STUDY HARD – New Motivational Video for Success & Studying

the rigors of academic life can be brutal long days of classes long nights of studying and low cash flow requires you to be frugal projects case studies pop quizzes and final exams will test your morals and your scruples but you keep pushing and pushing because you know one day all of that hard work and studying will pay off and be fruitful they didn't know that you had that hustle in you they didn't know that the beast that you were becoming they wasn't doing anything but adding more fuel to the fire they ain't understand what it felt like to struggle they didn't understand that the competition was you [Music] all the haters that went against you all the people that doubted you they didn't know who you was becoming you've seen many others succumb to academic demise and wind up with the wrong letter on their transcript the dreaded w which painfully stands for withdrawal but that's why you draw the line because you made a vow to choose incline over decline fast forward over rewind redesign over recline and hard grind over poutine water we made the choice to dig deep within and thus the only w you will ever get will be the w that stands for win because winners like you pick themselves up when they stumble and slip when it's like you understand it it's impossible to never trip winners like you are strong enough to say no when their friends want them to take a sip when it's like you trust the process so steps they never ever try and skip and that chip on your shoulder it remains to remind you of all the doubters naysayers and haters that said you would never walk across that stage and receive that paper but more fuel for your fire just make success so much greater [Music] turn your haters into your motivators and never let anybody else's opinion be bigger than your own [Music] understand the struggles that you go through are helping you to get to your destiny the adversity in heels that you have to run the mountains that you have to climb it's taking you to greatness so i'm telling you don't run from the adversity don't run from the problem because if you don't face it you can become it it's gonna make you stronger it's gonna make you better because you're overcoming the sour taste of now to get to the sweet taste of later you adjust to all the different personalities of your teachers and professors and enjoy those that are super cool but stay mentally prepared for those that are stressors blessings seem to find you because the universe conspires to make sure everything falls into place because you've got so much heart passion and desire your fire keeps burning but at times it starts to fizzle but you remember you owe it to your future self and that gas turns that fizzle into a sizzle you want to leave a legacy and contribute to the greater good so for now it's the uncomfortable discipline and sacrifice because the cash out in the future means today you gotta pay the price so that means when your friends ask can you go your heart wants to say yes but your willpower says no because mr jones thermochemistry 3202 ain't no joke and so you got to be locked in and stay woke because he's all about business and doesn't give any rope so if you miss any assignments or fail any test you have very little hope of passing his class but you will pass this class and you will pass it with flying colors because you my friend are an academic hustler and thus you put in the time the effort and ask all the right questions to make sure all of your bases are covered the vultures will hate you tried to give them vision but they never put on the right frames and thus their sight was blurry and that gray reflected it and now they want to throw shade at you but your shield deflected it you tell them winning in progress over here so please eliminate the negative vibe it's time to remove them from your circle and find yourself a positive tribe because misery loves company but that misery cannot have any of your companionship because everybody on your team is working as a unit to come back and win the championship you owe it to your future self to make money moves in and out of the classroom because time waits for no one and whether you succeed or fail it will pass soon off with character and integrity so your reflection in the mirror is who you want to see your future self is counting on your care itself to set the tone and make sure your future is not only bright but powerful and strong for mediocrity you suit yourself is counting on your current self to never take shortcuts and never lack integrity because a day will come for you to walk with character and have clarity greatness is your destiny but at times you must reboot your mental computer because every step you take today will directly affect the future [Applause] this is a great day to win [Music] [Music] [Music] you