Turn $50 Into $500 Using Google Ads | Google Ads Walkthrough & Affiliate Marketing

oh yeah this is another money video you know it and that's a lot of money because this is a big-money video we're gonna be talking about how to turn fifty dollars into five hundred dollars using Google Ads every single day and I'm gonna be showing you how I'm doing this and we're gonna be using Google now Google is one of the biggest ad networks actually it's the biggest ad network on the planet eclipses everything else Amazon Facebook Instagram snapchat ads everything and they serve over 30 billion ads every single day that's one AD for every man woman and the child timez5 on the entire planet so this is the biggest ad network and understanding how to leverage Google Ads how to leverage that audience that reach and make money is a skill that has made me millions of dollars every single year since 2014 I've been making a million dollars a year since 2014 and I've been using Google Ads to do it I'm gonna show you exactly how step-by-step my entire process in this video very quickly show you from A to Z how to place an ad – how to make money I'm gonna be showing you right here on my computer and I'll be showing you the three-step process to do it people place product three steps there's a little preview of my bigger course but three steps to do it because you need to reach people we're gonna be using Google ads to reach people to sell a product – then we're gonna take them from Google to a place where we can sell them and then we need a product in which for them to buy that will pay us commissions when it's sold switch will be an affiliate offer so we're gonna be going over this 3-step system everything you need to do to implement it in this video make sure to sit down get on a desktop computer a laptop or you know what if you're on a mobile phone look-look-look turn it this way right yeah you know a lot of you resist turning your phone this way but you're gonna want to turn it this way I see you looking at the comments or like what do people say it it works people so just turn the phone this way and let check it out there's gonna be really exciting we're gonna go over thing step by step on this computer I've made millions of dollars doing this I'm excited to share it with you so let's check it out let's get it money video babies so Google ads and affiliate marketing is such an easy thing to do because it allows me to literally just type on my computer and send words and ads out to the internets and get people buying stuff that makes me money and affiliate offers allow me to run a business that don't require any customer service any inventory anything on my side and I'm being able to be free to hang out with my family travel the world do whatever I want most of the time it's like just being lazy and doing fun things right whatever you want to do we're gonna do it so this does require money big disclaimer is says turn $50 because you are going to have to pay for ads but if you're willing to play with me I'm gonna show you how you can turn that $50 into 500 dollars very simply and easily with Google Ads so you are gonna have to pay for ads and you are gonna have to have a website quick note I'm gonna go through a lot of stuff in this video very fast if you are averse to spending $50 then get off this video go on to a next video I have a ton of free traffic videos unsubscribe from this channel whatever do whatever you want to do but we're gonna spend $50 here but we're gonna turn it into big money we are gonna be using Google Ads now the benefit of using ads is it's quick right they happen quick you press play boom they're out there and you can start making money back really really fat over and over again they work for you and once you get this formula where it's minting you money you just keep going that's the beauty of advertising and that's what they don't teach you in college about marketing it what marketing is really about is taking one dollar and turning it into two or even three dollars through effective marketing spending a hundred dollars on an advertisement and turning it in to two in product sales that's what real marketing is that is what the goal of this video is is to take a dollar and multiply it through product sales so that's what we're gonna be learning here now I love marketing if you love marketing to type in I love marketing in the comments below because this channel is all about marketing and my goal in life is to be the number one marketing teacher let me explain you the system real quick first off once again the way we are reaching people is through Google Ads and what we call this is clicks I'll talk about clicks that's how we measure getting people to our ads the place that we're gonna be selling people is a website in the old school days you had to go to a store and yet it like talked to a person and a cash register or something like that way long ago you know there were door-to-door sales people you know 100 years ago where they'd knock on your door your window and give you some sales pitch and a little more recently people have been using the phone to reach people to give their product pitch to sell products people everybody hates those annoying telemarketers but now we have a website I'm gonna show you how you can sign up for a websites only gonna cost a few bucks and lastly we need a product in which to sell people that pays us commissions whenever we sell it and that is what's called in today's day an affiliate offer now have you ever wondered how does expedia.com or Priceline or CheapOair Orbitz or any of these airline booking sites how do they make money they don't actually own any airplanes right or how does hotels.com make any money they don't actually own any hotels or how does ever make any money they don't actually own any taxi caps or taxi drivers