THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS #4 – Powerful Motivational Video for Success

they looked at the most successful men and women of the world and they found that they had like seven eight things in common and one of the things they all had in common was a routine failing to prepare was preparing to fail the night before a game i ate the same food i went to bed at the same time i got up i ate the same breakfast so the routine and the preparation some people call it superstition but it's a routine the stronger your mindset is the greater your skill set is going to be we remember the stuff we earn the stuff we experience more than what the teacher tells us or what someone gives us for free a company is simply a group of people as a leader of people you have to be a great listener you have to be a great motivator you have to be very good at praising and looking for the best in people you think people you think warren buffett reading just to be read the majority of you are poor because you read poor stuff everything was done to try to learn how to become a better basketball player everything everything and so when you have that point of view then literally the world becomes your library to help you to become better at your craft it's what goes on between this year and this year and in our hearts that determine our lives out there there's no there's no world out there except what's going on here i think it's important that you really like whatever you're doing if you don't like it life is too short if i'm lying to you about who i am or i'm lying to you about whatever there's no starting point there's a false reality right you have to create the real reality it's a good separation for me you know emotionally to be able to put myself in a place where at practice or when i'm training or during games i switch my mind to something else i became number one in the world i became a millionaire not because i made more money i became a millionaire because they told me millionaires only live off of 30 of their income i became a millionaire because i did what millionaires did i stopped living off a hundred percent what does it mean time is money right how do you multiply time how do you buy time rich people buy time most of people watching this thing should either not be in business if they've got one or close the down if they got one because you got in business for all the wrong reasons and you don't have the balls to close them down because of what other people are going to say you don't you have no idea how limitless it is when you're not afraid of what other people think or say you have no idea there's not two people watching this thing that even has a concept of what it is to act as if you have no limits to your abilities zero i wrote a book and uh called the millionaire booklet wrote that book in two hours it was translated 38 languages for free because of my social my social media standing around the world i just asked a bunch of people can you help me 38 languages and literally in one month the whole book was produced written translated like you need friends counter-intuitive 50-page pamphlet type book yeah you're making not the new york times bestseller yeah where'd that come from another contrarian again again like like the book publishers you know they're they're dying they're they're they're they're they're come on man that's antiquated that you don't even count digital downloads like what's wrong with you right so give them something they can read in a couple hours give him something 19 months to write my last book because the publisher was involved okay i'm not supposed to write a book while i'm writing a book so i wrote a booklet okay wrote the booklet in two hours the booklet made more money in 19 days than the other book made in 19 months and was translated translated in 38 languages the other book that took 19 months publishers editors but you know all this energy all this wasted freaking energy and money still hasn't been translated so speed see i'm now back to how fast can i work compressed time time is money most people don't don't even understand the concept like what does that even mean they say it but they don't know what it means yeah oh it's a cute saying it's a perfect t-shirt but they're not actually applying it to their life no they're like what does that mean man what does it mean time is money right how do you multiply time how do you buy time rich people buy time so never say i can't afford it i would my rich dad forbid his son and me to say the words i can't he says ask yourself how can i so you know like the reason i have so much money is because i don't say i can't do it i just go how can i do it and i just go and do it i make a lot of mistakes but that's how i learn how can i the poorest the poor people like my poor dad always said i can't afford it do you think i made up money i'm a school teacher i can't do that and i picked that up and my rich dad never said those words so when i meet poor people they use the words i can't a lot [Music] you know it's like my wife kim is gorgeous you know absolutely drop dead gorgeous the first thing i said is she won't go out with me you know my friends kept saying she'll never go out with you and i said well if i let that stop me she never will so i asked her out for six months so do that i mean it's what goes on between this year and this year and in our hearts that determine our lives out there there's no there's no world out there except what's going on here so the people that say i can't afford it i can't do this i can't get the college the rich are evil you know i choose not to participate that and that's one thing people could change today correct right now is that dialogue in their head stop saying the word can't i can't right so how can how can i especially as in i can't afford it how can i afford that because that opens them up to looking at it as