WEALTHY MINDSET – New Motivational Video Compilation for Success

you have time [Music] you have the knowledge and the willpower and the discipline to get it done your heart your life your happiness is your responsibility and your responsibility alone one day you're gonna realize your life is yours and there's a lot of people important to you that surround it but ultimately it's yours then you must decide where do you want to invest this life invest in something worthwhile you have to picture yourself there wherever it is you've got to picture yourself there all right the next step is you gonna believe it I'm gonna tell you as a former professional athlete all we talked about was the next level and most people think the next level is a cliche the next levels not a cliche the next level is a lifestyle the next level is a tangible place in three years I've doubled my MBA income in the marketplace that's what I call the next level see I firmly believe that making money is easy I've been in business 15 years every year my salary and income gets bigger stronger and faster why because I understand the keys to that proverbial next level you are in charge of your next level you cannot expect to get promoted to that next level if you are mediocre some of you guys are doing a 5 million you want to get to the next level it's going to require you to become somebody different if you're at 10 million you want to get to 20 million you can but you must become someone different 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck 64% of Americans that have businesses break even or lose money but most people are don't have any money and it have accepted the fact that they don't have any money they don't have any leftover money they're fearful of money constantly they overspend they don't know how to produce money they definitely don't know how to multiply the land of the brave and the home of the free it's not even close to the truth it's just important for people to understand that complaining has no value and if you complain about not having enough money work more if you complain about not having work-life balance spend more time on vacationing and your family it's super simple let your actions dictate instead of sitting there and feeling like you're not in control poor people say I can't afford it I can't do that I don't have time it's an escape I mean it's easier as that can't afford oh I got too tired well I can't go to the gym when you could go to the gym but now I can't truth is I'm just too lazy oh that you money doesn't have value right and this is a important thing that most people don't immediately understand is that money itself doesn't have value money is is a vector for transmitting value it's how you express value but the value isn't and the money it's in the product or service you bought with it and it's in the labors you gave in order to acquire it's in the first place that that's where the value comes from there's nothing intrinsically valuable in the money you shouldn't put money in a house you should put money in your brand you should put money in the marketing you should promote yourself not put money in where you and the kids live right why is that a mistake because it's dead money I mean it's it can't a house can't make you money a house does not make you money the only reason people think a house makes the money is they're comparing it to if I rent that costs me money but you know if you need to go to a hospital you don't buy the hospital you rent a bit to get out of there as fast as you can if you go on a trip you go to America and you want to go to Disneyland you don't buy the hotel you rent a room and nobody thinks bad poorly of that they're like yeah I'm gonna go there and use the place and get out that's what you should be doing with your living find a place where you can rent pay rent monthly don't own the house and take all the money that you would have put in that house purchase downpayment use all that money to improve your business and yourself so that you can get more money so I see so many people here like I'm gonna invest three hundred thousand pounds in a house to hopefully make thirty thousand dollars I'm not make imma buy it for three hundred or maybe I'll sell it for six hundred thousand I'll double my money fixed in one place by the way where no money comes to you money does not go to homes right and that's big a big thing on your career is moving locations because people who stay in the same place get too comfortable if you study wealthy people they're mercurial they're moving they're mobile Warren Buffett and Bill Gates do not talk about the home they live in they talk about the places they're going to they'd go meet money they go meet wealth they go meet connections people are stunningly accepting of anything if they actually believe that's the purest form of it I think I'd be less acceptable if I hedged I really do people accept you people accept everything just bu bu and clearly people like react when you're trying to fake something and you've got bad intent well then that's visceral and we hate but I actually think we we don't give love to the person that actually knows they have it and they're trying to fake it to conform hence why I won't adjust to this market all the way because I don't think I'll be respected I know what my intent is so why would I be scared I want to build the biggest building in town that's who I am and you know how I want to do that by building the biggest building in town and a lot of people want to build the biggest building in town and you know how they want to do it by tearing everybody else's building down poverty has passed on it's taught in your families and middle classes taught in families and so the people right now who are sitting at home who are struggling financially or worried about money or unhappy they may be making a lot of money but unhappy with what they're doing it was probably taught to you you know your super-ego was taught get a job work hard or you'll never be rich or the rich or evil or whatever until you change your mindset your money won't help you right and we see that with people that win the lottery people