well they all make money through a business model called affiliate marketing and it's connecting a person who's interested in something who's looking for a hotel with a hotel for instance and then by referring people by creating a place for them to go through like priceline.com or like Expedia comm by referring a customer over to the airline they are earning a commission on every sale they generate that's how they make money because they referred a customer and that's affiliate marketing it's referring a customer digitally and earning a commission so go into how we actually put this into process right here on my computer let's get this whole thing set up it's not that complicated but you are gonna have to spend money you're gonna have to be willing to play along I know you want to scroll through the Commerce does this work who will just have them success with the system you're a loser flip the phone sideways let's put this into action and if you're offended by me calling you loser you're probably a too okay let's get into this the way we're gonna implement this is we're actually gonna implement this we're gonna set up the product first we're gonna get our affiliate link to get the product and then we're going to actually set up our website our presale page and then we are going to advertise it third step is we're gonna set up our Google ad first step is you have to understand the product how do a Philly eight networks pay you well they pay you a couple of different ways I'm gonna show you an affiliate network that accepts people no matter what age you are no matter where in the world you're from no matter what country you're from and they'll pay you via PayPal via bank wire you just need a bank account or via a cheque which means you need to have an address somebody can send a check to and the affiliate network we are going to work with is called digi store so digi store accepts people all over the world you could sign up for some other ones but they don't accept people all over the world and you won't be able to promote the right products here so here you are it'll say digi store 24 when you click on the link in the description Jon Christina comm backslash digi store and you will if you aren't signed up I'm already signed up you will create an account and it has all the information you need to create an account here now again they're asterisk next to the things that are required if you don't have a company there's not an asterisk next to it so you don't need to fill it out you'll fill it out I will just log in now once we are logged in you can see some my earnings here but we will go over to the marketplace right there okay this is where you will find the products that you can promote and get paid for so once we are in the marketplace you could do one of two things you could just type in my last name pressed on e and up will pop my products okay so I have two products I have an e-book this is what we'll be selling it retails for $1 there's a monthly subscription of it which is $39 a month which means every customer you get at a 90 cent Commission rate you actually add an extra 35 dollars a month in recurring income so if you do the math to sales a day times $35 Commission times 30 days you'll add an extra 20 100 dollars a month in recurring income if you can just get $2 a day to people buying this book every day will turn into a full-time income $2 a day few customers a day will turn into a full-time income that's all you need to do let's get into how we make this happen as you see 90 percent commission what we do is when you signed up all you need to do is click this and this is your promo link you see that right there you're just gonna copy this copy right there and I'm gonna copy this in so there's our promo link but then we want to create a short link out of this to make this link a little prettier well we could make it prettier we don't need to so let's just deal with this link sometimes I like making the links prettier sometimes it's not necessary but you can follow along with me all the steps in the resource guide which I'll go over in a second I also have a high ticket program this is my six-week course it's an educational course which takes people which goes over much more in depth how to do online advertising we're just trying to go through it as fast as we can right here okay now if you go to john kristina comback slash resource you will see all of these steps in my resource guide as well follow along there as well so in my resource guide it'll pop up like this and you will click google ads see right here and you'll be taken to a section which is about Google advertising and it goes over everything you need to do step by step for this video to make this work so first we signed up for digi store we searched crostini we grabbed our link the next step is we need a pre sell page so what we do is we actually get my advertorial funnel from click funnels so what you'll do is you'll go to John Christina comm and click copy my pre sell okay right there and then it will go to this which says listicle cold traffic biz op pre-cell right there and you can just click Add funnel if you're doing this for entertainment purposes just click forget and unsubscribe from this Chan and click add funnel and what it'll do is it'll add a funnel to your actual clickfunnels account now if you don't have click funnels you'll need to sign up for click funnels click funnels has a free trial it's 97 a month after 30 days or so or after 14 days something like that but go for the free trial cancel their big company will cancel you right away all that jazz so let's check it out if you want to make real money you're gonna put this in action and let me show you what type of website you're getting a done-for-you website right off the bat that works very powerfully so here we are we have your