an investment to a greater future right you know when i borrowed 300 million dollars i couldn't do it when until i went to ask and i got turned down so many times i said you know and every time i show the bank of my financials and they go sorry i said look do me a favor why did you turn me down and he tell me if this is out your numbers are out here so if i get these numbers fixed can i come see you again he goes sure and he turned me down again but i didn't go back and i put i'd make i make sure the numbers were real and fix it so it's called rejection you know same as my wife rejected me for six months it's just a matter of personal willpower which is spiritual just saying if they can do it i can do it and how can i how can i and i think as you once said words become flesh yep you think people you think warren buffett reading just to be read the majority of you are poor because you read poor stuff you watch poor stuff you on instagram watching fights you just scrolling through like you ain't got a life for real some of y'all on instagram you're on there for 30 minutes if i ask you what you saw you only know you're just scrolling through that's a poverty mindset [Music] rich people don't waste time they realize it's their most important commodity they don't watch a lot of tv they don't do a lot of entertainment if they're not working they're studying their craft and getting better at their craft oh you okay i'm sorry okay let me say it one more time there was a language that i needed to learn does it does it mean i need to abandon the learn the language that i learned absolutely not does it mean i need to put on a certain type listen to me when i do corporate i promise you i look like this i probably don't look this good sometimes i got on shorts and a t-shirt in corporate why because i don't need to necessarily conform they're not asking me to come to dress up but i'm so good at what i do they don't even require a suit are you hearing what i'm saying some of us don't want to wear a suit but you're not on that level though or you want to wear a suit and act as if your suit is going to compensate for what you are inferior at your suit don't your suit don't make your language sweet real some of you wearing suits because you think like you're going to impress somebody with a suit and you might get in the door but sooner or whoa what are you later i was like i'm quitting my mom's like don't you dare quit you're going to embarrass me you got a wife and kids does youtube have insurance does youtube have a 401k and i was like yo ma i'm trying to be funny and i ain't trying to be disrespectful i love you but you can't teach me how to be a millionaire because you're not one [Music] you come from the working class and i'm not mad at you ma we wouldn't be where we are without you but you told me that every generation is supposed to get better so i'll take your values but i won't take your work ethic because rich people don't work they think the working class will never get rich it wasn't designed oh yeah okay listen to me this country became a wealthy country because they had employees they didn't have to pay that's not that's not that's not like a rocket science so when this country had to start paying people they want to pay the lease the three percent that run the world they're not trying let me let me tell you how i know i'm from detroit we just laid off 15 000 workers and the president of gm she just got 22 million dollars we got 22 million dollars to get one person when we land off 15 000 people and we took their health care that's already paid for no disrespect to nobody and i ain't playing no victim because i'm not a victim rich people don't work they think poor people work poor people go clock in i make this much an hour rich people go i put them to work and i make this much in a house see what happens is you're working for you and your family one they got 40 of you working at one time so they giving you 20 and they keeping the 80 off of 15 000 people that's enough to have 22 million dollars so what you have to decide is are you going to keep being the 99 are you ready to be a part of the one percent because it doesn't make a difference where you come from high school dropout it doesn't make a difference when you come from ged it doesn't make a difference where you come from sleeping in abandoned buildings it doesn't make a difference where you come from a 17 year old mom that got pregnant it doesn't make a difference when you come from south side of chicago it doesn't make a difference where you come from pretty much raised in detroit it doesn't make a difference where you come from took 12 years to get a four-year degree it doesn't take a make a difference you know what makes a difference what makes a difference is when you become a 99 or a 1 and when i start thinking like acting like and behaving like a one percenter everything changed is that clear i'm here to talk about success [Music] the first rule of success is to have a vision you see if you don't have a vision of where you go and if you don't have a goal where you go you drift around and you never end up anywhere i mean as you know i was born in 1947 in austria after the second world war so i was very fortunate that i stumbled under my vision and i didn't really like austria when i grew up i couldn't wait to get out of there i couldn't see myself becoming a farmer or a worker in a factory or anything like that even though my parents wanted me to stay there and have a normal life but that was their vision not mine my vision was totally different i felt that i was born for something special for something unique for something big then one day i went to school i remember was 11 years old and they showed a documentary about america there they showed this documentary the huge skyscrapers the high rises the huge bridges the six lane freeways and all of this stuff in the same reserve