that make more money they still have the same problem right because they have that poor man's soul right if you're poor you'll always be poor that's really hard for people to understand money will disappear that fast just like most pro athletes you know they make millions of dollars and what 65% are bankrupt five years later it's because it comes from poor families now you tell them that they get very angry at you not it's a rich fault you know as you guys ripped me off and government ripped me off but unfortunately what mr. Lipton was saying it's passed down genetically that's the frightening thing and it's interesting when you commit to something little gifts just start automatically showing up it's a phenomenal thing it's happened my whole career when I fully commit somebody will bring me something and then look then keep your eyes open and by the way the package may come wrapped in a package you weren't thinking about hard work or like a voice or like a person or you know maybe from a different direction than you thought or an offering where you're like you read something about this and that's not the thing like all throughout my career it's come in weird kind of ways if you ask for help and somebody shows up at the door maybe let invite them in regardless of what the packaging is or what you heard about it or whatever that's really been beneficial them okay how old are you 44 think I'm 40 do you know young we feel it's when you were 26 did you ever think that this is what 44 felt like no you thought that that was finished yeah held are you like you think a coordinators like when I was 25 years old I thought a 40 year old was finished I don't even feel like I'm starting right yeah but when I was 26 I was in a rush I understand all of those guys and girls in the streets last night they when you say that to them like their face kind of goes blank because all the stuff they watch MTV musically is this it's all about the bling now and this is now and of this now you know and MTV's tame you start following people on Instagram and it's a disaster they're all pushing like you know it's all about champagne and private planes and you can get it too and just sign up for my court like and everybody's fallin for it so I'm coming out and I first of all I want to be historically correct nobody in 100 years is gonna watch that video and say that I was full of crap I like that right number two I want my legend to grow I'm always fascinated by politicians and world figures like Winston Churchill his brain continues to grow right I want that when I'm dead I want to be in the ground at peace knowing my legends growing like I want that I want that in the business world and so I'm giving real advice and real advice looks like this when you're 19 and you can spend seven full years learning your craft meeting people that are mentors being patient and you wake up and you're 26 years old you have your entire life in front of you and you've done great foundational work to go on and then be successful you know I have bad luck to I've uh I've had financial crash and so I've had people stab me in the back but they're all good because I grow from it that's spirituality you know people who are afraid of making mistakes like they teach in school they don't have a grow because spirituality is as good and there's bad there's right and as wrong as up and there's down most people don't want to be right all I want to be positive well you can't have that that's not reality and the average person the reason their pores haven't failed you know they play it safe they haven't made any mistakes like they taught in school that means they don't learn anything that's where the school systems actually fundamentally corrupt its anti-education don't make mistakes and don't ask for help and if I didn't ask for help I have my accountants my attorneys my bank run all that you know I go into business like a rugby team you know boom whoa and we kick butt but the average guy is standing there oh I'm an A student I'm going to do this all on myself and I kind of a bunch of rugby players run you over you go well they're not playing fair yeah what you're not you're playing stupid you should have a team you have accountants attorneys and bankers and all that stuff but that's not a game I want to play I said then don't play the game you know the game of business is played with accountants attorneys bankers hate to say it politicians you know you gotta know the game like I don't want to hustle I want it I want to prosper I don't want to grind I want to create a machine that monetizes you know I'm not shameful of money I want money I want a lot of money I want to give money away I want to raise a lot of money and you can't do that if you're broke most of people watching this thing should either not be in business if they've got one or closed or down and they got one because you got in business for all the wrong reasons and you don't have the balls to close them down because of what other people are going to say you don't have you have no idea how limitless it is when you're not afraid of what other people think or say you have no idea there's not two people watching this thing that even has a concept of what it is to act as if you have no limits to your abilities zero but you have to do something every day that scares you scares you and and that's a take off from a Helen Keller who said or not said she was deaf dumb everything that she couldn't do anything and she said every day she did something to scare her himself well if you and I had all those afflictions just getting out of bed would be scary enough and so I decided that one of the differentiations between the people that got the most out of the the week-long seminar and the year-long free mentoring for me is people that really press themselves hard so I translated that into they've got to do something and list it what they did to scare themselves every single day is that the essence of really what you do is getting people to take more risk or to get out of their comfort zones and then the wealth comes later it's not just out of their comfort zones it's the change of reality okay you know your