Why I won’t be getting the Apple Credit Card…

Lets talk about the new 2019 Apple Credit Card…and why I won’t be getting one. Enjoy. Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Summed Up:
Titanium Card without numbers on it
1% cash back on all purchases
2% cash back when used through Apple Pay
3% cash back on apple products
No fees or foreign transaction fees
Enhanced analytics to track spending

When it comes to the Apple Credit Card…it’s…in my opinion…a little disappointing, and I’m going to pass on it. Not that I think it won’t do well for Apple and their customer base, but specifically as a credit card…they missed so many amazing opportunities to make this a home-run card that everyone should get.

In terms of usefulness and practicality, the credit card is really just OK. And I have a feeling, from Apple’s perspective, that’s what they wanted to go for all along. It’s a credit card that’s created for mass appeal, and that’s it. It’s not built to be the best credit card out there, it isn’t meant to offer crazy competitive rewards to compete with American Express or the Chase Sapphire…it’s JUST meant to appeal to as broad of an audience as possible, who loves Apple, and wants something somewhat unique – which is what they’ll get with a titanium laser etched card without numbers on it.

And I wouldn’t be surprised when this soon becomes the new trend among credit cards, to issue blank cards without numbers on them. When it comes to something unique or special – this is really what I think this credit card has going for it. It’s a novelty, but at the same time, it’s kinda cool and gets attention. And it costs nothing, with 1-3% cash back, which is decent. So for that, I’ll give it to apple.

Like I said, for MOST people, this card will be perfect for them – Apple isn’t going after the people who really maximize rewards, and try to squeeze the most value from everything they do.

Apple seems like they were aiming to make something that’s probably a little better than what the AVERAGE person is currently getting with their random crappy credit cards, and that’s their market – and arguably, THAT market is much bigger to go after than the people like me and most of you watching who just want crazy good benefits and rewards, and just want the best of the best.

So in terms of market share, I have no doubt Apple will be successful with these cards, and many people will get it ONLY because it’s apple, only because it’s metal, and only because it’s got a “trend” factor to it.

With that said, I DO think Apple missed a huge opportunity to offer SOME type of sign-up bonus with this card to attract an even larger audience.

THIS was their golden opportunity to get people into a frenzy over getting this card who wouldn’t have ordinarily applied. If they want a TON of new customers, just offer a few hundred dollars back on your first $2000 spent. If they had done that, I would’ve gone for it – that way I can justify having a hard inquiry on my credit report.

So would I recommend this card for anyone watching?

Yes. It’s a no fee card, zero transaction fees, 1-3% cash back, and it’s titanium without numbers on it. To me, this card isn’t bad – I have nothing against it, and it’s absolutely BETTER than most of the other generic crap out there.

However, there are many BETTER credit cards than this – like the Citi Double Cash Rewards Card – that give you a much more broad 2% cash back, without an annual fee, while also offering extended warranty protection. Or, the Discover Cash Back which offers 5% cash back on revolving categories.

So if your goal is maximizing rewards and going for the best credit card possible, the apple card isn’t it. They missed the mark on that one.

However, if your goal is just getting a basic, no fee card that you can enjoy and use – and you don’t care about getting the highest value all the time – then it’s good. And this is definitely the biggest demographic out there, who apple plans to market to. They understand the average audience an they’re making a mass market card for most people.

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