THESE 5 PRINTABLES are guaranteed to sell on Etsy in 2024 | Etsy digital products to sell online

it's no surprise that digital and printable products continue to Skyrocket on Etsy as Shoppers are more and more looking for files that they can purchase instantly download and print out themselves at home in fact the term printable is searched over 25,000 times a month on Etsy so there's no question that printable products are going to be in high demand this coming year but which kinds well today I'm spilling the tea on the top five printable niches that are guaranteed to make sales on Etsy in the coming months so that you can start planning ahead to make that passive income now before we dive in I want to let you know I've linked my free digital product starter guide in the video description below in case you're interested in digital products as a whole and you just need some tips on how to get started with your digital products business including what different types of digital products there are sizing resolution aspect ratio all of the different things that you'll need to know to get started and that's completely for free so you definitely can click through on that link after watching this video and download that guide to help you get started all right let's jump from right into our first printable Niche that's guaranteed to make a lot of sales on Etsy this coming year and that is to sell educational printables when I say educational principles I'm specifically talking about two different Target customers here number one is for homeschooling parents who need resources to support them in their homeschooling and number two is classroom teachers specifically for toddlers preschool and Elementary age there are a lot of different types of printable products that overlap for both different types of Target customers in this Niche things like posters games activities flashcards planners and bookmarks the term homeschool planner has over 2,000 searches per month on Etsy and the term classroom Decor has over 9,000 searches per month so if you can offer different digital file types for these type of printable products that would be useful in supporting a teacher or a parent who's schooling then you're sure to position your shop to make some sales all right and moving on to Niche number two which is event principles these are principal products that someone who's planning a special event with USE events like weddings baby or bridal showers and birthdays Etsy is definitely the go-to marketplace for people planning events so let's go through these each individually to talk about what you as the seller could offer for each of these types of Events first off let's talk weddings one majorly successful printable product in the wedding Niche are wedding invitations this can take the form of a wedding invitation that's customized by you and then the final file sent to the buyer or you could sell wedding invitation templates that are customizable on a template platform this way the buyer would then have access to the template to go in and change the colors the wording the fonts and everything they'd want to change and print it out from there either way you can sell these invitations individually or as a bundle with some supporting files such as RSVP cards or info cards then there's the whole category also of printable decor for weddings things like Signs posters food labels Place cards all of these things can be created as digital files that can then be printed out to be used for the event the term wedding invitation has a monthly search volume of over 38,000 on Etsy this Niche is definitely not leaving the scene anytime soon going along with this there are also printable products for showers things like baby showers and bridal showers like we just talked about you've got invitations and Decor but you've also got another popular subn here which are printable activities and games these could be things like trivia cards or Bingo cards something that the participants at the shower can easily print out and play together in another huge sub Niche within this larger events Niche are birthday items the term birthday card has searched over 99,900 times per month on Etsy we're also looking at things like principal invitations thank you cards games and activities and birthday specific Decor pieces which would be things like Signs posters and food labels now if you think the idea of creating some of these printables is interesting and intriguing to you and you'd want to try it but you have no clue where to start then let me introduce you to one of my favorite websites to design design on K so when I'm starting a design on K I could come to create a new design and I can choose one of their pre-selected sizes or I can input my own custom size in pixels inches or millimeters so let's say I want to make a birthday party invitation I might want that to be 5 by 7 in so I could input that right here 5 by S and I can also choose the DPI I want so for printables I would definitely want a minimum of 300 DPI and I click create and this gives me my canvas I can work on and I can do pretty much just about anything graphic design wise here on K I can choose elements or text to upload I can change the background color so I might come in here and select a background color I like for this and let's say I want to make a birthday party invitation for a younger child I might come to elements and I can look at all of their different categories which have a lot of fun different shapes and elements but I can also search for something specific so I'm going to type in balloons and then I can look through all of their balloon images that I can use and click on the one that I want to add to my design and once I have that where I want it I can come over to add some text so again I could either add my own or choose from some of their font pairings that are already available so if I choose this one for instance I'll go ahead and add that to my canvas I can resize this and I can change what it says so for this I might say you're invited I can get rid of or change any part of this that I want and then I can also change this text so I can change the font that's used here and I can even transform it so if I wanted to make this invited line a little bit curved I could click on curve and then I can use these little dots to transform this text into whatever shape that I'd like there are lots of fun Transformations available here like angling Arch rise wave and I can use this little slider to transform it even further as well K also has some really great AI tools which is their ax1 logo generator I could come over here and generate a logo for my business based on what I'm thinking so I could type in a description like modern logo with name Southern floral Co I icon should be a flower with triangle behind and here it's generated some different logos for me which I can choose if I like one of them to add to my canvas and here I've got a logo that I can work with and continue to transform so I could select one layer let's say the text

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