internet website and we can preview it I'll show you a preview of this this is an article that is built to convert another there's a lot of psychology in here I'm not gonna explain everything but it's called a listicle and they're very compliant advertising loves them people love them and 16 legitimate ways to make money at home and showing him before-and-after picture right here of a woman working in a cubicle hating her life having to drive to work and leave her kids at home each day and this is a woman that is sitting on the beach that gets to enjoy having her kids around her each day and sipping on pina coladas while working because she can work anywhere in the world we have a bunch of different ways to earn money from home in 2020 and they have a bunch of different lists earned $60 an hour helping small business owners so it's an informative article what we're doing is educating people here but notice at the end of each one of these little sections it offers people to once again buy the book to learn more work at home secrets and when people buy the book you earn a recurring commission from when they're signed up so it's pretty great right because all you need is two people a day to read this article and say hmm working at home sounds pretty me and spend $1 and then you will build a huge source of recurring income okay so this whole article is split tested it's built to convert people who view it to say hmm okay I'm interested in spending a dollar to check out get this book to work at home everything about this marketing funnel is built I'm not gonna explain all the details of why it works so well because they'll take days and you can can join my super affiliate system and attend one of my seminars and all over that that's beyond our scope here the next step is a little technical and you want to follow the steps here so you'll need to go to funnel settings add edit domains add new domain and you'll need to create a new domain so you need to actually have a real domain for this let's go to this we go right here settings see we're in clickfunnels we go to settings then we're gonna go right down here see where it says add or edit domains right down here and I'll click add or edit domains cuz what you need is you need your own funnel and then you'll click add new domain right there so see we're importing and then you'll want to do this option is register a new domain I'll click choose a domain register a new domain because you need your own website to advertise on Google ads so you'll search a domain such as let's say a Beebe's career advice $20 dot-com click that button right there ok to buy the domain then hot-diggity dang it's available and then you will click pay $20 to register the site now you can do various you know Habib's career advice Habib's career tips Habib's work tips Habib's job advice Habib's job news work at home news it doesn't matter what the domain is because nobody really looks or cares about the domain or not enough people to make it matter so pay the $20 for your domain and then we're off to the races so now once you've registered your domain you'll go back to your settings in your actual click funnel remember steps has the picture of your website where you can edit the page which we'll do in a second and it has the preview link and it has all these other links but we're gonna go back to the settings right here and we're gonna click the settings again if you're not already on it or if you're already on the site you'll click reload or refresh or f4 and then we will click domain and in my case the domain I registered was new career advice dot-com see that so I'm gonna select that I'm gonna say cool and then I'm gonna scroll down to the bottom of the page I'm gonna click Save and update settings see that button right there at the bottom save and update settings now what we're doing is we're literally your cloning a website that works you're setting up a website like that it doesn't take a lot of effort it doesn't take a lot of work but you're doing it and you're doing it well and hot dang I'm proud of you I guess I don't know but let's make money that's the goal let's sell my product so next step is we are going to take this link and we're gonna copy it we're gonna copy it and what its gonna say website I'm just gonna put that in there right there okay we have our website now this step what we want to do is we could go to Google right now but first we have to make sure our affiliate links selling the product are actually in the page itself so now that we have our domain set up we're gonna edit the page and put in our affiliate links right here we're gonna put in our affiliate links right there we're gonna click Edit Page and what we're going to do is you're gonna go in here you can ignore all these gobbledygook things and you're gonna replace every single link with your own link so that it actually gives you credit when you make a sale of the book so see here when I click on this link up pops this stuff and it says the refer is John crostini so you're gonna replace that with whatever your own affiliate link is so you will copy and paste you know let's say your link is google.com now when somebody clicks the link we'll go to google.com so you click every one of these links and you replace the link with your own affiliate link that way you get credit for the sale that's how the internet works that's how affiliate links work when you click the link and somebody buys the product you get credit for that sale and that's how hundreds and hundreds even thousands of my students get sales every single day check this out so if you go to my channel you can actually see a lot of the testimonials that people put up but you know here was a 14-year old he said I'm fourteen and just did this and I've earned three sales or so $1500 I'm so thankful here's another