Top 7 Car Stocks for a Self-Driving Future

Self-driving and the car stocks involved are about to change the world in more ways than you might imagine. You won’t even own your own car in five years, it just won’t be worth it. I’ll show you the research behind autonomous vehicles, how it’s ready to change everything then reveal the seven self-driving car stocks to buy right now.

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Autonomous vehicles and ride-hailing is going to be a monumental shift in our daily lives. Research shows it could lower the cost per mile of transportation to less than a third of what it costs to own a car. That means, it will be more expensive to own a car rather than just use self-driving ride sharing taxis. That’s going to affect everything from parking to gasoline demand and will touch every industry in transportation.

It’s something you need to be ready for and need to position your portfolio ahead of the trend. In this video, I’ll share that research into self-driving cars and how it will change everything. I’ll show you the technology and who’s developing it. I’ll then reveal seven car stocks to buy and one to avoid.

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The average car spends 95% of the time parked. We only need our cars for a fraction of the day. That means, if your car has autonomous self-driving technology, it can be driving other people around when you’re not using it. In five years, we may only need a fifth of the cars on the road right now.

The technology is being developed in three strategies; camera-based, Lidar and infrastructure-based. The camera-based self-driving used by Tesla is faster to develop and scale but not as accurate as those using Lidar like GM and Waymo. That means Tesla could be the first to launch a nationwide autonomous ride hailing service but the other technologies could come along and eat into its market share.

For the car stocks to buy in this theme, it’s not just about Tesla or the car makers. You want to be watching the stocks at every step of the supply chain like software, hardware, infrastructure and auto makers. I’ll also reveal one car stock everyone is recommending except me, a popular stock that might fall behind because of the self-driving technology it’s developing.

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