YOUR ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – Best Motivational Speech On Success

80% of success is psychology. 20% is mechanics. The problem is most people live in their heads. They have their dream, they have their goal, they have a desire, they got hyped up about it. They get fearful about it and they just don't execute. See, when you are not filling your life with the things that you are capable of doing, then there are gaps in your life and what we do when we're not living out our true identity, we began to fill the gaps. We fill the holes with garbage, alcohol, drugs, worry, self-destructive behavior. So when you begin to look at your life and you know that that you're not doing what you can do, because you have allowed yourself to be held captive by your fears. Now, when you don't have a true appreciation and acceptance for who you are and you allow yourself to be immobilized by fear. What happens in the process is that you begin to abuse yourself. You begin to sabotage your life. You begin to sabotage your dreams. You begin to unconsciously work against yourself. You become your own worst enemy. So what do you do about that? I need a mission. We all need a mission. That's what life should be is a mission. That's what gives your life purpose and focus and drive and ultimately satisfaction. There's things that you know you're supposed to do as a human being, things that you know are gonna improve your lives. Do those things. There's things that you know are gonna make you a worse person they make your life worse. Don't do those things. And sometimes people ask me what to do if they don't know what their mission is or what their mission should be. And I tell them if they're in that situation go help someone. Go help someone else make that your mission because that will make you better and it'll make the world better. And eventually from that, you'll see what your mission is. Well, you began to realize that your dream and your gifts have so much meaning and so much value for you. Tell your hunger for them. We'll give you a special drive as you work on yourself. As you begin to acknowledge your true identity, the true power that you have the true capacity you have to bring about change the miracle working power that you have within yourself to do the things that you want to do. You only live once So do what you feel passionate about.