that's where i want to be i don't want to be around here with these little farm houses and these little buildings i want to be in america one day after school i walked by a store in graz so i went inside and i looked around and then i saw a magazine it's a bodybuilding magazine that had reg park on the cover reg park was then a three-time mister universe and i saw him on the big screen as hercules i read that and i said to myself wow this is the blueprint for my life this is exactly what i want to do i want to become a bodybuilding champion just like rage park i want to get into movies just like rich park and i want to make millions of dollars and be rich and famous just like reg park do you know how great it felt that i knew where i was going imagine the majority of people don't know where they're going i knew where i was going that i'm going to become this bodybuilding champion just like him so it was just a question of how do you do it i was so relieved because when you have a goal when you have a vision everything becomes easy so people always ask me when they saw me in the gym in the pumping iron days they said why is it that you're working out so hard five hours a day six hours a day and you have always a smile on your face and i told people all the time i said because to me i'm shooting for gold in front of me is the mr universe title so every rep that i do gets me closer to accomplishing that chord to make this core this vision turn into reality every single set that i do every repetition every weight that i lift will get me a step closer to turn this goal into reality so i couldn't wait to do another 500 pound squat i couldn't wait to do another 500 pound bench press i couldn't wait to do another 2 000 reps of sit-ups i couldn't wait for the next exercise with the age of 20 i went to london and i won the mr universe contest as the youngest mr universe ever and it was because i had a goal [Applause] so let me tell you something visualizing your goal and going after it makes it fun you've got to have a purpose no matter what you do in life you've got to have a purpose but you have to do something every day that scares you scares you and um and that's uh a takeoff from helen keller who said or not said uh she was deaf dumb everything she couldn't do anything and she said every day she did something to scare herself well if you and i had all those afflictions just getting out of bed would be scary enough and so i decided that one of the differentiations between the people that got the most out of the the week-long seminar and the year-long free mentoring for me is people that really pressed themselves hard so i translated that into they've got to do something and list it what they did to scare themselves every single day is that the essence of really what you do is getting people to take more risk or to get out of their comfort zones and then the wealth comes later it's not just out of their comfort zones it's the change of reality okay you know your reality is different than my reality and you know your followers realities are all different uh but it's to change your reality and to make yourself uh accountable that's not just getting outside your comfort zone making yourself accountable okay uh not just accountable not accountable to somebody else accountable to you me you know yourself because that's the ultimate uh ultimately that's the only person you should be accountable to is yourself and we grow up in my judgment wrongly that the that we don't hold ourselves accountable enough we just don't we we've learned to come up with reasons why we can't do this reasons why it's okay not to do this reasons why you didn't follow up on time reasons why i told the guy i'd get back to him by wednesday it's now friday oh it's the weekend i'll now get back to him till you know on monday and uh life has gotten simpler now with the internet and with email and the things where the communication is almost instant you think it should be easier but it's not i use the analogy 25 30 years ago you're going to buy a 100 million company your due diligence would be three four five weeks and it'd take you three four five weeks to close the deal okay a month and a half six to eight weeks with the internet it should take less time because the information is instantaneous it takes us twice as long to close a deal now twice as long there's no reason for that things haven't gotten twice as complicated but somebody has to put their name on the line somebody wants to push off the accountability somebody would rather have brian sign off on it so i go home early on a thursday knowing you're going to come in early on a monday and your signature will be on the document instead of mine because i don't want to be accountable and so the kids today have this need it's like this thirst for for guidance and the kids do better in the year-long mentor program than the older kids so the kids in their teens and twenties uh do better than the guys in their 40s and 50s that's because the guys in their 40s and 50s got a lot of baggage bad habits bad habits you know and it's tough to get rid of them and the um you know motivation gets you started good habits keep you going most people just have piss poor habits and you know i've had these same habits for about 50 years now okay about 50 years and i don't even think about it i mean it's just like brushing my teeth taking a shower i just do it and uh and i and one of the other interviews that uh i did with you i said when i do feel whimpish which isn't too often i just say come on and and i just go out and do it uh and and and i do that about my entire life uh everything about it and and and i know that if i had to build up these habits 20 30 years ago you know at age 70 i certainly wouldn't be doing this i don't fail very often i i do fail you're pretty open about all the failures yeah i'm not ashamed of them right that's who