These 5 Mindset Shifts Made Me A Millionaire at 28

if the original plan for my life had worked out the way that it was supposed to I would have been working twice as hard as I am right now for less than half the pay in a job that left me completely miserable at the end of each day you see when I went to college I thought it was the only way you either went to college and you spent 40 years working up that corporate ladder or you spent your life homeless this black and white to me that's all it was and there was no other way outside of those two options I always had this feeling somewhere that it wasn't right right that I wasn't made for that system but because it was black and white it was either homeless or that and I obviously chose the other route now for me it was one single book that changed the entire way that I viewed the world and set me up on a trajectory To Be A Millionaire at 28 and hopefully retire while I still have hair now since reading that book I've had five other major major shifts in my life that have made that number possible and this video is going to go over each of them let's dive in the first thing that I did was I figured out the game of assets and this was the biggest game changer for me this is what I learned in that book and the book was Rich Dad Poor Dad now I read that book in a Time my life when I had very little going for me in fact the whole reason I was reading that book was I was hoping I would learn to make money fast now that's not what happened but it did have some very serious tweaks to the way I thought that have completely changed the way that I've run my entire life now if you're familiar with that book he tells you to spend your life gaining assets and what an asset is is an asset is something that puts money in your pocket it's something that makes you money but either way assets make you money and he tells you to obtain assets as soon as humanly possible in life because assets grow and they expound let me show you a little bit of math here so I've talked a few times in a few videos about a real estate project that I got into just a few years ago the real estate project was in Memphis it was just one single house that I bought for about a hundred and fifty thousand dollars now the way the numbers worked on that piece of real estate is I used a company called dfy real estate that set up the entire thing for me they set up Property Management they set up everything and I was able to put in a lump sum now what's happening is that piece of real estate is paying for itself it pays itself off every month and it also puts 300 a month in my pocket and that's after it pays for Property Management it pays for everybody to do all the work so that I don't have to be involved in any way in the actual management of this property now that's all good and great and in 30 years that property will probably be worth 250 to 300 000 which is great and I'll own it completely but let me talk about the exponential side of assets because what we can do is we can actually take the money that we're making from that asset right 300 a month and then as well as appreciation and in three years which is about how long it's been since I own that asset we can take that money out right the money we've made and the appreciation we can pull it out and we can buy a second asset okay we can buy a second house just like the first one with the same numbers running then we do the same thing three to six years we pull out all the money we're making from that and we buy a third one and in 10 20 30 years you can have a real estate portfolio of 10 15 houses that are all bringing in 300 a month paying themselves off and eventually turning into 200 to 300 000 assets and that's all being done on autopilot you think about it one time a year at tax season when you hand your account in a piece of paper now that's all fun and good especially in stocks and real estate that's all stuff we're somewhat familiar with but this book specifically showed me that this could apply right now to my career I was currently focused on finding a job where I could take my time and I could trade that time for money and I could do that for 40 years and then hopefully retire but now I changed my focus and instead of exchanging my time for money for my entire life I decided to start creating Assets in my life that would produce money and that meant my career as well my entire career has been built around producing assets that make money if you look at my YouTube channel I've got 200 little assets each of these little assets is a video and each of these videos gets views every day it makes me money from ads it makes me money from leads it does all kinds of things for me without me having to be involved because it's an asset and my blog is the same exact way my blog is literally the exact same story as real estate where I put in some money I built up a Blog my blog now is actually generating enough money to run itself as well as make additional money and I can take that additional money and start another blog and again I can build up Assets in my business the same way that I was building Assets in my personal life the next thing is to actually get comfortable being uncomfortable so I'm doing that right right now for you guys in this terrible little chair but this is something I really struggled with and my entire life I feel like I've sought after Comfort everything I've done has been with the goal of getting more comfortable right and that's the way a lot of us work that's the way we are programmed to think a lot of times as people is we want to seek out comfort and we we make decisions based on what will make us the most comfortable and I'm telling you right now that needs to change I grew exponentially once I started to get better and better at seeking out uncomfortable situations that I knew would have good results it was about eight months ago that I was asked to go join a mastermind up in Boise with the click funnels crew and The Mastermind had a lot of people that were well well beyond me in their business we're talking 50 million dollar businesses 100 million dollar businesses and Not only was I asked to attend but I was asked to speak on the stage for 10 to 15 minutes about the subject of my choice and it was optional they said you can if you would like and I was terrified and I said I would not like and in the end I said okay I would like actually I would like to do it I got comfortable being uncomfortable I was terrified to walk on of that stage and teach these people that were so far beyond me in terms of business something that I was doing in my business now has happened so often in these situations for me at the end of that Mastermind I had conversations with multiple people who were well beyond me in their business conversations to promote my product conversations for me to promote their products relationships I met Grant Cardone I had personal conversations with Russell Brunson so many good things came because I was willing to get 10 m

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