Top 7 Remote Jobs Without a Degree

so if you ever doubted finding a legit remote job that you can do online without a degree or if you're worried about not finding one in your country then this video is for you because today I'm going to show you seven remote jobs that anyone can do from home even without a degree and no matter where you live I'm not only going to show you what they require and what skills you need to have but also how much you can make and I'll give you exact websites where you can go and apply for these jobs so for the first one I want you to imagine that you have the power to solve problems make someone's day better and be the hero behind the screen or from your couch or your living room that is what being an e-commerce customer service representative is all about it's not a regular job I believe it gives you superpowers because it's your chance to step into the shoes of a problem solver in a world where everyone is online shopping right and in terms of skills you'll obviously need patience uh you'll need good communication skills and the ability to navigate through customer queries like a pro now when it comes to the page it is I believe quite rewarding for a full-time job the salary ranges between 20,000 and 45,000 and if you're looking for a part-time job or contractor job then the hourly rate is between1 and $20 now where do you find these opportunities well support driven is a fantastic resource if you want to dive deep into customer sport roles specifically tailored for e-commerce another good one is it is your go-to for broad spectrum of customer service positions in e-commerce specifically but also broader than that and they do update regularly to keep you in the loop if you're looking for uh much more specific e-commerce roles than Dynamite jobs would be one that you want to look into or if you want the legitimacy and quality then Flex jobs is definitely a good opportunity for you as well last but not least look into virtual vocations because they open up a world of telecommute and remote job listings for anyone from various locations around the world each of these platforms offers a unique opportunity in this space of e-commerce customer support Representatives so if this is something you want to try out then take a look at them number two is one that is very well suited for today's digitally driven world I would say so having technical troubles is a problem that many people face and it becomes a massive roadblock but imagine being the superhero that is able to save the day all from your own home office that is the life of a remote it support technician with a salary that ranges between $35 to $770,000 it is a pretty lucrative career path I would dare to say now if you're ready to dive into this world then support driven is a good opportunity for you to look into we work remotely could be your go-to for a variety of tech roles including it support then look into it has a broad spectrum of it and development opportunities then you could also head over to Tech careers there you will find a mix of remote and on-site it support roles and last but not least just remote they specialize in remote tech jobs including it support positions that catered specifically to this type of expertise number three so imagine being the heartbeat of an online community where your role is to nurture conversations and to Foster engagement and build a space where everybody feels valued well that is the essence of being an online community manager this one has a salary between $39 all the way to $70,000 according to pay scale and it is a role that not only pays well but also brings I believe immense satisfaction because you are en people to connect across the globe and if you're interested in going for this type of opportunities then the community Round Table is an excellent place to start they focus on Community Management roles that span across various Industries cmx Hub jobs they take uh the noge even higher so to speak because they offer dedicated board for Community management positions ensuring that you find a role that suits your level of skill and expertise again would be a good one to look into we work remotely is great for this opportunities as well and for those who lean towards social media type jobs then social media jobs offers a range of positions that are related to Community Management that can be done remotely each of these I think is great for you to consider as you're starting out but then look into signing up with more of them so you can get more opportunities available up next we have one that might not be for everybody but it might be for you so if you've ever thought about the freedom of managing other people's finances from the comfort of your own home then this one is for you and here I'm talking about remote bookkeeping it is in my opinion quite lucrative and very flexible as a job because you have the chance to be in charge of the financial records and payroll or other types of transactions in the digital space for several companies at the same time the salary here ranges between $ 35 to $55,000 and I believe it is quite appealing in terms of options because pretty much any company needs someone to help them with their bookkeeping now in terms of where you can go and apply for these kind of roles Flex jobs it's definitely leading the pack insuring that you get lots of diverse remote bookkeeping opportunities and obviously scam free we've known them for a long time then you can look into accounting they have lots of remote accounting and bookkeeping jobs and allow you to get connected to companies that are in need of something like this obviously I've mentioned them before they are really really good and you can definitely find positions including bookkeeping positions uh across many types of Industries bookminders is another fantastic resource that ators specifically to us residents and they offer remote bookkeeping opportunities uh with obviously a blend of flexibility and professional growth and if you're seeking to align to the highest standards then the association of international certified professional accountants aicpa job board will occasionally also feature some remote bookkeeping roles that will allow you to stay connected with opportunities that will allow you to advance your career as well up next on our list we have another one that I think is in such high demand because every single company would me something like this so if you would like to be orchestrating the success of projects from anywhere in the world this opportunity is for you because that is the life of a remote project coordinator I specifically didn't call it project manager because for that one you would need certain certifications but a project coordinator is um much more flexible in terms of that you have lots of flexibility accelerate between 37 and $67,000 according to pay scale and whether you are managing timelines or resources or tea

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