The Only 2 Business Credit Cards You Need

I own a small business that's probably better described as a tiny business cuz I only have two total employees but I still have almost 4 million rewards points on my top two business credit cards and by the end of this video you'll know exactly what cards I picked and how I was able to do that with those cards now when I came up with the idea of this video I almost sat down and made one of those top five videos right top five credit cards for small businesses but then I had kind of a pause moment and I sat back and realized why am I even talking about three of these credit cards when there are two of these cards that are just so clearly the winners there's no point in talking about the other three and since this is absolutely not a blog post made by a dumb AI it's a video made by a slightly less dumb person we're going to cut all the fluff and just talk about the two cards that you really need now I hope it's okay if I take a little bit of a detour and explain why these cards are so much better than what you're seeing out there cuz if you just look at these side by-side comparisons that you see on blogs and charts and things like that it's really hard to pick these ones make a lot of sense and this is why there's something called points value that's out there and a lot of these blogs try to go out and establish what the real value of a single reward point with a lot of these different companies is there's two major reasons that some cards rewards points are worth a lot more than other cards rewards points to the point of sometimes double or even triple what another card is worth and the big reason for that is transfer bonuses for example right now I could take some Chase rewards points and I could transfer them over to IH G1 rewards and I I get a 60% bonus for that transfer meaning that each of my Chase rewards points is worth 1.6 points when I transfer them over right there's a big bonus that comes now if if you don't know what IHG is they own a lot of popular hotels like Regal like Holiday Inn things that you've probably heard of and stayed in and you can get basically almost double the rewards points if you just move them directly over to IHG from Chase another example is right now I could take those same Chase rewards points and I could send them to British Airways now British Airways actually is partnered up with Alaskan Air and I can use those points to book an Alaskan Air flight to Hawaii for about half the points that I could use directly if I booked inside of Chase's portal now this effectively makes each of those rewards points worth twice as much as they would be worth so as we're diving in here it's important to understand that we're looking at these credit cards from that perspective and understanding that background now the second thing I want to say is some of these uh credit cards have incredible deals but only for the first 100 200 300,000 points or dollars spent so if some of these have some really killer bonuses but it only works for a certain amount spent you can always create another LLC or if you have another LLC run it through that and once again you can restart or Refresh on those awesome deals that only count for the first certain amount spent so let's dive in here and look at number one that's the chase Inc business preferred hopefully I'm covering that up well in this uh video now Chase is a great example of their points being worth a lot more than they're worth just directly in your Chase account you can see right here nerwal estimates that you can get up to 2.2 points per point if you use them correctly that means if you have $10,000 worth of travel rewards that you've earned you can actually stretch it and make it work into $22,000 in travel rewards now in terms of credit cards I think this card is one of the most affordable ones if you don't like paying monthly or yearly fees for the card it's going to be 95 bucks a year you get 100,000 bonus points after you spend $88,000 in your first 3 months which is a hefty bonus but where I think this card really has shined for me and where we've been able to rake in a lot of points as you can see it does 3x points on shipping purchases advertising purchases internet cable and travel the big ones probably here will be travel and advertising if you spend money on paid ads this is an incredible card we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on paid ads and so what's happening here is we're taking this $100,000 with the paid ads we're 3x in it so we're turning that $100,000 into 3 100,000 reward points but then we're able to take those rewards points we're using them wisely and we're turning that into almost $7,000 in travel rewards two other big things I like about Chase is you can actually book directly through Chase so you can use them as your travel agency and they'll still do 1.25x meaning that you'll still get more than a 1:1 ratio on each of your points which no one else offers and if you're just someone that likes the cash back option then you can take these rewards points and you can do a one to1 ratio payoff meaning you can pay off your credit card purchases with these points now most cash back cards usually do some between 1 and 2% but if most of your money is being spent on ads you can see you can 3x your points and then you can use that to pay off your credit card balance and essentially you're getting a 3% cash back which most people don't offer now you have to remember with this Chase card that you earn three points per dollar only on the first $150,000 spent in a year now it's important to understand between this and the second card we're going to talk about Chase resets on an anniversary meaning if I sign up in September that 150,000 will reset the next September and it's different with each card and so the next card is actually quite different and depending on when you're watching this video might depend on which card is best to sign up for right now so let's move on to that second card and at the end we'll talk about timing and which one might be best for you depending on when you're watching this video now that card is the American Express business gold card this card's cool because I signed up for this about 8 months ago and we've already got well over a million rewards points even better the reason this is my favorite card is nerdwallet's estimating that one single reward Point can be worth almost 2.8 reward points if used properly transferring into everything $10,000 in rewards equals $28,000 now the American Express business goal does have a higher annual fee it's almost $400 you can see right here so if you're not spending much at all this one may not be the card for you but if you're spending a fair amount of money you're going to find that you go way above and beyond earning your money back if that's the case so the number one thing is their current signup bonus you can see is 150,000 membership rewards points that wasn't available when I signed up I got the 70,000 but where

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