The BEST Side Hustle for Women to START NOW + (How To Start!)

hey everybody and business family my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and this side hustle today is gonna be for the ladies I found a side hustle that women especially can start taking advantage of right now now men could technically do this side hustle as well but this side hustle I feel women can take more advantage of and make more money and all you really need for this side hustle is your phone having a laptop would be helpful but it is not 100 necessary for this side hustle you guys already know I'm committed to 100 free education and people charge thousands of dollars for the information that I give you guys for free all I ask in return is that you smash that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to make videos just like this remember if you guys have any questions throughout this video you can leave a comment down in the comment section and I try to respond to all of my comments we live in a new world where you can indeed make make money from your phone and generations before us never had these kinds of opportunities that we have today to make money online not only is this side hustle awesome because you can start doing this with zero dollars and no money at all for this side hustle you do not have to show your face at all if you'd like to show your face I believe it would definitely be an advantage to you but you 100 do not have to but this is something that my friends started doing and she's already made thousands of dollars doing this if I had to rate this side hustle on a scale from really easy to really hard I would honestly rate this to be beginner friendly and more on the easier side than the more difficult side so if you are looking for a side hustle to start with no money no experience and absolutely no college degree this is it and this side hustle is something known as ugc ugc stands for user generated content it's made a thousand dollars in ugc orders on Fiverr in two days I make anywhere from about twelve to fifteen thousand dollars a month doing ugc I made eight thousand dollars in my first month as a UTC Creator I've made a little over two thousand dollars in my first month as a UTC Creator and you can get paid just for taking short videos of products for Brands now before you think you have to show your face for this sort of thing or you have to be some sort of influencer that is 100 false brands are looking for smaller accounts and just your average people to create content we live in a different time now brands do not care about working with influencers like they used to want to and there's actually this new wave of content creation where it doesn't even matter how many followers you have brands are wanting to pay you just for creating videos for them this is because a lot of people know that influencers just do it for the money it's very on authentic and influencers charge a lot of money sometimes tens of thousands of dollars so they are willing to pay smaller creators to create create content for them this usually includes getting free products as well so that's an awesome perk too some Brands will pay you to take pictures of their products others will pay you to take videos of their products or some Brands will even send you free items so not only can you get so many free things in your life from this but you can also make money just for making videos of products I feel like women have a huge advantage to this side hustle just because there's so many different things women can Market online and create videos for it for Brands now men of course can do this side hustle too but I feel like the ladies have more leverage with the side hustle which is why I wanted to introduce it to you guys today my friend that has already made thousands of dollars doing this side hustle she doesn't even post the videos that she makes the brand just wants her to send the videos directly from her after she creates them to them so it's not really even about even posting content so how can you really get started doing this side hustle so the first thing I would do is jump on your phone and download Tick Tock if you have not already create a tick tock account even if you or don't like Tick Tock just trust me then you're gonna find things in your house that you can take videos of or review so when you're making your Tick Tock account make sure that in the title of your Tick Tock account you put ugc Creator this is going to put you on the search and this is what my sister actually did to get her profile on the search so when Brands were looking up ugc creators that's how they actually found her was through tick tock so ladies I know there is something around your house whether it's a hair mask or a makeup product anything in your house that you can use to create any sort of content with I know you have something and for example like a lipstick you would think that this lipstick for example you would have to show your face or your lips to share this lipstick and that's not always true you could create awesome videos with a lipstick like this by showing swatches on your arms or by doing different things or just showing the lipstick at different angles now I do have videos on my YouTube channel sharing how to create viral tick tocks because if you start posting these Tech talks of random products around your house you start reviewing different things I personally would just get them posted on Tick Tock because with Tick Tock you never know who's going to see it if you're new to tiktok you have an equal chance of going viral and you never know what video you might make that goes viral and another brand will see that and say wow they're creating viral content let's pay them for content it and sometimes like I said you don't even have to post it so that's completely up to you and what you negotiate with with the brand now if you do create a tick tock account and you want to start posting reviews or products and things like that to become marketable just make sure that you're not posting things that look unclean or unprofessional on that Tick Tock account if you need to make a new tick tock account in order to create this clean feed then by all means definitely do that because if I was a brand for example and I saw you made a really great video but then I went to your profile it looked a little like unprofessional like you lived in a dirty environment things like that I personally would be turned off so just like don't post too much try to keep a clean professional um Vibe on your Tick Tock account so you can either allow the brands to find you while growing a following and remember guys you can still get paid for tick tock views and Tick Tock live streams so why not if you want to grow a tick tock account just reviewing different products you don't have to show her your face even for that you know why not if you have some extra time on your hands and that's something that you ca

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