channel that covers affiliate marketing on Pinterest and I will link it up there so you can check it later you could add your affiliate links in the description section and in the pinned comment if you run a YouTube channel like

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