reality is different than my reality and you know your followers realities we're all different it's but it's the change of reality and to make yourself accountable that's not just getting outside your comfort zone making yourself accountable okay not just a kind of boat not a kind of somebody else kind of both of you mate you know yourself because that's the ultimate ultimately that's the only person you should be accountable to yourself and we grow up in my judgment wrongly that the that we don't hold ourselves accountable enough we just don't we've learned to come up with reasons why we can't do this reasons why it's okay not to do this reasons why you didn't follow up on time reasons why I told the guy to get back to him by Wednesday it's now Friday well it's the weekend I'll now get back to the button you know on Monday and life has gotten a simpler now with the internet and with email and the things where the communication is almost instant you think it should be easier but it's not I use the analogy 2530 years ago you're going to buy a 100 million dollar company your due diligence would be three four or five weeks and it takes you three four or five weeks to close the deal okay a month and a half six to eight weeks with the internet it should take less time because the information is instantaneous it takes us twice as long to close a deal now twice as long there's no reason for that things haven't gotten twice as complicated but somebody has to put their name on the line somebody wants to push off the accountability so somebody would rather have Brian sign off on it so I go home early on a Thursday knowing you're gonna come in early on a Monday and your signature will be on the documents that are mine because I don't want to be accountable and so the kids today have this need it's like this thirst forum for guidance and the kids do better in the year-long Mentor Program then the older kids so the kids in their teens and 20s do better than the guys in their 40s and 50s that's because the guys in the 40s and 50s got a lot of baggage bad habits bad habits you know and it's tough to get rid of them and the you know motivation gets you started good habits keep you going most people just have piss-poor habits and you know I've had these same habits for about 50 years now okay about 50 years and I don't even think about it I mean it's just like brushing my teeth taking a shower I just do it and and I and one of the other interviews that I did with you I said when I do feel wimpish which isn't too often I just say come on and and I just go out and do it and and I do that about my entire life everything about it and and I know that if I had to build up these habits 20 30 years ago you know at age 70 I certainly wouldn't be doing this I don't feel very often I do fail you're pretty open about all the failures yeah I'm not ashamed of them right that's who that's what's made me who I am you said failure is just testing correct it's just testing and I don't know if I'm quick to pull the trigger two ways I'm quick to pull the trigger and trying something and I'm quick to pull the trigger and closing something just turn the key what does that mean turn the key turn the key means close the visitor most of people watching this thing should either not be in business if they've got one or close the door down and they got one because you got in business for all the wrong reasons and you don't have the balls to close them down because of what other people are going to say you don't have you have no idea how limitless it is when you're not afraid of what other people think or say you have no idea there's not two people watching this thing that even has a concept of what it is the act is if you have no limits to your abilities zero lack of self-esteem lack of self-worth now they think they have self-worth they think because they made a few bucks but in actuality and when they measure it against the other eight ten twelve people sitting around the table they realize or they start to question hell maybe I was just lucky now all of us when you're only a one-trick guy or gal think was i lucky now I've done it so many times I know I wasn't lucky I might have been lucky the first time but I'm not haven't been lucky to fifteen twenty forty fifty I know that okay but maybe I was lucky the first time but my life changed when I went I was a pretty much haphazard kid got a lot of trouble got arrested four or five times thrown in jail and this is when my dad's a cop but then I went I volunteered for the draft in 1966 at the height of the Vietnam War and I'm at OCS and that changed my life because it was the really first real high performance thing that I could measure myself against other with other people two-thirds of all Fortune 500 CEOs have one thing in common military background really two-thirds of those two-thirds have something else martial arts what do you learn in martial arts Brian discipline focus a lot of people don't believe they deserve to be there I convinced them and we have these drills why you belong there a lot of people that come there you know with money that have made money think they made it by accident right I just had one of my superstars who's made a hundred million bucks tell me in the last week you know I'm not sure I'm gonna have another lucky accident and I said you did it I mean you you know you tried a lot of things I believe Thomas Edison I would I wouldn't it down to ten thousand times okay I would hire an engineer from MIT to do it but I mean I've tried a lot of things nobody's failed at more things than I have and the first hundred million our successes but I could write a book about failures that it'd be I mean because I've tried a lot of different things because failure is just testing and one of the reasons I've been so successful in generating this equity and value in my kids and I call you all kids is because I convinced him that making a mistake is okay your parents probably told you you can be anything you want but you can't that's horse you can't if it's all juxtaposed so but what you tell them is that you can do anything you want that you have passion for because that eliminates