🤑 Get Paid to Work From Home! (LXt AI Review)

hey guys welcome back to my channel and thank you so much for tuning in today I'm so excited because I've discovered a new platform that pays people worldwide for working from home so with this platform you can work wherever you choose whenever you choose you get to set your schedule to earn real money doing real work I've already done two projects in this platform that I'm going to show you and I can tell you that it is an exciting platform you do easy work you get to accept jobs that you want to do whenever you want to do them and so I'm going to take it through this platform and show you what it's all about but before we start I'd like to take this opportunity and welcome all of you back to the channel I know it's been a minute I haven't been around posting content as often as I should or as often as I would like to as well but I just like to extend my gratitude for the love that I'm getting in this channel thank you so much for your support for viewing subscribing and in any way that you are supporting this channel I don't want to waste your time in this I just want to take you through this platform that I'm so excited about that is paying people and has paid me for doing work so first let's talk about what you can expect and some of the resources that you will need to work in the platform you'll expect to do work that will last you anywhere from 5 minutes all the way up to 2 hours 3 hours it depends on the project and what expected of you as far as I know with this platform you can sign up from any part of the world so all you need is to fill in your email you create a profile you fill in some of the skills that you have or you can offer in the platform and whenever there are jobs that matches your profile they always send it to your email but you can always check your dashboard on the website so let me show you guys some of the jobs that you can expect to do in the platform as you'll see here on my computer you can do work such as audio annotation for AI you can also do work such as data annotation for AI and you'll see with all the work that all you'll do here is helping AI grow in advance and so on so if you're not into growing AI you're not into this AI thing this might not be the platform for you but do stick around because they also have full-time jobs that you can do that have got nothing to do with AI but for Freelancers everywhere you can also do works such as data collection image annotation for AI search and personalization text annotation you do transcription for AI as well as video annotation for AI the name of a platform that will be taking a look at is lxt as you'll see here it's called lxt do AI I'm on their job tab here which you'll find on the top panel of their website you simply select jobs and you'll see here that they offer flexible work with weekly payments rapid growth so yes guys they pay once a week and they pay only on Saturdays the exciting thing is they use a payment method that I believe is available worldwide they pay via ATM and if you don't have an ATM account I will leave you guys a link in my Des description box down below so you can sign up it works worldwide it is a peer-to-peer platform that anyone can use to send money and receive money transfer money to your bank account this is what the platform is all about but I just want to scroll down to show you some of the full-time jobs that they have so you'll see under the jobs tab they have these full-time positions here and they have quite a lot of jobs more especially in Egypt you will see here that they have quite a lot of full-time jobs in that region as well they have jobs in Bucharest over here they have in Quebec in India as well they've got quite a lot of jobs in India so you can apply in India for full-time jobs and of course they also offer remote work for different people worldwide now I'm going to show you how you can get started working in this platform so you need to sign up and to do that you need to be on their website on their homepage to where you can see jobs scroll down a little bit more to where you can see start application over here you Lear on this form where you have to fill in your email address first and follow through with all the prompts I promise you they have an easy and seamless sign up process one thing I can remember signing up in this platform is you're going to fill in some of the skills that you can offer they have allocated those skills so you just need to take them and make sure you take all that you can offer I do advise that you take everything that you can but you can even learn so many skills online so take everything you know you never know what they can bring bring your way and all of the job offers that they offer here are not difficult for you to learn online you can simply plug in a video on YouTube watch a video and learn how to do data annotation they have guidelines as well and they will tell you what they expect you to do but this is the new platform that I've just discovered and I am loving right now having done two easy projects in this platform it's really exciting and of course guys as usual I will leave you a link in my description box so you can sign up to the platform and find the right one easier and faster thank you so much for watching this video I will see you in the next one until next time have a great time

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