START SELLING ON ETSY in 5 easy steps 💰 (Etsy shop for beginners tutorial 2024)

so you've been wanting to make money online working from home but maybe you feel a bit lost on where to actually start right maybe you've been thinking about selling products on Etsy but feel a little bit overwhelmed at the thought of opening up a shop if that's you you're absolutely in the right place friend as a multiple six-figure seller who's been on the Etsy platform for over eight years I've learned a thing or two about growing a profitable Etsy Shop not only do I want to help you reach Financial Freedom in your life too but I want to give you the shortcuts that I had to learn the hard way to get you there faster and part of that is starting your shop right from day one so in this video I'm breaking down the five steps that you'll need to take to get started on Etsy if you're wanting to open up shop and start making sales online today all right let's talk about step number one which is to decide on your product type think of products that can be sold on Etsy in two main categories physical and digital the physical product category would include anything from handmade items to print on demand items that are physical to Vintage and even partying craft supplies digital products can be be thought of into subcategories which would be instant downloads and made to order files instant downloads are any digital files that you've already created that are uploaded to your Etsy listing so when the customer purchases they can instantly download the file and have it to use it requires no customization on your end so it's literally just a ready to go file for them a made to order digital file on Etsy is where your customer purchases something from you that does need to be customized or personalized a little bit on your end as the seller before you deliver the final file so in many cases this is where you're working back and forth with your customer communicating with them getting their customization preferences and requests creating whatever they've ordered and then delivering that final file once it's ready so some examples of these two digital categories could be for instant downloads maybe like a wall art print that's already created they can instantly download it and print it out as wall art or a made to order file might be something like a custom branding package for a business owner that you're creating from scratch specifically according to their preferences and customization requests so you've got got all of those different categories under physical and digital but it's your job to decide from the very beginning what's going to be the best fit for your specific product type that you want to sell to find the perfect product type I recommend considering a product where these three categories intersect number one is skill and resources number two is your passion or interest and number three is market demand so number one Skiller resources is basically asking yourself what skills do I already have or what skills could I acquire or learn to be able to create this product and going along with that is resources what resources is this going to take different types of products take different levels of investment and resources as far as materials equipment software so you'll need to think about what you already have access to or could in the near future gain access to to realistically be able to create this type of product and second you want to consider your interest what are you actually interested in what would you actually enjoy creating for the long run you don't want to get into creating something that you just don't enjoy at all because it's a really quick quick way to burn out fast so you want to find something that either you are already skilled at or could become skilled at that you could easily gain the resources for and that you're interested in but all of that is for nothing if the third category isn't in place which is market demand it has to be something that is profitable and something that consumers actually want to purchase it can be really tempting especially as artsy people to come up with something super unique that we love ourselves but no one in the market either knows about it or it's not highly in demand it's not something people are actively searching for again not to say that you can't offer this product type but you're much more likely to end up with best sellers that make a lot of Revenue if you take a clue from what's already in demand and don't try to reinvent the wheel here so part of this comes down to doing some market research to figure out well is the product type that I'm thinking of actually in demand my two favorite ways to do product and market research for this is using Etsy itself and also using one of my favorite tools sales Samurai so Etsy is sort of the first step to this it's totally free free to do research on Etsy and what I would recommend is that you go onto the Etsy search bar and start typing in a keyword phrase for something that describes the product you're thinking of selling as you begin typing see what predictive phrases Etsy Auto populates because these are phrases that have recently and consistently been searched by Shoppers on the platform this is a great way to quickly get Clues as to what keywords and what phrases around that Niche people are already searching for now you can go one step further and work with the sales Samurai Chrome extension in conjunction with this so sales Samurai is an Etsy specific research tool that I absolutely love and use it provides Etsy sellers with data so that we can make data-driven decisions in our business and not just guess on things so you can do things like keyword research competitor tracking shop audits it has a ton of different features but one thing I love to do is use the Chrome extension so if you get the sales Samurai Chrome extension when you start typing in a phrase into that Etsy search bar when those predictive phrases come up it'll have a little blue number by the side of it that shows you from sales Samurai the estimated number of monthly searches for that keyword phrase that's the estimated amount of times that people are searching for that specific phrase on the Etsy platform so to go further with this seal Samurai research you can actually click on the number to the right where it says more and the Chrome extension will pull up a whole list of similar or related keyword phrases to what you typed in showing all of the data on those phrases from estimated monthly search volume to competition and you can look at the information for these and also scroll through that list to get ideas for similar or suggested keywords that you might be able to use for that type of product when we're doing market research we want to specifically be looking for the keyword phrases that are a little bit higher in search volume which proves that it is being searched on the platform and somewhat lower in competition meaning that there's not as many shops offering it and you can find a combi

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