The Keys To Success | Motivated +

my mother was a Sunday school teacher for 40 years when she was living she's always tell me she said God blesses you to become a blessing I didn't get it back then because I ain't had that so he blessed me one mama we got nothing she said well one day son you're gonna be different I'm standing here today because I learned something I just try to tell people some real basic stuff to succeed you do not have to be educated to succeed so you can quit beating yourself up about your lack of education education ain't in the Bible Harvard ain't in there you see a laying in there now if you want to be a doctor lawyer scientist dentist you got to go to school we understand that but if you gifted with your hands of healing you do that but what about if you like me what if you like you what if you day in a school person what you gonna do suppose you got a learning disability cause you're dyslexic cause you just don't get you you know I just didn't get math once you got past adding subtraction multiplication and division you lose me I don't know I only know what I know I learned to identify this gift of mind and this gift has made room for me now I've told you that but here is the other thing once you identify your guilt you have got to write this information down if you do not have a vision board if you don't have a dream list I am Telling You you are complicating your process to getting what you want in life you're complicating it because you are missing because maybe nobody ever told you or maybe you don't think that it applies to you but a simple principle of success is that it has to be written down somewhere Oprah was on TV for 30 years talking about these vision boards Oprah she got a billion dollars I'm not she has my attention not like I said earlier you don't got to be rich to be happy maybe your goal is not to make a million dollars that's cool but maybe you just need 150,000 maybe you just need 200,000 I'm telling you you have to write this information down I don't care what church you go to synagogue temple mosque if you don't write it down chances of it happening is slim could that be the one thing that's holding you back if I'm telling you this or do with no education I can't read a business periodical my hair to explode I don't even know what they talking about it's not what I do too many times people have you focusing on your weaknesses you wasting your time you ain't got to strengthen that work on what you good at if you focus on what you good at you'll make enough money you hire somebody to be what you ain't I got all kinds of people read numbers and contracts and all that cuz I can't do it but I hire them listen man you've got to write this information down let me tell you what the reason writing it down is important because it plants the information in your subconscious that means right exactly what you want don't deviate be clear if you want phone cause it's nothing wrong we won't full card if you won't three houses you can have three houses why not why why you can't why you just can't get a home what kind of god you serve well he won't give you a half it's just a house somebody asked me the other day they saw my vision board and said man well your dream car they in the driveway [Music] they've been marked off the vision board long time ago division boys work I'm not bragging I'm telling you how this work you don't think I got all the TV shows I'm making no money now I'm out here hustling and grinding but I'm willing to work you got to write everything you won't down now if you want like I said you go to school try to get you another degree I don't have one I'm telling you what I did to get here I learned a few scriptures that made some good sense to me you have not cost your ass now so you mean to tell me if I just keep asking you for it and leaving it that's one way to get it okay cool then you tell me faith without works is dead you tell them if I believe in you and I'm willing to work I should have it but I can't believe in it and don't work and I won't get it okay I understand now and then you tell me to write division and make it plain I can do this these are things you can do today that ain't got none that you'll need nobody's permission to succeed to get to God you ain't got to check with nobody he are available to you today you ain't got to get cleared his line ain't busy you can talk to him right now I do it all the time that's how I got here I'm telling you how you can get to where you trying to go now you go get your education if you want to I did it without an education I did it without nobody's money all idea was identified this gift I worked I wrote all of my visions down I read them every morning and every night I instilled them in my head and every time I met somebody they'd say hey man what you trying to do I would tell them one of my visions somebody would always say to me you know I know a guy that's selling them things right there you ought to talk to him I started scratching stuff off my vision board my vision board so vast now if I showed you what was on it you wouldn't even believe it because I dreamed so big I won't so big because the god I serve is being he's not a small God he's a really really big guy he does really really big stuff and I expect him to do really really big stuff for me if somebody who had come from the bottom and got to this position I me told me that this is the way I would try if I was you I would try it I bet you it'll work though t-shirt job [Applause]