that's what's made me who i am you said failure is just testing correct it's just testing and i don't know and i'm quick to pull the trigger two ways i'm quick to pull the trigger and trying something and i'm quick to pull the trigger and closing something just turn the key what does that mean turn the key turn the key means close the business most of the people watching this thing should either not be in business if they've got one or close the down if they got one because you got in business for all the wrong reasons and you don't have the balls to close them down because of what other people are going to say you don't you have no idea how limitless it is when you're not afraid of what other people think or say you have no idea there's not two people watching this thing that even has a concept of what it is to act as if you have no limits to your abilities zero lack of self-esteem lack of self-worth now they think they have self-worth they think because they've made a few bucks but in actuality and when they measure it against the other eight ten twelve people sitting around the table they realize or they start to question hell maybe i was just lucky now all of us when you're only a one-trick guy or gal think was i lucky now i've done it so many times i know i'm i wasn't lucky i might have been lucky the first time but i haven't been lucky the 15 20 45 i know that okay but maybe i was lucky the first time but my life changed when i went i was pretty much a haphazard kid got a lot of trouble got arrested four or five times thrown in jail and this is with my dad as a cop but then i went i volunteered for the draft um in 1966 at the height of the vietnam war and uh i went to ocs and that changed my life because it was the really first real high performance thing that i could measure myself against other with other people two-thirds of all fortune 500 ceos have one thing in common military background really two-thirds of those two-thirds have something else martial arts what do you learn in martial arts brian discipline focus a lot of people don't believe they deserve to be there i convince them and we have these drills why you belong there a lot of people that come there you know with money that have made money think they made it by accident right i just had one of my superstars who's made a hundred million bucks tell me in the last week you know i'm not sure i'm going to have another lucky accident and i said you did it i mean you know you tried a lot of things i believe thomas edison i would i wouldn't have done it ten thousand times okay i would hire an engineer from mit to do it but i mean uh i've tried a lot of things nobody's failed at more things than i have and the first hundred million are successes but i could write a book about failures that would be i mean because i've tried a lot of different things because failure is just testing and uh one of the reasons i've been so successful in generating this equity and value in my kids and i call you all kids is because i convince him that making a mistake is okay your parents probably told you you can be anything you want but you can't that's horse you can't if it's all juxtaposed [Music] so but what you tell him is that you can do anything you want that you have passion for because that eliminates most of the crap because most people don't follow their dream you know like they say in the sound of music you can't have a dream come true unless you have a dream now i still dream i dream of technicolor i say my affirmations and goals every single night it's bloody hard to be a high performance person 74 percent hate their job in america now there's not much different when you come to europe the majority of people don't like what they're doing because they're really not doing it because they didn't have a goal and they followed the score they just aimlessly drift around and then all of a sudden there's a job opening so they get their job because you have to work but then when you work it's a chore it's work it's not fun so if you think about only a quarter of the people really enjoy what they're doing in life that is unbelievable if you think about it so i felt so blessed that i knew what i was doing it's like a medical student that studies and knows he wants to become a doctor you know where to go and the same thing is also in politics i remember that in politics i had a very clear vision [Music] that i will be the leader of california this is as far as i could go because i was not born in america so i could not run for president so being the governor of the fifth largest state of i should say the largest state the fifth largest economy in the world was for me really the ultimate title the ultimate accomplishment in politics so even though people came up to me says why don't you go and run for something smaller you're never gonna make it i ran for governor and then two months later i became governor of the state of california again because i had a very clear vision what i'm gonna do with california so that's rule number one have a vision rule number two is don't listen to the naysayers don't listen to the naysayers everything i ever did the thing that they heard out of people's mouth was that's impossible that can't be done or no that is exactly what i heard and of course i proved to the people that it can't be done so whenever someone said to me it can't be done i heard it can be done when they said no i heard yes and when they said it's impossible i heard it is possible i'm a strong believer what nelson mandela said that everything is always impossible until someone does it well i'm gonna be the one that said to myself i'm gonna do it and i'm gonna show it to them maybe it has never been done before that's perfectly fine with me but i'm gonna do it and i did not listen to the naysayers success means different things to different people for some success might be financial achievements