person Jono Armstrong he said strike this while the iron's hot and unsaturated two thousand dollars in a single day hey this is promoting my super affiliate system but there's a lot more money to be made I suspect promoting my well here's another one Suzy B thank you for all your encouragement I made my first many dollars in Clickbank this morning this is happening all the freakin time I get these messages every day because the reason is we're teaching real marketing advice here you're learning real stuff so I know you might be saying oh I've to spend twenty dollars right it's nice when I say you know you have to spend fifty dollars but when you actually have to do it you crumble and die inside right wither and die right our grandfathers had to fight in wars and we're scared about spending fifty bucks if you want to be financially free check out these steps do them just do it and check it out I'm trying to help you I'm changing lives here and I want to make sure you make money as well so do the steps do the steps do the steps about the website we're changing around the links so after you change around all the links that you need to change around another side note is you can use this to sell anything this format but you're gonna click save right here so now we're messing around with getting people to our website we have our affiliate link we have the product right that is going to pay us money did you store we'll pay via PayPal why or check we have the place we have a website now that we can go to you saw how fast we set that up we go to this website it ends up showing up as 16 legitimate ways to make money at home it's a nice-looking article so we have these two things out of the way now we just have to create the ad which is a whole other step into itself so let's create the ad now you'll want to sign up for Google Ads I put a link here for you to sign up Google ads and you'll just click start now I don't suggest you call their reps because they're very unhelpful and they don't actually help you with your advertising the wanna set it up for you you know sign in if you already have an account here I am logged in to Google now the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go in it looks very complicated at first but you're gonna want to go over to campaigns and I'm gonna zoom through this and if you could let me know in the comments below am I going too fast am I going too slow do you need more explanation less explanation again I can only do these videos so long so I just want to know too fast or too slow let me know in the comments below and also give this video a big like and subscribe if you're learning something and if you're just excited about marketing I mean hit the notification bell as well because I love marketing been doing this 10 years I've made millions of dollars on acres of property in Malibu I'm a multi millionaire which is really exciting and it's all because I love this stuff it's fun and when you start reaching people and seeing the effects it gets so exciting so campaigns you want to click this plus button right there and you want to set up new campaign after that you'll be taken there will be a lot of selections here but you'll just want to select create a campaign without goal guidance I'm not gonna explain all the terminology here and if you think this is good you should check out the super affiliate system because we go way more in-depth here then you'll want to select display see right there ok display campaign and then we're gonna go on to click standard ok see now all of this interface changes keep in mind that this interface will likely look different but the selections will be somewhat similar so you're gonna have to use your brain to figure out what is different what is the same what I'm actually going for some of these selections stay the same they just change their look and feel over time now select the results you want to get this campaign from so again it says your business website so at this point we need our website so we're gonna copy our website click copy and we're gonna paste it in right there okay so we just paste in our website and then we're going to click continue this Google ads people this is the most powerful advertising platform in the planet I hope you can all give yourself a little pat on the back or you deserve this you are using the most powerful advertising sales and marketing engine in the planet right now you're setting up an ad campaign congratula if you want to play along but this is this is this is a huge thing if you are going through and if you've made it this far in the video if you've actually done the steps some of you are just kind of like looking at it in portrait mode still kind of like rolling through comments right I know most do you are but if you're really playing along and actually doing this on your computer congratulate yourself making it this far campaign name it doesn't really matter what the campaign name is and for the locations doesn't really matter what the locations are generally speaking I like to advertise in Western countries Canada I really like small island nations those are great for work at home jobs Jamaica these are high converting areas Hong Kong they never have enough jobs in those areas Australia's great New Zealand so just Western types of places we're gonna get rid of French because again our page isn't in French right this is not in French we're not gonna advertise the French beep then we're gonna go down here I'm gonna select focus on viewable impression we're gonna say select a bid strategy directly not recommended right there then we're gonna say we want to pay for manual bid strategies pay for clicks old-school we're gonna uncheck this option right there we don't want to we don't want to enhance CPC no good the amount of budget we're gonna spend is let's just say $10 again we're trying to start out we're gonna spend it for five days that's it but if you want you can go to Advanced Settings if you saw what I just did clicked Advanced Settings and I'm gonna select an end date if you really want to make sure Google doesn't overspend your money can select start date end date I'm filming this in the past takes time to prepare this and then we're gonna go down here doesn't matter what the ad group name is a lot of this stuff doesn't matter if I don't explicitly mention it don't ask or you can ask about it but I might just not answer and what we're gonna go down to here is we're gonna go down to here where it says content targeting this is where we select who gets to see our ad we're gonna select topics right there remember you can always follow along in the resource guide again John Cristina comm backslash resource and again as a community here if you've been following my videos for a while if somebody's asking because there's always new comers who are in the comments saying please just post the link for them I want everybody to help each other out again I don't have a limited time you know I like to mess around a lot I put out these videos because I enjoy marketing and I enjoy helping you guys learn how to do marketing but I'm not hanging out answering all your comments I get like I get 2,000 comments a day and that's just on YouTube you don't even know I get about 2,000 emails a day on top of that everybody's like does this work in Sierra Leone does this work in Nigeria I don't have time to answer all your comments so please each other help each other out that's part of it building a community here if you rely on me putting out these videos and can learn marketing from somebody else go for it but I don't think you'll learn from anybody going as in-depth as I am if you know this is the number one money channel on YouTube type in number one money channel on YouTube let's get it so in the resource guide you can follow along right here and we're gonna go to topic business industrial small business MLM and business opportunities so here we are in topics content topics business and industrial so we're gonna click this little drop-down right there and then go small business and we do MLM and business opportunities so that's who we're gonna advertise to now once you get good at advertising you can start testing out different types of advertising and see which one works best right that's where the real innovation comes in you see which one works best maybe you also want to try advertising and marketing and you want to try people who are in sales right people in sales might be interested in work at home opportunities so whatever it is you can test these things out that's part of marketing we're just doing the bare basics I just want to show you the interface and then what we're gonna do is clicked on C and we selected our topic MLM and business opportunities the next thing is we're gonna go down and we're gonna enter in a manual CPC bid for this ad group and just select $0.50 okay just like 50 Cent's you know what we might we will actually want to track maximize clicks right then we'll go back down ad group selected our topic and then we're gonna create our ad so we're at the final stage of creating a Google Ad which is amazing again pat yourself on the back if you've made it this far this is huge if you've made it this far say I'm at the ad thing and if you're gonna make it all the way I want to hear you in a little bit we're gonna click create ad right there and you're gonna click create responsive display at right there so once again this is a marathon if this is one of the hardest things you've done on YouTube let me know okay this is one of the hardest things I've done on YouTube because there's a lot of steps here but I hope you're seeing that this is a very big business and I've made millions doing this so here we are and our URL is right in here already it's the original URL be entered first we'll click on images and logos will click right there to get some images and logos now frankly this step is a little easier because we click this and some of the images are preloaded in here so we can just select say use ask and select this Gator guy and just select use as and click continue you always move this around a little bit if you want or something like at whatever you want to do just click continue and then you'll select one of these and you'll select use ass logo right there and you just click continue that's it so then you just click Save and you can select other images to use google has a lot of images that you can use but I'm just going with the basics for this one now for our headlines I suggest you write your own headlines okay I'm gonna give you some examples but if you're just trying to play along I give you an example here's 16 ways to make money from home then my example long headline is 16 legitimate ways to make money at home once again I suggest you write your own come up with your own copy or test one against monic ad and then write your own say work at home it's better like that right or whatever you want to do but just try out your own stuff as well the description I used and you can modify this or wrote a description that says so you're looking for ways to earn money at home join the crowd and business name you can just type in whatever your name is you know John crostini or you could just type in you know your website name my website name is new career advice so voila so then you just click Add to add group right here if you want to preview your ad you can click around you can see what it looks like on a desktop computer can look at what it looks like on a mobile phone could say okay this is what your ad will look like when it shows up on the Internet which is pretty cool you're really creating a real ad people will