The World’s Most Advanced SEO Plugin for WordPress?

Could this be the most advanced SEO plugin for WordPress?

➡️ New organic traffic methods:

Thousands of bloggers, webmasters and digital marketers are ditching Yoast and flocking to this new plugin because of the sheer amount of features available.

Today you will learn:

The most advanced SEO plugin for WordPress
Alternative to Yoast
– V.7 caused sites to plummet in 2018
One user reported a 25,000 increase in traffic with this
It's 100% free to use
And the developers promise features will stay free
Follow me step by step as I install and use it for the first time

Why use an SEO plugin?

To get more organic traffic for free
By increasing your position on the Google SERPs
And building an authority website
That converts traffic into profit

This SEO plugin works for:

Bloggers & content creators
Portfolio sites
Community sites
Small business sites
E-commerce sites

But why listen to me?

Laughed out of my first SEO job interview in 1998
Worked for the UK’s biggest B2B Internet firm in 2001
Specifically SEO & web design
Went self employed in 2004
Built a hobby site to 4 million hits a month
Worked with globally recognised figures

This is, in my option the best SEO plugin for WordPress that I have ever seen.

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