These 5 Uranium Stocks are WallStreetBets Favorites!

These five uranium stocks are up an average 67% since my February video and now WallStreetBets investors on Reddit are pushing the prices even higher. What are the short-term and long-term catalysts for these mining stocks and how much higher can they go?

It’s been six months since recommending these uranium mining stocks and every single one has jumped more than 54% with one up more than 110% in that time. I highlighted the long-term supply and demand picture for uranium in the last video, pointing to an imbalance that sent stock prices to the moon. In this video, I’ll review that long-term potential and show you the short-term catalysts like buying from the Sprott Uranium Trust and WallStreetBets investors that could send shares higher.

Understand, there is more risk in these stocks than when I covered them in February. Back then, they were extremely cheap and nobody was watching uranium stocks. Now prices have jumped higher and it seems everyone is talking. I still like the long-term potential and there could still be short-term upside as well but the risk to prices coming back down is higher.

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That long-term outlook on uranium stocks is still intact. We just don’t have enough uranium mining and what there is, is done mostly in countries we don’t want to depend on. These uranium miners have U.S. and North American production.

Buying since August for the Sprott Uranium Trust helped push prices higher and got the attention of investors. It was soon after that investors on WallStreetBets and other Reddit forums started watching. They’re now trying to force short squeezes in these stocks to push the prices higher.

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