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making money online can be a real Challenge and sometimes it can take a long time sometimes when we look for options for making money we want something that will bring us money much faster much sooner and I know just a way and in this video I'm going to be sharing with you not one not 10 but 20 platforms where you can make money with online service now I have to also be realistic and be open to you when it comes to this way of making money online although it could be fast it's not going to become your full-time income but if you're looking for a way to supplement your income pocket money or just a good start in making money online surveys are a good way to start without wasting any more time let's get started with today's video the first one that we're going to take a look at is tuna influencers it is a worldwide platform that is in many countries as you will see they say influence your world in order to join this company you select the register button over here I won't go over the Reg registration of any of these platforms because I've already signed up it means I have to create a new email just to show you how to register but it is as simple as them asking you your age your fill in or your nationality the languages you speak and you just give them that information so here in this platform you get paid via Paypal Amazon gift cards and Tesco but it's important that you check in your country the kind of payout options that they have second website is serve you it is an awesome platform because it has quite a lot of opportunities for you to do online surveys it's open it's out there and it's one of the few survey platforms that I know that does bank transfer and this makes it a truly worldwide survey platform but if you prefer they can pay you via PayPal or Amazon gift card next one on my list is y sense I love this platform there's no single week where I don't get paid on y sense and the good thing is not only are you going to be paid for surveys here there are other opportunities to help you increase your earnings so you can download apps you can download games they have some of the best and biggest overalls as well that you can participate in and also cashing out there are different options that you can select I think it's also based on your country but if you are in South Africa like me in many different parts of the world you can request the payout via Paypal via scre Tango cards and a whole lot of them wense also has a simple sign up process you don't need to upload your ID or anything you simply fill in your profile information to help the platform determine which surveys to offer you I want to encourage you guys to also do referrals wherever there is an opportunity take it seriously because it can help you why sense has got one of the best survey platform referral programs that you can ever join it's free it's open to anyone if you can share the link and share the information with others you can make extra money just by referring some of these platforms now let's look at the next one and it's an awesome one I'm so much in love with this platform and I encourage all of you to sign up it's called time Bo it's a get paid to platform where you can do other tasks as well I just appreciate the fact that their surveys tend to pay highly there is a survey that they paid me $6 for in the past month and it wasn't lengthy it wasn't difficult to complete so this is an awesome platform that you should check out the next one is the biggest in this list so if you don't sign up to any of the platforms at least sign up to free cash it is the platform that I'm looking at here on my screen you'll do lots of surveys but they also have lot of offers that you can do over here it's incredible that they even show you uh the amount of money you can expect to make here you'll see they have this game over here where you can earn up to $264 here's another one you can earn up to $351 $596 $635 now speaking of these amount of money some of these websites or games might require you to make a purchase you know towards the end when you reach a certain level but you don't have to if you don't want to you can play only the free levels you still earn money in that way so many things to do they have different offer Partners some of the biggest in the world when it comes to Market Research next platform is a stable platform and this is a truly worldwide platform it's available in pretty much every country you can check in your country to find out if it is there and it's called triaba it's the platform that I'm looking at here on my screen if you want to sign up you can come to the other countries tab over here select this down arrow and find your country in this list as you can see the list has got so many countries that you can join from and the good thing is they localize their surveys based on the country that you are applying to participate and yeah guys it's an incredible platform where you can get paid even via Visa card you can get paid via PayPal so many available online surveys next one on the list is fast paying and they have a low cash out threshold of $1 us and some of your surveys are over a dollar so it's easy for you to make money daily and let me also say that they also have good customer service in the past month they had locked me out of my account because I signed in from a different country all it took is a few seconds of writing them an email and they reinstated my account and that's really awesome and it's called superpay.me is this we that I'm looking at here on my screen you will see here that you can cash out instantly from as little as a dollar but not only that they have different Cash Out options they have Amazon gift cards PayPal is cash to wise to scill as well so this is awesome you should check it out in 2024 next one on the list another one of my favorites which I recommend that you also do referrals on it's called TGM research it's available in all the continents of the world and different countries in those different continents TGM research has been around for quite some time guys it is a stable platform where you strictly do online service or market research but it does pay very well and they have a lot of opportunities should there be a survey that meets your profile they alert you on emails so from your email you can see the available survey how much it pays and all those details and I think it's impressive currently they pay only via PayPal here in South Africa I have a TGM research payment proof video I will link it down below for you to check it out check out the platform and how it works next platform is a platform that I'm currently in love with it's one platform that I've always known but never really put my effort or energy into and when I did I was so glad that I did it's called coin toly it's a get paid to platform where you will do online service of course but there are other opportunities for doing other things things to earn more in this platform and

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