What would I do if I started a business again

hey guys welcome to Silicon Valley girl today we're going to chat about starting a business today and what I would do differently if I had to start today quick background on me I am an immigrant in the US I came here from Russia in 2015 I started my first business in 2011 I basically have three companies these days one of them is called lingu trip which I co-founded together with two other co-founders we help people learn languages and we help people study broad the next company manages my channel I have three YouTube channels the one that you're watching right now another Channel called linga Marina and another Channel called Marina mogilo so this company is responsible for all the cash flow and all the activities associated with running a channel and the third company is basically an umbrella company for all of my media activities and I have Partners there because I was the first content creator to raise a venture around here in silcom Valley so today I just wanted to Deep dive into what I would do in in 2023 2024 if I had to start a business again number one thing I would just totally be honest with myself and ask myself Marina are you solving a problem that you're passionate about or are you solving a problem because it's just so trendy and all of the VCS are investing so much money into this problem and everybody's eyes lighten up if you start mentioning that problem ask like be true to yourself because the reality is if you're really into nfts or whatever the hype is AI then you're going to build a company if you're not then nothing's going to come out of it the problem is these days is we're moving so fast from one Trend to another and it's really hard to stick to your problem so my Niche my audience are people who learning languages and throughout the years there was so many Trends around me and some of them I try to embrace like becoming a Creator because that was in me but some of them it was really hard for me to just focus on what I was doing and not pay attention to those Trends and those Trends were chatbots nft crypto whatever name it but if we look at successful companies or even successful creators because I consider creators who do this full-time I I consider them entrepreneurs because they have to hire people they have to come up with their own product they have to make their product better AK make their videos better and also come up with different ways to monetize their product so I feel like creators are almost entrepreneurs right uh maybe with less staff but ask Mr Beast if less staff is U is actually applicable here so ask yourself whether you would be able to do this for the next 5 years 10 years cuz otherwise if it's just something that you want to try for a year maybe not worth your time maybe think of something else I wanted to pause for a quick ad and tell you guys that as an entrepreneur as a YouTuber I understand that my tech is my work instrument and sometimes people like oh I'm not going to get the new iPhone but I'm like how do you make money oh by making videos but your quality is going to get so much better so always invest in ut Tech but it can also be pricey so I make sure that I protect it and spec a company that has been creating award-winning products for Apple and Samsung and Google and LG as sponsoring today's video by the way this is what happens to your iPhone if you don't use the case especially if you have kids around this is my husband's iPhone and um yes I am gifting him one of the Spec's cases spec has been in the market for over 22 years and they want to make sure that your device is always safe from falling and breaking down spec creates protective cases that don't hinder the manufacturer's intended functionality but enhance it the cases have everything you want in a case low profile good Corner protection race front for face first Falls this year they've introduced their new iPhone 15 prido 2 collection with click lock for those of you who don't know what click lock is it's a solution to help prevent Max safe accessories from slipping this magnetically attracted bold automatically extends when a click lock Mac safe iPhone case is brought into proximity acting as a mechanical interlock I really like their wallet accessory because it helps me carry my cards and ID without having to carry any additional items purses super helpful when I just drive around you know kids work etc I just take my phone that's it and people are always asking me on Instagram Arina why do you have a wallet attached to your phone don't you have Apple pay of course I have Apple pay but I need my driver's license I need my cards in case they don't accept Apple pay which happens way too often these days and the car mount help me drive handsfree when using my favorite navigation app while driving they are offering 15% off your entire purchase if you're using my promo code and the link and the promo code are in the description box check them out now back to the video since we started talking about a problem to solve I if it's your first business I would always just solve a problem that you have just because you will be so interested in solving it in the right way if something is not working for you and let me give you an example I don't know I live in Los Altus and I really miss some sort of food right and I want to start a restaurant because I miss that food and I'm really into offline businesses Etc and I'm interested in making this place the best place in the world because you know what you want and what people like you miss in the area you will be really passionate about doing it in a right way and yes later on like if I would start today but with my experience of building businesses I would actually look at the size of the market whether this industry is dying or not but if I'm 21 again and I'm starting my own business like who cares I really care about helping people in the market that I understand and when I was 21 I understood the steady broad market and this is what I did and yes now you can argue you know it's kind of dying people are studying online AI is taking over language learning cuz who needs it this you could argue right and if we look at the numbers you know steady broad Market is probably declining but I was so passionate back then and it gave me what it gave me we moved to the us we uh learned how to you know hire and fire people and I'm just so grateful to it and if back then in 2011 somebody told me Marina but said he brought his b problem to solve you have to start an IT company and I be like I don't understand understand anything about that Niche right so if that was the case I would just go and work for a big Corporation so this is a very important thing thing number three and four are really interconnected and I'm going to start with a story I want you to to learn about a great entrepreneur hopefully I get a chance to interview him his name is Roman he's from India and he runs a huge educational company in India his compan

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