becoming a millionaire for example for some it might mean accolades for sportsmen it may mean trophies championships or medals for some being successful might simply mean achieving a state of wellness health or happiness whatever it means to you take note of these 10 habits of all successful people they apply to any area and any meaning of success number one they set goals you've probably never met a successful person who doesn't set goals because the chances of you finding what you want without a clear target to move forward are right around zero if you don't know where you're going you will end up some place you didn't plan to be setting goals should be the number one priority for anyone seeking success define exactly what it is you want your end goal break down exactly what is required to get there many goals make sure your why your reason for doing what you must do is strong so when you hit those roadblocks when things go wrong as they always do you have the strength and purpose to keep going number two they take responsibility for their life another key attribute of all successful people is they take complete responsibility for the success and the failures in their life unlike the majority they never play the victim role if something doesn't work out they don't blame others they learn the lesson learn one more way not to do something and move on quickly your energy is always best spent in the present and planning for the future your thought process should always be how can i make this work and what can i learn from this never living in the past or making excuses as to why you aren't where you should be remember everyone suffers setbacks everyone has the opportunity to either blame others in circumstances or to focus on moving on and creating a better future regardless of what has happened you decide what you do now number three they have great self-discipline discipline is a strong trait of all successful people and it is one that can be developed with consistent use anyone that works from home or unsupervised knows the importance of self-discipline when you are alone will you choose to go through social media watch cat videos on youtube or do something that will be beneficial for your future it is much easier to have discipline if you have clear goals and a meaningful purpose something that is much more important than meaningless distractions number four they are obsessed with self-development you can't really claim to be successful if you have given up working on yourself this doesn't mean you are never satisfied just that you know it is human nature to want to grow and learn new things be open to learn new things and develop your mind through mentors audiobooks and reading the more you learn the more you will earn financially and spiritually number five they read a lot reading is a common pastime of many highly successful people the majority these days can't sit alone for two minutes without becoming bored picking up their phone to go on social media probably to post about how bored they are successful people however are almost always happy to be alone to be alone in quiet to have the opportunity to read or listen to something that will benefit their mind and their future if you're not a reader try audio books you can play them in your car in the gym or while you shower and use time that might normally be wasted to gain new skills new strengths number six they manage their time well time management is essential to success unsuccessful people usually get stressed and overwhelmed when there are too many tasks on their to-do list successful people are rarely phased they prioritize the big payoff and most rewarding tasks first and leave the insignificant ones to last knowing it matters most to do the most valuable tasks first successful people plan in advance days weeks months ahead knowing clearly what needs to be done to complete their jobs and reach their goals number seven they take risks if you don't buy a ticket you can't win the raffle if you don't take big risks you can't achieve big rewards successful people know that there will be times they will need to take risks in order to get where they need to go often most people won't take those same risks for fear of failure however the greater failure to successful people would be that of regret risk going for the life you want or guarantee living with one you don't want [Music] number eight they keep going when they suffer failure and setbacks we all suffer setbacks every single person that attempts to live their dream life will suffer through failure many of them might even lose everything most quit the successful never quit they keep going knowing their greatest character is formed in adversity knowing their success story is being written in every moment and it will be especially good now they have a comeback story number nine they find a way to win successful people find a way period whatever life throws their way they deal with it dodge it smash through it whatever is required they find a way to win it's the whatever it takes mentality it's the confidence in knowing whatever happens i will give my all and leave nothing on the table i will find a way to win number 10 they do what they love if you're not doing what you love you can't really claim yourself a success spending the majority of your working hours also known as the majority of your life doing things you hate for money is not successful living it's torture to the soul if you need to suffer doing something you don't like to get to a life you love do that but do not lose sight of exactly that your ultimate purpose find your life purpose think of all the things you love to do more than anything in the world then brainstorm how you can turn those passions into profit doing what you love every day even if you are taking a pay cut it will be worth it do what you love every day and you will never work a day in your life you