see and when people click on it you have a chance to make money so we're gonna click Add to add group there's your ad and then we say create campaign now I already have my billing information entered so you'll probably have to enter your billing information but that's all there is to it there we go congratulations your campaign is ready that's it boom whoa that is insane now if you did the entire freaking thing and you post the ad type in the chat say I did it type and I did it because very few people will make it that far but what you just did was incredible and I want to really congratulate you for having the focus for having the wherewithal for having the dedication and commitment to doing this most people watching this video will actually do it from a mobile phone watching it portrait style so they can read the comments so they can second-guess everything and see what people say in the comments and actually never do anything from the video that's what most people do some people will watch it actually landscape mode and try to digest the information and very few people will actually watch it on their desktop computer and pause the video in one tab and follow along and do the steps in another tab very few people even those on desktop computers because it's very scary I understands very scary but you did it if you made it this far you set up a website you registered for an affiliate Network which will pay you money for posting links and you set up an ad on the most powerful advertising and marketing platform in the world today that reaches billions of people and serves 30 billion ads every single day you did it seriously that is a huge accomplishment most people never register website even after they register website never put anything on the website and let alone most people never get to the point where they actually have a real strategy to make money and get people coming to their website what you did is incredible today and I'm really excited to have you as a subscriber on my channel that you took action again type and I did it if I did it and everyone else please congratulate those who did it I want to make sure we just love bomb everyone it's a huge accomplishment it's very scary in today's day and age it's like don't make a mistake right everybody's always worried about things we have it so easy today people are so scared about doing things and working for themselves but you did it and you have an opportunity to start a business which confirms like this my very first this was exactly this I got started in affiliate marketing I spent five thousand dollars a month to make fifteen thousand dollars a month so there are extra zeros at the end of each of these that's how I got my start that's how I quit my job that's how I created an online income that turned my life into something that seemed like a dream that allowed me to travel the world that allowed me to have enough money to afford property in Malibu real property I've acres of a horse ranch my horses don't even have to touch a road to get on to the main trail you are in the 1% if you did it so I hope everyone does this hope everyone tries this out and again this is the first step there's a lot more to it there split-testing learning how to write good headlines that outperform these I gave you in the template there's figuring out what are the best images there's looking at the data and all of that and more if you're interested can be learned in my 6-week program called the super affiliate system you can look it up there's links in the description but that is a training course cost a bit of money it cost thousand bucks but it is fair for what I've done and what you will be learning in that course if you're interested in doing that if you're just interested in learning how to start a work at home business you get my book for $1.00 right there's a link to that in the description which has about a hundred different ways you can start a do some tasks bake work or skill based work online but really if you made it this far for those that didn't make it this far check out my book but for those that did make it this far check out my training course learn more implement more I'm really proud of everyone here who actually took action and make sure everyone else congratulate those who said I did it in the comments because that's really exciting and I'm hoping that some of you see massive success and learn to love marketing as I have because it's created such benefits for me and my family and it's really exciting skill to have it's a really powerful skill my business makes millions of dollars a year you can still at the very base get paid very well working for marketing agencies and everything else but if you cultivate this love of marketing you'll go very far in life indeed so I'm happy some of you have stuck with me this long Google Ads is exciting people place product turning money into more money so thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart playing with me today from learning marketing this was a long lesson one of my longer ones but make sure to LIKE this video if you got a lot out of this make sure to congratulate those who have done it make sure to subscribe to this channel for more videos like this I won't be doing these crazy videos all the time and make sure to hit the notification bell if you want to see these videos fast if you really want to be notified every time because we're doing it every day I'm doing it every single day for the rest of the year every single day we're coming out with a video I'm gonna teach you guys marketing I want to create more millionaires this year than any other marketing teacher on the planet I want to be the number one marketing teacher in the world by the end of 2020 I'm gonna help you guys make some money so let's make it happen have a good one talk to you soon