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This is video marketing made easy with this video editing software that's designed for marketers.

I'll show you how to make high converting sales videos with my proven VSL structure.

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Today you will learn:

How to make sales videos without appearing on camera
That convert like crazy
With my proven VSL structure
That anyone can copy
Using free software
Step by step tutorial
Plus ways to get traffic

5 profitable reasons to use video marketing:

Can increase conversions by 80%
Boosts email CTR by 200% – 300%
Boosts engagement rate by 22%
87% of marketers use video
83% report a good ROI

Why listen to me?

You’ve already seen my videos
Most of my content is video
Been making videos for 10 years
Small TV show on British air waves

Video sales letter structure:

Attention – big promise / end result
Interest – acknowledge problem
Desire – provide solution + proof
Consideration – tackle objections
Action – call to action

The software:

Free to use
Done for you templates
Easiest way to make videos, period
Instantly turn articles into videos
Special discount for you

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