all most of the crap because most people don't follow their dream you know like they say in the sound of music you can't have a dream come true unless you have a dream now I still dream I dream in Technicolor I say my affirmations and goals every single night it's bloody hard to be a high-performance person what is your methodology on leadership what is your methodology on culture what is your methodology on sales what is your methodology on teamwork we can go to a Super Bowl party and we missed a real lesson you can be down 28 to 3 but if you have a methodology the teammates won't panic if you have a methodology your teammates won't quit when you have a methodology whether you women are losing regardless of the score if you gather methodology it's the only way that you can win your next level is attainable your next level is a tangible place your next level is up to you but your next level is about you creating adopting or learning methodologies for everything now can I be honest with you divorce in America is about 50% the only thing that happens in relationships we date we go to movies we put on cologne and perfume we actually call my hair we open up the door we got one methodology to get her we got one methodology to get him and then we get married and what happens we change our methodology ladies and gentlemen I've been married 23 years and man I want you to hear me closely I have methodology and here's my philosophy it's cheaper to keep her [Music] so as a result I try my best to behave the exact same way I behaved when we dated as I do 23 years later try it I promise you it'll work all right let's number one lesson number one let's number one if you want to be successful business lesson number one cut off the news they need these jobs not to tell the truth the media's job is to make money the media has figured out that America is addicted to negative information so every night is six when you cut out the news do you ever turn to your wife husband significant other and say honey I feel real good about America when's the last time you said that when you cut up the news you're angry you said you're frustrated some people are actually scared I kicked my competitions but because I don't watch the news one methodology I want to teach you today it's what I use to close deals and I almost never hear the word know see my marketing methodology is called the mousetrap my job is to simply catch mice in this context mice our meeting planners people who plan meetings so in order to build a good mousetrap you got to figure out some good cheese you got to build a good mousetrap which begins with cheese here's my cheese every meeting panel wants a speaker who's entertaining and dynamic and gives the audience great information that's my cheese so all my marketing materials says I'm very entertaining and dynamic and I give great information but once you've got somebody nibbling on your cheese I come in with the clothes and it's fast its strong and it's swept because every leading planner wants to entertaining a dynamic speaker who gives great information that's what they're looking for and I know it so can I ask you a question what are your customers looking for don't think like you think like a customer see your closing mechanism always need to be connected to a promise people buy promises I got a coaching program to teach all my business leaders all my methodologies and I just gave you one for free kind I didn't go too deep and because I could go can you do me a favor go back and build a mousetrap make sure you got some good cheese but what is your closing mechanism everyone loves and promise I'll be the best motivational speaker your group's ever had you guys know I almost never hear the word no I'll be the best speaker your groups ever had it's really hard to say no to that would you agree one of the best ways you can build a marketing methodology is stop thinking like you and start thinking like your customers [Music] what has made me a multimillionaire I'm gonna reveal to you right now and I can prove it to you the superstars that you're looking for I want a tip of my tongue well what did we think did we like the likability factor is the best kept secret in business hire for attitude train for skill hire for attitude train for skill hire for attitude train for skill the superstars you were looking for in any service based industry are likeable people and I could prove it to you have you ever wondered why and how Oprah became a billionaire Oprah convinced thirty million women and about a million men that she was their best friend and every afternoon those 31 million people would tune in to their best friend Oprah converted the likability factor into money is everybody with you if you don't have a methodology you're gonna have rebellious people Stark every now and then am I right or wrong if you don't have a methodology you're gonna have people go off the reservation every now and then am i right or wrong so if you don't have a methodology and you got people doing dumb stuff that's not their fault that's your phone did we like them if the answer was earth what that really mean next and you guys haven't paid attention to the greatest sales with on this earth see I pay attention they call me a thought leader so I'm always thinking the greatest salesman on this earth are not business people they're a bunch of girls four feet tall Who am I talking about the Girl Scouts man you will bounce a check with for eternity I'll Scout away you will find more cookies eat if you guys cookies in the house my right or wrong and let's meet ourselves cookies aren't that freaking big those little girls ourselves assassins it's hard to say no to a Girl Scout it's like emotional and here's why we've all heard the term before but we don't execute it people want to buy from people they know people they like people they trust you heard that before but yet do you execute that methodology we know Girl Scouts we like Girl Scouts and we trust Girl Scouts it's hard to say no when you have the trifecta if you're ready to go to that next level and install methodologies say ah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music]